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19. A Moment Of Clarity

He was in the kitchen, over the stove, cooking breakfast. They were already a week here and they had fallen into a routine. He would say it was a comfortable one, but he would be lying, the only word that could describe it was: currently uneventful.

“You know where she is” came a melodic voice from behind him.

He pretended not to hear her. He had done it before, numerous times so it wasn’t that hard. He just kept preparing their breakfast without pausing his movements. It was just the two of them; the other one had left for a trip as soon as they had moved in. It was a small relief not to have him around. Kendra tended to behave when he wasn’t there, as long as he was not gone for extended periods of times. Then she would become agitated and difficult and he would be obliged to deal with her.

Thankfully for her (and for him to some extent), he would be back on a couple of days. So, they were alone, at the otherwise empty house. As with their previous residence this one lacked the stuff as well.

He did not mind doing the house chores though. It kept him occupied now that he was forced to stay in and take care of the woman. Anyway, as long as he continued to receive the girl’s messages, he knew he had nothing to worry.

If he had to be completely honest, he had sneaked once or twice when he felt it was safe to do so, to personally check up on her. It was a silly thing to do, but he found it relaxed him to see that she was doing okay and had followed his instructions almost faithfully. She had not seen him of course as he never made his presence known to her.

“Didn’t you hear me, Gage?” Kendra called again, even sweeter than before.

She was always sweet when she wanted to lure you into something. He knew better than to give in. He was nothing like Theo.

“I don’t have time for your nonsense Kendra” he dismissed her bluntly.

Truth was that the woman was experiencing one of the rare days when she was well and sane enough to hold a decent conversation. She used to be quite sharp before and in her moments of clarity that was becoming evident. So much so that one who did not know her would never suspect how she really was. What she had become after everything...

It was a cruel feeling on his part, that he preferred her when she was not herself. Her outbursts were easy for him to handle and he could deal with a scar or two more on his body. On the contrary, her intelligence frightened him for there could be no guarantee as to how she was in the mood to use it; for or against you. Kendra was a highly deceptive creature.

“Okay” she nodded as he held out a full plate in front of her. “Go ahead and pretend that you don’t know what I am talking about”

He lifted a brow.

“I do not know what you are talking about” he deadpanned.

She smiled charmingly at him.

“Of course, but maybe you can humour me this once as I talk to you about my illusions” she said. “Come on, sit beside me, so I can tell you all about it”

Throwing a glare her way, he turned off the stove and removed the frying pan. With her antics, his appetite was gone for the moment. He then took the chair nearest to her and moved it as far as he could. He sat crossing his arms on his chest. She sighed rolling her eyes as if telling him he was being childish, but made no actual comment.

“Let’s say” she started slowly as if thinking really hard her next words, but he knew it was just pretence “that the night she escaped, I hallucinated seeing you through my window carrying her out of the woods in your arms”

She paused and looked at him with her head cocked on the side, waiting for his reaction. All she received from him was a blank stare. However, instead of being disappointed, she smiled softly at him.

“I must say that in that fantasy of mine, you looked like a lovely couple under the moonlight. You, tall, broad and protective, Emilia, innocent and vulnerable, completely depending of you to keep her safe!” She sighed almost dreamily.

“Rubbish” he snickered not giving away any of his feelings. “You were truly hallucinating”

“Indeed” she shrugged nonchalantly. “But it’s weird, don’t you think, that a guy so skilled as yourself continually fails to locate a scared little girl?”

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