The Baffling - Mystery Continues

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This is Mystery - Thriller story based on those college friends who meets at a get together after ten years . This is get together is arranged in the villa . One of the friend of us goes missing in the party and next day his corpse is found in the villa . Police comes to investigate the body but didn't get any clue that how he died then sent his corpse to forensics for know the reports . On the next day one of them has done suicide in the villa under the tree . After forensics report of the first person was came to know that he had a brain stroke but it is not a natural death it's a murder . How could anyone kill with a brain stroke it's impossible !! Then how did the brain stroke happened to him and who killed him in this villa . Why did one of them has done suicide ? What is the secret or Mystery of this villa . This all you can find out by reading this story .

Mystery / Thriller
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The Baffling - Mystery Continues : Part 1

This story begins from America where a man named Rakesh lived, who works in a well-known company.One day he got a video call of three of his friends and the four people got busy talking to each other and Rakesh said why don't we all meet together for a get together, we all have 2 weeks,Is going to be a holiday, why don't we go to India and meet our old friends and we will also meet .Well, we will meet on this date next week, on that day we will first meet all four, then ask friends and fix a date and then arrange the get together.

The four friends Rakesh , Sameer , Arjun and Nisha who came from abroad meet their college friends Sanjay , Anurag and Rita, where the talk of arranging a get together is on, the get together gets fixed but as Rakesh says that by booking a hotel there we can have a party but Anurag told , In the gallows, this is a villa a little outside the city where we can have a party, so he arranged the get together in the villa and Rakesh invited all his college friends to this get together .

On the night of that get together, all the college friends gathered in that villa and everyone was having a great fun at the party, they met each other, then suddenly there came a horrifying sound from outside the bungalow which everyone was shocked and all of them came out what was the sound of ? As soon as they came out, they did not see anything that brought this alarming horrifying sound , then everyone started to enjoy the party as soon as they came in.But Rakesh comes to know that one of them is missing, then he stops the party and he realizes that Sameer has disappeared from there all people find Sameer everywhere in the entire villa but Sameer is not found anywhere .

The next morning everyone leaves and only Rakesh , Arjun , Nisha Rita , Sanjay and Anurag (who showed the villa ) remain there.Rakesh goes to tell the police after Sameer's disappearance but everybody goes against him and says that there is no need to involve the police in this case, we have come here for only two weeks to have fun . If you fall in the trouble of the police, it will be too much time and it will be wasted. It is better to bury the matter right here and we all go from here .Then Rakesh remains silent and is forced not to tell the police about this incidence .

The next day a news comes that a man's corpse ( Sameer ) has been found in a villa and the police is investigating at the scene. All these people who were buried after the friend, who has disappeared, started getting very scared, then the police investigated Later it was revealed that there was a party here last night and the villa who took the rent for a day was Anurag . The police investigate the body but they do not know how the man died, then go to the doctor to do a body test and after the report comes, it is known that this man has died from a Brain Stroke but how the brain stroke came it cannot be said because the ordinary brain stroke is not like this, it is different . The doctor said that it is a murder, not a natural death .

The police reach Anurag's house and start questioning him, then he tells all the truth which happened that night . Those who were involved in that party, the police called them all to that villa and started questioning them . Your friend went missing that night, so why did you hide it from us . All of you are not allowed to leave this city unless its murderer is caught .

According to the doctor, the death occurred between 2:00 to 3:00 in the night . The police believed that if Sameer was missing then the person who made him disappear would have done the murder, but why did he not kill him at the same time, but he killed him the next day between 2:00 to 3:00 in the night .This is a very complicated case .

The very next day, a man is found hanging from a tree outside the same bungalow inside the villa where Sameer's body was found.

To be Continued...

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