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Chapter 2

Somewhere in Athens, Greek

Clad in a white shirt and a black pant, Zeus was standing in front of her. Sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up to his elbows. Muscles were bulging out from his thick, tanned arms. His one hand was inside the pocket, and an almost fully burnt cigar was placed between the forefinger and middle finger of another hand, which was laid outside of the pocket.

From behind, a man dressed in complete black came swiftly, took the cigar from Zeus’s hand and threw it in the ashtray, on the wooden table beside Zeus. He paused for a second to watch his boss’s expression, when he saw no expression, he understood that there was no other thing that his boss needed, he went back to his original position from where he came, far away from the corner of the room.

Zeus now, both of his hands inside the pocket, leisurely strode towards her. He was a perfect man of desire for the opposite sex; with a mannequin like, well-proportioned body and a flirty charm in his blue colored eyes.

He was domineering and manly like a king, and she was a lowly peasant in front of him.

It was a sin, to look directly into his eyes. His hypnotizing eyes had the power to lure anyone at any time. He was aware of his charm and knew how to use it on foolish girls. She was one of those many girls. He used and then threw them according to his wishes.

Zeus drew his thick black eyebrows together when he saw Agatha was not showing any movements. Is she so weak, that she fainted from a single blow, Zeus thought?

Agatha was laid on the floor, she was wearing only a tube top. That top was also reached up to her stomach. There were many stretch marks on her lower stomach and a large brown scar given by stitches was also present. Once, her stomach was cut open.

That subordinate who was observing everything from the corner, specifically observing his boss’s expressions and actions, went towards Agatha and gave her a powerful kick on her stomach.

Agatha whimpered and fresh tears leaked from her eyes. She hadn’t any energy left within her to even scream for help. But again, screaming would be of no help. She, while clutching her stomach, rolled on the floor, her back now towards Zeus.

When the subordinate saw that she had woken up, and his master wouldn’t be bored, he moved back to his place without making any further noise.

Zeus’s lips curled upwards slightly. If a person wouldn’t be keenly observing him, he would think that the person’s facial expression was stiff. When he saw that the boss was happy, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Zeus was scrutinizing Agatha. Agatha was a small girl; he was impressed that she was alive but then she was living in a good condition other than getting some minor blows of pain.

The temperature of the room was not cold but she was shivering and at the same time sweating also. Her golden hairs were sticking to her forehead, face was pale and her little mouth was slightly parted. She was breathing from her mouth.

There were no scars on her legs and arms like her stomach. Her eyes were closed, she was not fondly gazing at him like she used to do. He soon got annoyed by her behavior. He didn’t like the feeling of being ignored. How dare she ignore the most powerful drug lord of Greece and its other surrounding territories.

He didn’t like it. He was expecting some actions. He knew some words that would trigger her. He would use those words.But after that, she still continued to stay motionless and cold like a dead body then he would surely grant her this wish and kill her.

He squatted down to whisper some triggering words in her ear. His straight nose crinkled, he stood up and made a distance with her. She was stinking. He glared at his subordinate. This time his subordinate was a little late. He didn’t understand what his boss was asking.

Zeus thundered in his manly voice, “Bring a bucket of icy cold water and pour it on her.”

As soon as the subordinate turned himself to fetch the water, Zeus stopped him. His blue eyes glowed dangerously and he gave a lopsided grin to him.“Όχι, χρειάζομαι. Απλά περίμενε και κοίτα. Σήμερα ο αφέντης σου θα σε κάνει μέρος μιας καλής παράστασης.”

( “No, need. Just wait and watch. Today your master will make you a part of a good show.”)

Leo, the subordinate, shuddered. Though his master’s body language was showing off kindness. But, his eyes were telling another story; an upcoming storm that would collide with Agatha.

Agatha was still half unconscious. She wasn’t able to understand what was going to happen to her. She just laid limply on the floor; her breathing getting more less with the passing time. Her eyes were closed, but she could feel the oppressive staring of Zeus.

Zeus took a handful of her thick golden mane and started dragging her towards a closed door. Agatha suddenly jerked, when she felt the pain on her scalp. Zeus’s face was not showing any kind of stress. To him, he was not dragging a full grown, though weak woman but a rag doll.

Agatha was screaming painfully. With her lean hands, she tried to force back the hands of Zeus from her hair, but everything got in vain. She even used her nails to become steady on the floor, her nails got broken and started bleeding as a result. Zeus continued walking towards that door and said,

“Be a good girl. I am just going to wash your body. Since, you didn’t get the time to clean yourself. From now onwards, it is my duty to clean you,” he finally left her hair and pushed her body towards the door.

Her head banged with the door. Zeus never stopped. He opened the door of the washroom and went inside. He again took her hair, that now was bloody because of the strong collision of her head with that door. Agatha whimpered and prayed to be let go.

Agatha saw with her half opened eyes that Zeus was not dragging her to the shower head but, he was dragging her to the opposite corner, to the toilet seat. She had been here for a long time. But, Zeus had never touched her in a manner that could be called lewd.

Zeus was not going to touch her in that way. She breathed a sigh of relief for a nano second. Zeus placed her head on the white tiles near the seat. He patted her head and whispered dangerously, “Ήρθε η ώρα για το μπάνιο, μικρή μου.”

(“Time for the bath has come, little one.”)

Agatha’s mind was still focused on two things- her immense pain, and that Zeus didn’t touch her for which she was grateful. She didn’t register his words. Zeus eyed her calm state again and laughed to himself.

He took her head that was laid sidewise on the tiles near the toilet seat, and forced it inside the commode.

Agatha started struggling. She wasn’t able to yelp or make any other noise. Her hands and legs started moving rapidly up and down. Zeus locked her hands by his left hand and legs using both of his knees. She attempted to roll on her back but Zeus only pushed her head more and more lower, inside the commode.

Agatha’s eyes were burning, she tried to hold her breath but it made the pain on her head more unbearable. Her end was near and suddenly Zeus pulled her head out of the commode.

She fell down on the tiles. She had lost consciousness once again.

Zeus was going to tap her on cheeks but he retracted his hands back. He wouldn’t touch her dirty face. He turned his head towards Leo, who had followed him, “Πες μου μόλις ξυπνήσει.”

(“Tell me once she wakes up.”)

With saying this he walked out. Leo was still inside, so Zeus asked him without turning over, in a light manner, “You see, such a kind man I am. I also gave her a bath. Is there any cap in the world, who bathed the captured?”

Leo simply laughed, “You are the kindest that I know.”

Zeus chuckled, “Sad, people don’t understand me.”

Few hours back-

Zeus Andino was the deadly man. A hungry beast. The Demons inside him always remain unsatisfied. No matter how much blood, money, power or sex they had, the demons still screamed for more. Senior Ex Clan leaders had trained and taught him well.

They told him that if he wanted to remain at the top of the world and wanted to rule each and every one not physically but mentally, he always had to feed that wolf inside him which wanted negativity and hatred to run inside his blood veins and then only he would be the most powerful man.

They always told him that half of the world is the oppressor, the other half oppressed, it was up to him what he wanted to become. He chose to become an oppressor. He was glad that he made the right choice and was now on top of the world.

He felt powerful when people suck up to him, beg at his feet for mercy. But Agatha was the only girl, his wife, who was special to him. His favorite play toy. He loved to play with her.

Zeus followed his usual routine of morning time and went to the kitchen for breakfast where Agatha would be standing prepared for her morning drill and if not, then his demons would unleash. As usual, his demons were excited and impatiently waiting for some torturous actions that would give them pleasure.

This time, Agatha was not present. A new girl served him breakfast. It was Agatha’s duty to serve him breakfast. Agatha’s absence disappointed his demons.

His demons were not happy. They thought it was an act of disobedience. His demons were more powerful than him. Most of the time, he surrendered to them. The same thing was going to happen this morning also.

The new maid who was serving him the breakfast was blushing. She was not aware that only his body was beautiful. He was a sick man from the inside. She was thinking how good it would be to hug a man with a broad shoulder and muscular body. That she would be totally engulfed by his body.

She had indecent thoughts in her mind, but she was also aware of her limits. She wanted to be an innocent lamb in front of him. Not to pounce on him like a two-hundred-dollar whore. Big bad wolves like him, loved innocent girls, right?

Zeus understood her intentions very well. She had a body of some sex siren but her face, similar to the face of primitive man is a total turnoff. Zeus was a picky man; he was not the one who would compromise with anyone. He would not sleep with her but it didn’t mean that she was not of any use to him.

He smirked at that thought and the maid beside him started doing a happy dance in her mind. Finally, she got a jackpot. Zeus signaled her to come to his office and sent her away.

His mood was slowly getting dampened and his demons were constantly agitating, irritating the hell out of him. They were getting impatient since their prey was late. He screamed her name and Agatha hurriedly came limping towards him. What a pathetic bitch she was, he thought.

Zeus was never interested in Agatha. She had done absolutely no wrong to him. He was numb towards her. His demons sometimes loved to get hanky-panky with her but other than that, he simply not gave any f*ck about her.

She was also an odd creature like him. They both were enslaved by their demons. If they had met in different situations, things would be different. Poor girl, she would die one day and nobody would remember her. She would have the death of a no man.

When he noticed her, there was no visible injury on the both of her legs. Is she trying to gain sympathy from others, Zeus thought angrily? That subordinate who was always in black, cleared out the whole kitchen, lobby and the main room. His boss had a very good image in front of the society, he was a clean man and if they would know how ruthless his boss could be, they would be aware that the boss was not a simple businessman. It would tarnish his image.

As she came and stood in front of him, all the helpers were already out from the scene. He stood tall and mighty in front of him.

“Where have you been Agatha? ” Zeus asked in a very calm tone. But in reality, he was anything but calm. Agatha knew that this time, she would die for sure. Zeus would not spare her.

He took a stride towards her, yanked her hair back. A sound of clapping resounded in the room. She fell down. She started sobbing and stuttering; he got irritated and bent down to her level, he interrogated,

“Where were you this morning?”

Clearly speaking was difficult for her. She still tried to gather herself and whispered in hope that he would understand. He would show mercy, “She was sick all night, she got a very high fever.”

Zeus got confused. He had only domesticated one animal. Had she really gone insane or might be talking in the third person, “When the fuck you started talking in the third person?”

“I am talking about our daughter. ” She replied fearfully, her eyes were still downcast. She was hoping that he would understand her.

He sneered. He was so furious that he wanted to destroy her to shreds,

“I don’t care about your little bitch and I fucking dare you to call her my daughter again. She is of no use to me, at least not now.” He turned back to where his subordinate was standing and said, “Take care of her until I came back, but remember I don’t want any scars on her. Final task would be done by me.”

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