The Mysterious Island

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The Zakovia Island is a Mysterious Island where Kidnapping and killing people takes place but nobody knows who is behind it? What is going on that Island? It was Mysterious for everyone. Everyone is aware if someone goes to that Island will be found dead or kidnapped, even Cops are hesitant to go there but Stella Julie Dawson wants to solve the Mystery of that Island. She wants to give justice to those who have been brutally killed and kidnapped. But by going there her life turn upside and down with lots of mystery, adventure and with Love. So come and join the adventure of Stella where she reveals lots of secrete of the island.

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The Mysterious Island


“You are not allowed to go further from here” who does he think of himself to order us around. “And may I ask you why?” I asked him making his head turn around towards me. “Because little girl the Zakovia island is very dangerous to tour around” he replied with a bored expression.
“First, I am not a little girl, I completed my university long back and second, we are not here to tour around but to solve the mystery of the island” They both started laughing at me as if I said some kind of joke. “Why are you laughing?” I asked them with a frown making them stop laughing and looked at me.

“First you are little for us and second you are not allowed to go further whether you like it or not and that’s final” I glare at him. “You are not my father to tell me what to do and what not to do” I hissed making him smirk. “That’s correct I am not your father but I am an investigator if you not follow me then what’s happens next don’t blame me for it” my jaw drop definitely on the ground. This asshole is an investigator and now seeing my reaction he was smirking at me.

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