The Baffling - Mystery Continues

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The Baffling Mystery Continues : Part 4

The person who is my partner in this murder is none other than Rakesh . Police says , he is your partner the main planner of this murders . We have to find Rakesh as soon as possible. The police leave from there and go to his house but he is not at his house and leaves to go to the airport . Police thinks that he must be going America by flight now , so police tracks the location of Rakesh and catch him in the middle way to the airport .

What happened you were going to America without saying us ? We have come to know everything and your secret has also come out .So please tell us , Why and How did you killed all of them by taking help of your friend Sanjay ?

Rakesh says , Actually Arjun did not want to take revenge on Sameer, rather I wanted to take revenge on Sameer I had made a plan to kill him because of Sameer I got separated from my parents, he had implicated me in some case that I went to jail for 3 years and after listening that my parents had done suicide then I thought that I will take revenge one day .

Then I made a get together plan and called my friends to India and I knew that Sanjay would do the experiment in that villa and I also knew how crazy he is behind the experiment and he can do anything to be successful in his experiment and taking advantage of this, I used him to kill his own friends and implicated him in such things that he would use his experiment of frequency system and kill it as if it were look like a natural death and then together with Anurag I took that villa for a day on a rent but Anurag came to know about this murder so I had to kill him too .

I tried to show this murder as Anurag has committed suicide after killing Sameer . So you could not have doubt on any other person . But the case was still open and you were searching for the murderer .

That's why I just took support of Arjun and introduced him with the particular frequency so that he would hypnotised by it and at my behest he surrendered himself and said police a short story that how he done murder .

Along with Arjun, I sent the chemical that made it look like it was a model hapn and that nobody should doubt on us because of this I never doubted .

Police said , then how did you killed arjun ? Rakesh says , I also locked Arjun in the same soundproof room and used the frequency that he used to die the same way as Sameer but I used a low powerful frequency in which after a while he died inside the prison after being surrendered .

My plan was successful, if Sanjay had not opened his mouth, I would have gone back to America by now and you have to close this case . Police says , By the way, you had a very good plan, you tried a lot to save yourself, no one could have imagined that by using only the frequency of sound you have killed a person with brain stroke and it just looks like it is a natural death . If yoir mind had been engaged in some good work then by now you would have been on a very good post .But you waste your life by taking revenge .

But tell me one thing, when you and I went inside that villa to investigate , why did you attack on us ? Rakesh says , I did not get that attack done, but I myself became fond of who was doing this, I was scared of that incident but I also tried to find out who did it but till now it is not known who has done this .

If you did not attack then who did it ! Still it is not revealed who has attacked on us and what is the secret of this villa !! There is something secret still hidden inside this villa, which is no longer visible to us . Till now it is secret , Why this Villa's Mystery is Unsolved !!!

" The Baffling - Mystery Continues "

- The End -

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