My Life As A Teenage Girl

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Chapter 2

🎀Chapter 2: Welcome to My Life🎀

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Quote for the chapter:

To everyone that is hurting and is bawling their eyes out, Some people are just not worth your Precious tears...

- Morolake L.

Dear Diary,

You see the thought that goes on in the head of a typical Naija secondary school child/teenager as the case may be is that when you have the brains, everything should fall into place for you.

Well, sweetheart, I hate to break it to you that that is not the way things work out in my life. I’ve got the brains, but I lack parental love.

Have you ever had the feeling that no one cares about you or that you are alone in the world when you have people around you? If yes, then you are about to get there.

You see I have two siblings with scores of family friends but it’s like the world revolves around them, not me. Don’t get me wrong o, I don’t like the attention but it won’t hurt to act like I’m visible.


The demon I am cursed with as a mother decided it was a good idea to wake me up with a bucket of cold water. What a very nice way to start a Monday morning (note the sarcasm in the statement). I woke up to work, she woke up to wake me up and go back to bed. Oh, and by she, Diary I meant the one who claims to have birthed me.

She doesn’t deserve the title of a mother. I strongly believe I have my biological mother out there.

I quickly went to prepare breakfast for the family, a breakfast of yam, and eggs. I boiled water for the two young ones including their mother because they can’t bathe with cold water.

I took my bathe and due to time, I won’t be able to pack food to school. I’m going to have to go to school on empty stomach. Thank God they are serving Jollof rice in school today.

Oh Diary, It’s time to go to school. Bye for now. I’ll talk to you or is it write in you later...


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