End of Time Mystery

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The end of time is a short mystery and a thriller. It is a story of suspense with a twist. You can read my short story to find out what happens next. Sounds of sirens and helicopters were just outside, and many people have suddenly disappeared. Fear of an invasion from an unknown source has taken over the world. Is this the end of the world, or are we being invaded by another planet? Is this the end? Are we doomed?

Mystery / Thriller
Warren Rice
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End of Time

End of Time Mystery

It was Friday evening, and news reporter Dan Maxwell was trying to finish his evening daily news report when he had been interrupted several times by the squealing of cars outside the news station. He was growing nervous as the evening wore away. Again, he was interrupted by a news flash. The world has come to a standstill. He immediately switches to the international news broadcast. All cars, buses, trains, and airports have come to a halt. Crashes are everywhere. Sounds of sirens and helicopters were just outside, and many people have suddenly disappeared. Fear of an invasion from an unknown source has taken over the world. Is this the end of the world, or are we being invaded by another planet? Is this the end? Are we doomed?

Immediately I picked up the telephone to call my wife, but the line was busy. Suddenly, a knock at the door. When I opened the door, no one was there, but I could feel that someone was in the room with me. Who or what is this presence I felt? I could hear a voice speaking to me. Go to your car. I could feel some compelling unknown Force drawing me. I grabbed my coat and started to go out when the phone rang. It was a man I met the other day who asked me if I could meet him sometime today. Perhaps this was him who knocked on my door. His voice sounded eerie with a bit of robotic tone in it. Go to your car.

That was all he said and hung up. Do I go to my car or stay here? I was uncertain if this was the same man who I talked to yesterday. Maybe this was not the same person. Perhaps none of this is real, and all of this is in my mind. Then without warning, two men showed up at my door and came in without knocking. They took me outside and then disappeared. Where did they go? No one was around. No people, no cars or buildings, even the news station was gone. Then I heard that voice again. Go to your car! I began walking to the parking lot where my car was parked when I started sinking in the ground. The ground under me was changing into another something. Suddenly I found myself inside my car. With a stretch and a yawn, I woke up from a deep sleep. Wait just a minute, was this just a dream or not a dream. I looked at the clock on my dash in my car. The time stopped, so I reset the time. I looked out the window, and the world was still there. The time ended only on my car clock. It was 3.05 am, so I drove home and went back to bed. Time ended, but everything else is still a mystery.

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