My Life As A Teenage Girl

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Chapter 3

🎀Chapter 3: School, Sweet Haven🎀

Song for the Chapter: Best Friends by Hillsong Young and Free

Quote of the Chapter:

Everybody needs a hobby, something to keep them sane when everything or everyone around them is going insane...


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Dear diary,

For most teenagers around the world, school is like hell to them and their house is like a haven to them but just like every aspect of my life, it’s the other way round.

I got to school this morning to meet my bestie since JSS1 waiting for me at the school gate. Since JSS1, we both decided to always wait at the gate for one another no matter who gets to school. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Oluwalase Adegoriola, or as I like to call her Lase (note that only me can call her that.)

She is the only one that ever attempted to get me and by me, I mean that she cared enough to tear down the walls I built around myself to get to the real me.

Well, you see diary, I might be shy but I got along with people especially my classmates pretty well but being the most intelligent and all, I still had haters, Awon eniyan to je pe ko si nkan na tele se fun won to ma te won lo run.

Unlike the normal Naija High School novels that we all read on Wattpad, I don’t have a very popular queen bee and her minions trying to make Secondary school hard for me, I don’t also have a crush that I spend most of my day drooling over and my school doesn’t have an arrogant, cocky but handsome guy (Okay, maybe I have one but he doesn’t notice me, so who cares, might as well not have one at all). Awon omo SS2 and 3 yen oti e fine rara. The ones we have are just aspiring playboys. No kidding though.

I think I’m already derailing from the point here Diary, don’t you think? I think you are the best friend ever except LASE, I hope she never finds this out she will kill me, like kill me.

Either way, I walked into Beverly high together with LASE into the SENIOR Block, and unfortunately for me, we are not in the same class. You see, LASE is a SCIENCE student who is going to study PEDIATRIC MEDICINE and I’m an art student who is going to study LAW. On our way to the Senior BLOCK, she gisted me about all the things that happened on the WhatsApp group chat during the weekend. That mother of mine won’t let me have a phone, saying I’m not worth an android phone. The only device I have is a laptop that the school gave me. When we got to the corridor of the SENIOR BLOCK, I bade her goodbye and I started the walk to my class alone.

I got to SS1 Arts classroom to meet my classmates making noise. In an attempt not to get into trouble, I quickly shut them up. (I forgot to mention that I’m the Class Rep.) School went by pretty fast and soon it was time for a break. I was so eager to get out of prison that’s called a classroom. I decided to bask in the freedom while it lasted ’cause in the next 4 hours, I was going to be stuck at home working my butt off.

I went to the lunch hall to get lunch and I ended up sitting with LAYOMI and some other classmates from the SCIENCE department. I won’t call them friends ’cause I am and still very choosy when it comes to choosing friends. I have had my trust and heart broken by those I call family and it’s pretty hard to open my heart to just anybody.

“Hmmmn Lola” Lase called

“Yeah” I answered. “You are spacing out again, Hope no problem?“, She asked

“No, I’m fine” Abi what should I say, should I tell her that the woman who is very nice to her treats me like crap? Nah. That’s bad. It won’t be fair to her (my mother) even though she doesn’t have a heart.

Some may be wondering that “Lola, after everything she’s done to you, you still care?” Well, you see, unlike her, I have a heart, a very big one.

Immediately the timekeeper rang the bell for closing, I hurriedly went to my lesson class. I take after school lessons because her children are not as smart as I am and they don’t want me to go home alone so I don’t steal their stuff and run away. The children are lazy, spoilt, and dumb (Oh God Almighty please forgive me).

I wasn’t so sad about it ’cause teachers were all rushing to be my lesson teacher, perks of being very smart. My smartness is at least one thing that I’m very proud of.


Damola saw her, He always noticed her. He saw her run out of the class after the closing bell was rung. He could somehow see through her.

He admired her for her courage, he knew that behind the smile she displayed lied a broken young girl. After all, a wise man once said, “a person’s eyes tell a tale of unspoken, hidden and painful secrets that the mouth cannot say.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there,” Omolola said

“No problem, It’s okay” Damola replied

“Dude” Tolu said slapping his head “You are staring”

“She is so beautiful that I can’t help staring at her, I like her so much” Damola replied

“Yeah, I like her too”

Damola glared at Tolu while he chuckled in return

“I mean I like her for you,” Tolu said nervously



The lesson went by really quick with the occasional “Omolola please help us to solve this, please help us to find that” and with me trying to figure out how to hack Wi-Fi networks.

The driver came to pick us up from school giving me specific instructions on what his ‘madam’ wants me to prepare for her diner.


Hello to all you beautiful people. Hope you are all doing well? So, talk to me, how was this chapter? Did I do well?

For those that are not legit Omo Yoruba, here is the translation to every Yoruba word used in this chapter. Let me know of anyone that I missed.

1) Awon eniyan to je pe ko si nkan na tele se fun won to ma te won lo run: People that there is nothing you do for them or to them can satisfy them or makeup to their expectations

2) Awon omo SS2 and 3 yen oti e fine rara: All those SS2 and 3 guys are not even fine at all.

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