The Baffling - Mystery Continues

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The Baffling - Mystery Continues : Part 3

When Arjun's body is found in the jail, the police search him, a blank paper is found in his pocket, then the police keep it as a proof and then after the report comes from the lab that the chemical he used is not the cause of murder and it is revealed that Arjun is not the murderer .

The police kept the blank paper and after they took it out, nothing was written on it but after processing something on the blank paper , what was written on it started to appear and it appeared that it was a blueprint in which some lines are drawn like waves , numbers are there but not understanding exactly what is written on the blueprint .

The police has taken the help of the experts and after investigating by the experts, it stated that it is some of the sound waves of the particular frequency system. Police says , But how is this case related to the sound waves, it's very strange . Are you sure that it's is sound waves only or something which is written in code language .Experts said that , no this is not a code language as you are saying it is sound waves particular frequency only .Police says that yes, the day Rakesh and the I went there that night, there were some strange sounds which we heard , Is this is the frequency of that sound , not sure about it .

The police again calls all those friends back to the police station. For questioning, the police ask them, what work you all do ? Rakesh and Nisha says we work in a company in America , Rita I am a research scientist in ISRO and Sanjay what you do ? Sir , I am a Neuroscientist . Okay thanks for coming you all can go now . Police to all his team we have to keep watch on Sanjay what he do , to whom he meets , wherever he goes and everything .

The police follows Sanjay and go to his house keeps watch on him whole day but in the night he suddenly leaves his house and in the car goes towards the villa. The police chases him and enters in the villa , when Sanjay enters in the bungalow he suddenly disappears . Then police enter in bungalow to find him but can't .

Then suddenly the police hear the sound of someone walking and then the police hide there in a room and sees sanjay that he is moving some showpiece which is kept on the table . Afterwards Sanjay went to his house but Police was still there to find out what was happening there . So as sanjay moves that showpiece they also tried to do it and a new secret room is open which is in underground then police goes to that room and got shocked .

It was not just a secret room there was a research lab at the place where Sanjay used to do experiment with the frequency system there were different frequency systems were arranged, a soundproof room and on seeing this all the police found the same blueprint that they had got from Arjun's pocket in the jail and then police collected all the proofs from that secret lab . Then on next morning Police goes to Sanjay's house .

Police arrested him , Sanjay says what happened sir why did you arrested me what I have done ? We have come to know everything about your secret research lab and how you murdered Sameer, tell me why you murdered Sameer.

Sanjay said that I wanted to complete an experiment on my own made frequency system but I needed a person for this to do an experiment on him of this frequency system . So, when I come to know that my friends are going to come here for a get together so why should I not make a friend my Victim and I can use the friend in this experiment . That's why I chose Sameer to do my experiment and Yes my experiment worked and I become successful in my frequency system . I have made that frequency system which can kill anyone by listening this frequency by only few seconds . We can make a great use of this system .

Police says , what is the use of this experiment it is going to kill only know , for your experiments you have killed three people . Sanjay says , I can do anything for my experiments because to do such things I enjoy a lot . But you are wrong I have killed only Sameer the other two I didn't , then who is your another partner tell me fast . The person who gave me a chance to do my experiment and chosen a victim for my experiment and who have supported me in this murder , the name of the person is ...

To be Continued ...

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