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My Life As A Teenage Girl

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“Dear diary,

...I think you are the best friend I’ve ever had, something I have always been looking and aching for, one to pour all my thoughts and feelings in.”



You are a bastard, Omo ale ni e.

The one I consider a mother just called me a bastard, meaning I don’t belong to their family, meaning I have no father. . .

She just confirmed all the suspicions I had all along.”


Omolola Adebayo is a Nigerian teenage girl who has never had life easy. She is your typical A+ student, the favorite of everyone she comes in contact with except those she considers to be her family. She has had her trust and heart broken a lot of times by family.

With a workaholic father, a bipolar and wicked mother, a spoilt little sister, and a pampered little brother, Her life is the real definition of hell.

She is maltreated by those she considers to be her real parents and she has no one to turn to. Omolola is all out to find out her biological parents and the reason behind her maltreatment.

The real question is ‘How does she hope to find them? Will she later find them? And can she maybe learn to seek out the one that made her along the line?’

‘My Life As a Teenage Girl’- A touching and heartfelt story about a maltreated, young teenage black girl.

rollypop123-Morolake L.

©Larinde Morolake L.
All rights reserved.

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