Looking For Faith

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You never think It'll happen to you..... until it does. Betty Jones is looking for her big break, barely out of university and struggling she's ecstatic at the chance to work at a obscure news agency in the middle of no where. However she's stupefied to find the quaint, homey town is rocked with disappearance of a high school cheerleader. With fingers pointed in all directions Betty teams up with the town detective to find justice for the young girl harboring a secret. Small town characters and deranged loyalties cloud Betty's judgement as she fights to uncover the truth and keep her sanity intact.

Mystery / Thriller
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When Faith opened her swollen eyes she was greeted by a dark room, the pounding in her head had reached its crescendo and the darkness swallowing her provided no relief. The musty smell of the damp room stung her nostrils and the harsh twine rope dug into the delicate skin of her wrists. Struggling to sit up right she tried to discern how she got here.

12 hours ago

Faith carefully opened her window, she couldn’t afford for her mother to catch her sneaking out of her first story window onto the un-cared grass of her backyard again. Shivering she pulled her thin shawl closer to her body. Valdez, Alaska was not usually this cold in February so Faith hadn’t thought to bring a jacket with her. She checked her phone again for the much awaited message, finding nothing. She sighed and slipped her phone back in her pocket.

She slowly stumbled along the dark path refusing to use her flash light in an attempt to save its energy. Faith sighed thinking of how early she would have to wake for cheer practice tomorrow but she could not help but smile as she was the only freshman on her school’s Varsity room. Faith felt as though her life was taking a turn for the better and after today she could finally lay her secret to rest.

After reaching her destination she began chipping away at her red nail polish as she waited. Hearing the telltale sounds of someone approaching she turned with a smile on her face.
” Hey why were you so-”

The rest of her words were muffled as her vision slowly faded to black.

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