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38. Threats

On the very next day, he stormed into Theo’s office and seeing his black eye, offered only a small comfort when he knew he could have done much worse. Like kill him. Yes, a part of him would have loved that and the idea had briefly crossed his mind when he had knocked him out the night before, but he didn’t act on it. What good would it be for him? Besides, odd as it may seem for an ex-soldier, he didn’t enjoy killing.

Right now, as per habit, Theo was sitting behind his office studying something on his computer screen. Absentmindedly, he wondered how this man was able to handle their father’s fortune so successfully, when he rarely set foot in their companies but shook the thought away. The timing was wrong for it to pop up in his head and he never cared about such things anyway.

“You are not allowed to barge in here like that, yet still you always do” he drawled, gazing at Gage with disapproval.

“You are the last person who can lecture me on good manners” he spat.

“Perhaps. Yet this isn’t about good manners, brother. It’s about you, respecting my privacy”

“Not your domain, either” Gage scoffed. “How did you respect my privacy last night?”

“Well, I never come inside your chambers unannounced” Theo feigned ignorance.

“You know what I mean”

“Oh that!” he chuckled, looking very pleased with himself. “I apologize for the inconvenience brother. Truly. I expect you would prefer to kiss a lovely boy, instead of a silly, inexperienced girl, but I had a point to make to her”

“What? How can you bring her closer to her death?” he snickered. “You do that almost every fucking day”

“No. But I proved that she is as much as a slut as every other woman”

“You tied her hands, blindfolded her and ordered me to kiss her” Gage gritted out, feeling his anger intensifying. “She thought it was you. How the hell does that make her a slut?”

“Why are you so upset, Gage?” Theo asked instead of answering. “Why? When I should be the one upset or even livid with you for punching me to protect her?”

He observed Gage, waiting for his response with a knitted brow but the Man wasn’t worried. He had nothing to hide, or at least that’s what he told himself. Hence, he copied his brother’s game, answering with questions.

“I should have left you kill her after only three weeks? Like that?”

“Why should it matter to you?” Theo sneered.

“It doesn’t. But I haven’t seen you questioning my intentions or motives every time I save Kendra from your fists” he pointed out coldly.

“Indeed. I don’t” Theo said thoughtfully. “To be honest, I thought it was because of our agreement”

“Your blackmail” Gage corrected him.

“Call it what you want” he replied nonchalantly.

“I call it what it is. Yet, I’m warning you; I refuse to be used in that way again”

“Dear brother, you will be used in any way I see fit. Otherwise, you know what waits for you” Theo smiled. “Besides, I don’t understand the fuss about kissing the girl. She may not be of your taste but a kiss is still a kiss and you had your birthday too. It would be inconsiderate of me not to gift you with anything”

“Since when are you being fucking considerate of my needs?”

“Well, truth be told I put my own needs first, but as I said it was your birthday and I am aware you haven’t celebrated in a long time. So, I thought the old saying: two birds with one stone. I could teach the girl a lesson for lying to me after trying to escape and give my dear brother a gift. A small outlet for his needs. I bet that when you closed your eyes and imagined it was a boy in her place, it became more enjoyable”

“I don’t even know if there is a point repeating to you that I am not gay” Gage deadpanned.

“There isn’t. I will not believe you. You see, brother, no healthy, or I should say straight, man can resist for so long the parade of young, attractive women that passed through here” Theo explained.

“Those young, attractive women, as you call them, brother” he spat the last word “stopped being the latter when you started beating the shit out of them. No men in his senses would fuck a woman halfway to being a corpse”

“And here I thought that army can turn a man to a senseless, dangerous, beast as your report claims”

Gage balled his fists at his sides and glared at the devil in front of him. He should have expected that he would bring this up. After all, this was the base of his blackmail. The first mistake on his part and then the second had followed just a few months after he was discharged. As if the universe was conspiring to fuck up any semblance of life that he had.

“Then you should be weary of such a man. There is no telling when the beast will surface and tear you apart” he stated bluntly, a clear threat in his voice.

“I am weary” Theo nodded. “That’s why I keep it on a leash just like my pet, upstairs and just like the little bruised rabbit also upstairs”

“Be careful of how much you pull the leash and how much you push me to my limits by making me do things I do not like”

At that, Theo got up from his chair and went to stand in front of Gage. The difference in her built was quite prominent when one showed them up close, but the first covered for it with the icy and slyly dangerous aura he exuded.

A smart person would be more afraid of Theo than of Gage, but usually people weren’t smart enough and got easily fooled by external beauty. If it wasn’t so, his charms wouldn’t have lured so many naïve girls in.

“Should I remind you that you are in no position to threaten me?” he asked softly, almost kindly. “Should I explain again to you what will be your fate if you betray or even kill me? I have everything planned Gage and I made sure there is no escape for you should you try to act more clever than you are. You fate is sealed.

So, if I tell you to kiss this girl or the ones after her, you will. If I tell you to fuck the little virgin upstairs or the sluts that will follow, you will. If I tell you to kill any of them or all of them, you will and you’d better do it with a steady hand because it’s your ass that’s on the line”

There are no crueler words than those tenderly spoken.

That’s what Gage’s mother had written in one of her diaries, but he hadn’t known what she meant by it, until he met the devil.

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