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15. Talking With The Devil

“You are late" his cold and accusing voice greeted him as he entered the mansion.

He was waiting for him standing in the hallway with his arms crossed over his chest. Apparently, he thought he would take him by surprise but he wasn't the type who could get surprised that easily.

“Yes, I am" he deadpanned, not bothering to make up yet another excuse for his tardiness for it could draw more suspicion.

It had taken a while for the girl to recover from the shock even after she opened her eyes and for the first time since he had started following her around, he escorted her properly home. She had got in his car without an ounce of resistance and he couldn’t help but snicker internally at her still naive nature. Another in her place wouldn’t trust him to be near him let alone follow him somewhere. Deep down though, it made him feel good. Too good.

He had driven her home in complete silence and had sped off the moment she walked in and closed the door.

“What took you so long?” he inquired piercing him with his stare not changing his stance.

“You sent me to make sure everything was ready for our arrival to the city” he replied returning his gaze steadily.

“Yes” he nodded. “and you left the place three hours ago. Given that you need only forty five minutes to get here where were you for two hours and fifteen minutes?”

“I had personal matters to tend to" he replied walking past him to go in the living room.

He heard the other’s footsteps coming behind him.

“Personal matters?” he repeated with a slight but unmistakeable sarcasm in his voice. “Are you having an affair, Gage?”

He was now beside him, giving him a mischievous side glance as if they were children again. Even as a child he was sly and cunning of course but admittedly he was in much better condition regarding his mental health.

“What are you? My wife?” he sneered not in the mood for what he was trying to do.

The man threw his head back and laughed. Surprisingly, it seemed to be a genuine one, a very rare occurrence indeed. Still, it did not matter to him. His temperament was a dangerous thing, never to be trusted.

“Oh, brother, you are always serious and snappy" he finally said shaking his head in mock disapproval. “Have a little fun like me"

“We have different tastes" he stated bluntly.

He felt like playing games again as it would seem or he could have something else in his wicked mind entirely. Whatever it was she had no intention to yield. He had done so in the past and was still paying dearly.

“Indeed" he chuckled. “I never saw you showing any interest in girls for as long as I can remember”

Gage glared at the man but refrained from replying. It was evident now that he was trying to rile him up and he really did not want to learn why.

“Perhaps it is because you have lived around men for the best part of your life” he went on with an evil smirk. “The lack of options can be rather confusing and one has to seek outlets within his limits no matter how narrow they might be"

He balled his fists at his sides and kept walking trying to keep his expression blank. It was not the first time his sexual life – or more properly the apparent absence of it- was mentioned under certain unfounded insinuations. He had learned not to take that kind of bait but it still made him furious.

“You are cheery today to be talking such nonsense” he dismissed him.

“So there is a woman" the other taunted.

“Not a permanent one, no" he replied hoping that this would finally shut him up. “But as you said one needs outlets"

They had reached the staircase by then. He had wanted to sit a bit in the living room but had he done that he wouldn’t be left alone. Thus, he opted for his bedroom where he could shut the door to that demented asshole's face and not deal with him for the rest of the day and hopefully the next one as well.

He climbed the first few steps at the other was leaning leisurely at the outer side of the railway not questioning the change of direction.

“I am glad that game I made you play with her back then made you see the light” he said staring at him hard. “Before her you never needed outlets”

“Oh, I did, brother" he spat the last word. “I just prefer them alive and unharmed"

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