The Baffling - Mystery Continues

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The Baffling - Mystery Continues : Part 2

The very next day when police came for the investigation in villa then they saw the man was hanging from the tree .They got shocked when they saw this is Anurag Rakesh's friend . How is this possible he did suicide but why ?

The police take down the body and examine it, there are hanging marks on his neck and the police wonder why Anurag committed suicide on the second day after a murder in this villa, maybe Anurag is involved in this murder . Police send Anurag's corpse to the forensics for investigation and when the reports come it was shocking for all that, ' It is found that Anurag is not died by hanging but the same brain stroke that caused Sameer's death and the death timing was also between 2-3'o clock at midnight .

The police then go and meet Rakesh and his friends and tell that your friend Anurag has been died and after hearing this, everyone was shocked . Police asks , whose chain is this Arjun said this is Rakesh's chain .They asked Rakesh where you were at last night Rakesh answered , I was at my home but why you are asking me that you are doubting on me that I killed my friend Anurag . If you have not killed Anurag then how we found this chain from the murder spot , tell me .

Rakesh said , what was actually happened at yesterday night in the villa ."

Me and Anurag had arrived that night. We went to check that there was something strange in the villa that we had already come to know, but when Sameer was murdered the same night we went to find him back. There were some strange sounds and a lot of horror was heard and then we also heard the sound of his screaming, but then both of us were about to go t in but Anurag said that , if we go in then we get stuck there so both of us left the villa . Then it was found out that Sameer has died, then the second night Anurag went the villa once again I knew that he was going there again then I followed him and and get inside villa . He went inside that bungalow and he also gets disappeared from there and then the same strange sounds were heard , that we heard at last night and then I ran away from the villa " In this I lost my chain in the villa .

The next night the police go there themselves with Rakesh to find out what is happening in the villa between two to three at midnight this is the same time when the two were murdered .They investigates the entire villa but nothing they found and suddenly a frightening sound falls on their ears, giving them just the same kind of horror. The voice is heard and they feel that someone is following them again and again and suddenly there is a sound of stepping down , the sound of brisk walking and suddenly they both feel suffocated and they don't understand what to do at that time, they fall on the floor, there head starts hurting so much they shout loudly , 'Help us' . The policemen who came with them was standing outside when they heard there sound from the villa they go inside to help them and saved their lives .

Rakesh and the police tell everything that happened inside that villa and they say that there is something dangerous in that villa where anyone who goes they die . With us something similar was going to happen but the policemen who came with us standing outside the villa came inside and saved our lives .

The next day Arjun one of those four friends goes to the police station and surrenders and says that I am the killer of Anurag and Sameer and I have done these two murders, arrest me. Police asks why and how did you killed them .

Arjun says " As if we were going to meet at the get together, it was decided, then this time I made a plan that this time I will not leave Sameer . So I will definitely kill him because of a mistake of Sameer, I suffered so much that you cannot think. So I made a plan to kill him, booked the villa with Anurag and made him disappear the same night. Then after all left he was in the villa and I had to kill him anyway . I locked him in a room and left a powerful chemical gas in the room because of this gas it starts hallcinations to the person and harms your neurons of brain and causes death of a person " . Police asks , if Anurag was your another partner in this murder so why did you killed him . Arjun says , I didn't killed Anurag he was my partner so why should I kill him . Police took Arjun in custody and get the chemical from him which was his murder weapon in this murder .Police sent the chemical to forensic lab for checking .

The next morning, the police find Arjun's body from inside the jail and suddenly everyone was shocked to see how he died in jail .

To be Continued ...

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