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53. Rebeccas No More

Some people would expect that, like it happens in the movies, Gage would rush to save the girl. But he wasn’t meant this way. He had learned to be patient and calculating. To study his opponent before he acts.

In truth, at first, he almost acted impulsively heading for the door, when he remembered Kendra’s words:

“Because he’s not after he. He’s after you”

Then he walked back in the living room and sat on the couch once more, unlocking his phone to read the girl’s last text again.

There was no doubt she was with Theo both when he called and when she messaged him. Probably the devil himself had dictated her what she should write to Gage to stall him and she had used it to her advantage. Clever move on her part, he must admit.

He momentarily thought of calling one more time, but his gut told him that the device would be switched off by now.

His gut also told him that the girl was indeed safe for the time being. Theo was a showman in a way. He always preferred to have some sort of audience and if he really had it out for Gage (which he knew deep down, was absolutely true) then he wouldn’t hurt the girl until he was there to see.

On the same time, he mustn’t want him to arrive too soon and spoil all the fun. Hence, Gage could bet that if he went down right now, he wouldn’t be able to use his car.

It was astonishing what usually carefully Theo was willing to risk to get him out of the way. A naïve part of him -a very small one, indeed- found it quite farfetched that he would be hated so, when all he had ever wanted was no not be a cause of more distress for his younger brother. He had spent the best years of his teens and until he left for the army, defending Theo to their father.

“Stop talking to me about that devil’s spawn” the man had demanded that day when he crushed his hopes down.

“Are you the devil, dad?” Gage had teased.

“I never wanted a child with that wretched woman”

“The you should have pulled out” he had deadpanned and despite his father’s glare had went on. “Now Theo is here and he is your son and heir as well. Treating him like dirt isn’t right. Give him a chance to prove himself”

“Never” the man had stated coldly. “You are my only heir. Why the hell do you try so much to include the other one in everything?”

“I didn’t choose to have a brother, dad. But since he is here, I see it as a chance for me to do what I want and this is not to take your place”


“I’m joining the Army. My application has been accepted”

His father almost had a stroke upon hearing it. He had refused to believe him and Gage had put extra effort to convince him. More for Theo than for himself. He had wanted to give his brother a chance to win their father’s affections. In the meantime, he would explore something different. No, it wouldn’t be bad if he had stayed to succeed his father, for he had inherited some of his business-related talents. Yet, he needed some escape from all this toxicity, to make some life for himself as he thought.

However, here he was now, entangled in Theo’s schemes.

How the devil had gone from thinking of him as gay, to holding the girl to lure him in, he didn’t know and he didn’t particularly care.

“Time to go” he mumbled to himself as he finally got up.

Just in case, Theo had put somebody to it, he pretended to curse when he found all his tires flat before he called in the tow services to come and collect his car.

He went to his apartment by subway. From what he could tell, nobody was following him but anyhow it would be easier to get lost in the crowd.

One might think that he was taking his time but since he moved his body from that couch everything he was doing, was completely necessary and well thought. Therefore, instead of collecting his second car and leaving immediately, he went up to his apartment to pick up some very much needed things.

His gun, a dozen of photos, a quite large suitcase and a big black envelope. He also changed his clothes and he was gone after he stuffed everything in the trunk of his car, along with a bag of tools that was already stored there.

Only then he was off, driving in full speed when he reached the open road. He parked the car well outside the estate and unloading the things he had brought with him, he carried them along as he entered the premises from an obscure point, on foot.

The entrance he chose, was the closest one to the cemetery Theo had made him create. Thirteen graves. Twelve full and one waiting. Feeling a surge of anger he started from the empty one. He used the pickaxe to destroy the tombstone and a shovel to half fill the gaping hole.

The other graves were next, but he followed a different approach. He didn’t destroy the stones. He just covered the engraving with a photo bearing the face and the true name of the occupant of the grave.

He had stated numerous times that he didn’t care about names or about the girls he had to bury. Yet, he had kept every evidence of their identities intact when he was supposed to burn them. He had thought they could come handy and now it was the time.

As he stood there and watched what he had done, he felt that in a weird way he had served some justice to all of them. He still didn’t give a shit about who they used to be but for them to be mocked in death and be buried under the same name was…

“Well, Rebeccas no more” he grumbled and he turned to leave.

His movements were quick and noiseless as he finally reached his desired destination. He sneaked in from the kitchen and hid to a spot that would give him perfect view on the living room.

He could see Kendra and the girl, sitting on the couch. The first was hugging the latter, who had a perplexed look on her face.

“Well, you, of course, little rabbit. You” Theo was saying annoyed.

That spiked his interest and he sat quietly, waiting to listen a bit more before he made an appearance.

“I… I think you’ve got this wrong” the girl said, her voice faltering. “He can’t care… I…”

“Oh, my silly little rabbit. You shouldn’t let his broodiness fool you. Gage is in love with you. The good part is that he probably doesn’t even know this because the feeling is quite foreign to him. But I knew the moment…”

At that he walked in.

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