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12. The Lie

Ever since he had let her go, the other one had been restless.

When he had discovered that she was gone the next morning, he had been livid. He searched the woods again and again raging like a beast (not that he was not one in every sense of the word). If he had not seen worse he would have said that his wrath was a scary sight. But it wasn’t, not to him. Nevertheless it was not something he took lightly as it could create serious problems, especially for him which tended to be the case.

At first he was not entirely convinced that the girl had managed to escape on her own but he had used his most persuasive argument; that is was not in his best interest to assist that silly little thing even if he had bothered to take pity on her which they both knew it was impossible.

He had never, not even once, cared about the beast’s preys. The girls were fooled to follow their captor willingly, therefore they had sealed their fate themselves. There was no point in trying to save them and they weren’t likeable anyway. A cynical person would say that they got what they deserved; he said they made their bed and they should lie on it, dreadful as it was.

In the end for lack of a better explanation, the man was forced to admit that his last victim was more cunning that she had appeared when he had met her. Still, he remained on edge. He was by no means afraid that she would go to the authorities and report him, no. Even if she attempted to do so, he had enough power to cover the whole thing up and she herself would get into trouble as he had told her or rather threatened her during the first days of her captivity.

He was just furious that one of his little rabbits escaped when he had already made all preparations, as he called them, to secure its permanent entrapment. Sick bastard! As a punishment for his frustration he made him find his next two victims. Until the girl, he had at least kept him out of that part, for he was very particular about what he wanted. He only got to see the girls when they were lured in the mansion but even then he tried to maintain a distance until he had to deal with them for good.

He felt sick to his stomach with this new task but was relieved that he just did the target spotting. The luring was still the other’s job and one he was doing far too well.

The new girls kept him fairly occupied but after almost a year that was not enough anymore. So, he asked of him to look for the girl again. He was now determined to get her back and finish what he had started a year ago.

He had been out all day, presumably doing as he was asked and had just got back to give his report. He entered the mansion and found the man waiting for him in his office with the door wide open. Not that he would bother to knock if he by any chance found it closed. It was only them in the house now and nobody else was allowed to come.

He was sitting on his comfortable leather armchair behind his magnificent desk, with her straddling his lap sideways, her head leaning on his shoulder while his hand caressed her naked thigh lazily. Apparently, it was one of their good days. He drowned the urge to snort at the sight.

For a person who knew nothing about their past, they would appear as a couple very much in love. They even looked lovely together. A matching duo, that's what they were called before and they somehow were still but not in common standards. Not anymore.

A sign of their now wicked connection was that up to this day, she was the only woman allowed to be that intimate with him and at times he was truly affectionate to her, bringing to mind how they actually used to be together. One would think of it as weird as it was she the one who had triggered everything causing this distasteful mess.

After a minute or two when none of the two seemed to be noticing his presence, he cleared his throat loudly and the man’s eyes snapped directly to meet his own. The woman did not even bother to acknowledge him. She only nuzzled her master’s neck more, her fingers drawing circles on his chest almost absentmindedly.

“Did you find her?” he drawled instead of greeting him. Typical.

“No” he lied. “I did not”

“Pity” he sighed.

Then he moved the woman on his lap so she could straddle him with her legs at each side of him. He pulled her hair to make her look at him while he gazed at her face with raw admiration and lust.

Though he could not see anything else but her back, he was certain she would have the same mix of submission, adoration and fear in her eyes as he had witnessed so many times before. This was beyond toxic. It was lethal. For all of them.

“Leave” the man commanded without sparing him another glance as he leaned forward and bit the woman’s bottom lip making her yelp in pain.

“Like I would want to stay” he muttered under his breath and walked out slamming the door behind him.

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