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Akash and Rocky bhai decided to live in the sharmila villa where akash meet a strange women, they became good friends and later he came to known that she was died 16 year back. He was confused what happen to him....

Mystery / Humor
mohammad sarfraaz
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Chapter 1

The sharmila villa

Chapter 1

By mohammad sarfraaz

Akash was in 12th, and his final exam was near so he was continuously trying his best to secure good marks. He has already waste his most of the time with friends and now he has taken sought that he will secure some good score in his 12th. He lost all his hope about his iit prepration and lastly he decided to focus only on his 12th board exam.

Akash an extra ambitious boy from a lower middle family . His father was a farmer. And he decided to do iit jee preparation when he had passed his 10th board with somehow good score . His family saw some hope in him that Akash would be the only messiah to pull them out from lower middle family status and bacame rich. Thus they decided to invest some money on Akash’s study. They decided to send them to a high standard city near to their village where he could study well. Akash took admission in a reputed school and then joined a reputed coaching centre where he could prepare his iit jee prepration. Akash was unware about his expenditure but the pressure of his expenditure could be felt by his parents at every second. But they never used to do feel any type of financial crisis to their son Akash. They fulfilled all the needs of Akash on his nose so that he could do his study well. In the initial days Akash used to focus only on studies but as time lapses, he distracted from his path and try to live a life, as lived by his rich family friends.

Akash always tries his best to score good in studies but he fails subsequently. And now he decided to raise his hands up and put all his fortune on the ongoing situation. Time lapses, and Akash has only 3 months left for his 12 board exam.

Akash decided to focuss his whole concentration on his board. He left all his then present friend and meet his chilhood friend Rocky bhai. He was also in 12th. Rocky bhai was a very famous character in his locality . He has his own point of view about his studies. He had somehow passed his 10th with average marks so he thought that 12th board can be also passed likewise. But he had also became serious about the board at that last moment . They both decided to do study together. Rocky bhai and Akash shifted to a rented house named as SHARMILA VILLA.

Sharmila villa, people often murmured about the villa that it was a haunted house.Akash and Rocky however desperately need a room where they could be shifted and would started their studies as time lapses day by day, only two and half months left in their hands.

Animesh a common friend of Akash and rocky bhai promised them, that he would search them a rented room. So he did. He introduce them to the owner of the sharmila villa, Shyaam uncle. A very depressed man, unclean beard, very less talkative only asked them, “are you students?” Rocky bhai is a very mischievous person and very talkative so he replied very fast “yes uncle, we are students and we are very dedicated students about our studies. We are very discipline and our only affair is to do studies, he goes on speaking...” but Shyaam uncle was not in the mood to listen to Rocky bhai. However he believed them because he knew Animesh well so he gave them the permission to live there by giving some instructions as instructed by his servant Raam.

Raam a very abnormal, not well dressed, not so much educated used to live with shyaam uncle since his childhood when he lost his mother and father. However Raam was very friendly and he became a very good friend with Rocky bhai later.

Now they got the permission and now their primary job was to shift their books, beds, bags and other essential items and they did so with the help of Animesh by evening and they set there in the room to relax.

Rocky bhai was again got the topic for gossips, making fun and craking jokes on shyam uncle and Raam said that”hey Akash have u seen shayam uncle’s wife photo hanging on the wall. Bro i was staring on his photo only. She is very beautiful. But she is i think only 28-30 and uncle is 50 plus.he kept on talking. But Akash was thinking something different. He was continuously thinking about his studies because now he can felt his parents sacrifice, their hard work and their pain. He promised himself anyhow he would secure good marks in this 12th.

Without wasting any time, Akash choose a desired place for his study and that was outside the bedroom because he knew that Rocky bhai will disturb him if they both study together.He asked Rockybhai “where you want to set your study table,” He replied “i don’t need the study table, i have the bed and i will study on bed. Akash knew how much he will sudy so he said” ok “so he headed to the chosen place and then he started to ready his study table on his desired place, taking out books from the bag, keeping them on the self . On the way of his doing, Rocky bhai said “bro i am going to home and i will come tomorrow. Would you like to join me or you will stay here. Akash replied ” no, i have lots of syllabus to complete and even i have not started yet.so i am staying here. You may go. ”

Rocky bhai again started by saying “bro do some enjoy this time, this is the only age to enjoy. After this age you will not get time to enjoy.. These that...”

But Akash was in his own mood doing his job continously . He had no interest on Rocky bhai words.

Finaly Rocky bhai left for home, and now Akash was alone.

Their room was on the first floor. Only one room was constructed on the roof with attached bathroom and kitchen room and the rest area was left un constructed. Akash decided to use that area to play cricket on leisure time.

It was almost night and he was hungary, so he called the mess to provide him tiffin on his new location. He was then waiting for the tiffins.

Since it was first day and as he was alone, he feels some fear but he defeated his fear by saying himself that, “devils don’t exist in real life , these are only myths, after all i am science student. I should not minds these type of thought. On the way of his though, the tiffin wale uncle came.

Tiffin wale uncle was also very talkative in nature. He used to deliver him Tiffin at last. Because at last he became free and used to share his past stories And thier day to day stories. Akash always used to hear his stories with full concentration.

Since Akash was very polite and had a good sense of humour with a friendly nature. So people liked him and wanted to share their feelings.

Now he had taken his dinner. Tiffinwale uncle also went. He again became alone. It was almost 11 o’clock. He thought to do study but again he dropped the idea because he felt tired and finally decided to go to sleep. And went to the bed.

The bed was near the window. And just behind the window, there was a long coconut tree. The branches of the coconut tree could touch the window. some of its branches reached inside the room through the window.

So he had gone in a deep sleep. But as the clock strike towards 12. He got asleep like someone had touch him. He wakeup and see that the branches of the coconut tree was shaking. He thought the branch might touch him so he got asleep. He left the negative though and assumed it as natural.

He saw outside the window, the weather was not good. A strong wind blown through the coconut tree seems to be someone made that air to blow. But he left all the situation and again went to bed Now he was unable to sleep. He tried most of the time, but he failed to get sleep. On the way, he heard some noise of bangles.

The sound became more audible after some time,so he peeped ouside the door. He saw a very beautiful women about 28-30 year old walking on the roof. It was new moon night so night was dark and he was unable to see her face clearly. He was thinking and preparing himself to ask that lady “who are you?”

But suddenly he got the thought about what Rocky bhai had told him about Shyam uncle’s wife. So he thought, lady might be Shyam uncle’s wife.

Without using his mind further on any other consequences,he decided to sleep and after few minutes he got sleep.

The door was knocked, a very bold voice came “bro i am back.…open the door man. How much you are sleeping. Have you come here for sleeping or for studying. Get up. Your mom had send you some special breakfast for you. He was speaking nonstop.....

Akash got asleep, he had opened the door and went to washroom. When he came back from the wash room, Rocky bhai handed over the breakfast and said to him “take this and eat properly. After this we will study together.

While eating, Akash said him” Bro Shyam uncle’s wife came yesterday night here.“Rocky bhai was busy on mobile phone. He suddenly left the phone and asked him” why she came here bro, what she told you. whether she asked you about me.…“.

Akash said him” take a long breath bro other wise your lungs got chocked.

She came here for night walk i thought, and i didn’t talk to her because she was far away from me. And i didn’t wanted to disturb her.

Rocky bhai said him in a very disappointed mood ” bro you are very innocent, you do study only. ” Again he became busy on his mobile.Time lapses, Akash was busy in his studies.

Rocky bhai was busy in his mobile. When his mood was to study, he opened book for half an hour and then started to calculate the marks that how and how much he would score in the 12th board. He often told his planning about his upcoming exam. He was doing only planning but had no interest on studying.

Once one of his friend Roshan came in their room, Akash was busy in his study. They talk to each other, made plan how to score only passing marks in exam.

So Rocky bhai said to Roshan” man! the passing marks of a subject is 23. And objective type is of 15 marks. So we have to make only a tick. Thus we will score this 15 marks easily by sharing with others friends. The rest 5 marks will be asked by someone who set around us, and since we have been studying in English Medium school so we can write upto that 3 marks by own. So don’t take tension. 15+5+3 equal to 23. We will passed. ”

Roshan became very happy by hearing his plan and said” wow what a planning bro. They started their unusual gossip. Akash was busy in his study.

Weekend came it was sunday morning, Akash was studying and Rocky bhai had just opened the book and suddenly close the book and said Akash “bro i am going to home today and if you also wanted to go then come with me.

Akash replied” i have lots of syllabus and i am going to study so i am not coming with you. You go. Rockybhai went. Now Akash was alone in the room. He again became busy in his study and. It was almost 1 pm.

Tiffin wale uncle came. Akash said him “you will live long because i am thing about you only right now and you come.”

Tiffin wale uncle gave a smile and set on the chair and handed over the tiffin. It was sunday and lunch was something special because on sunday they were given non veg. As he was hungany he opend the tiffin and started eating. while he was eating Tiffin wale uncle started telling his story . He was telling akash his own story, and Akash was listening very politely. After some time he finished his lunch, tiffin wale uncle went. He then took some rest. He slept.

He wake up at 6′0 clock. It was almost dusk and the sun was about to hide it self under the sky. He wake up, became fresh and then started his study. Time lapses and it was almost 9pm. Tiffin wale uncle again came. Again he spend some time with Akash and then went.

Now he became alone again. He again started his study. While he was busy in his study, he heard some sound of bengles.

He quickly headed over the clock, it was about to strike 12am. He again became relax as he was sure it might be Shyam uncles wife outside the house. He again concentrate on his study.

After some time he could felt the sound coming to him. So he left the study and suddenly headed over the door, he saw a very young charminglady, wearing a white saree, standing there. He hesitantly said “Namaste madam, i am Akash. Your new renter.she didn’t introduce her self.

She only smiled and replied” ohh... So what are you studying? He replied “Madam i am in 12th and my exam is near so i am preparing for my board exam.

I waste my most of the time and now i have only 2 month in my hand. He stated her all his story. She smiled and said” i will help you in your preparation. I will teach you daily but after 12 am. And promise me that you will not tell this deal to anyone. He promised her. There conversation took a long time, it was almost 3 am so he had gone and he also slept.

The door was knocked, a very bold voice came “bro i am back.…open the door man. How much you are sleeping. Have you come here for sleeping or for studying. Get up. Your mom had sendyou some special breakfast for you.

He wake up, open the door and went to washroom.

When he came out from washroom, Rocky bhai handed over him the breakfast. He took the breakfast and eaten. He was in a confusion whether he told the night incident or not. He strongly forced himself to keep quit and busy himself in other topic.

The days passes, they were busy in their study. Rocky bhai also became somehow seroious.

But whenever he opned his book, he confused all the time that from where he should start his syllabus and all the time he failed to do so. The only option Rocky bhai had was to regret. Because 12th had a big syllabus, and one cannot complete in only exam time.

Akash however managed to complete his syllabus with the help of that lady who made him promised.

Akash used to study regularly and when ever he had doubts , the lady helped him to clear his doubts . The lady only came in between 12 am to 3 am. They spend good quality time. And became good friend.

The lady used to called him “beta”.

The time passes, their exam came, they gave their exam. Rocky bhai was not satisfied with his exam but with the help of the lady, Akash gave his best and expected a good score.

Since their exam were over. On the last, Akash was waiting for that lady all the night to thanked her but she had not came. He was feeling very depressed.

So he slept at 3 am.

They wake up at 7 am. They packed their bags and locked the room.

They went to Shyam uncle to hand over the keys and to clear their rent.

Since it was their last day, so shyam uncle called him to sit inside the room. And order Ram to served them cup of tea to them.

Shyam uncle asked them about their exam. Akash told that his exam were gone good.

But Rockybhai was thinking something different,

So he finally said by pointing his finger towards the photo hanging on the wall

" uncle who is she, your wife. Akash saw, the exactly that lady whom he used to meet everyday.

Shayam uncle said” yes sheis my wife, but she is no more........

She died 16 year ago...........

By hearing that akash became chocked. And speechless. Without saying anything they left the “The sharmila villa”..........

To be continue....

Wait for the chapter 2.

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