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Club Disaster (Pt. 1)

Finally, Lucas’s party was over, and once again, Adele watched as the crew clean up then coming in the house to set up for hers for later now that night, but first, they were going to the club.

All of them were ready to party at both places, but Stasia was the only one who was yelling; they were about getting lit.

She was already lit, she thought no one saw her, Victor, Jaxon, and Emma drinking in the corner of the yard, but she was the only fucked up at the time.

Johan had to be tired of holding her down, trying to stop her dancing on everybody and anybody.

Luca didn’t make it any better. He was trying his best to get her high by blowing smoke in her face.

Adele always thought it was strange that she liked the smell of it but didn’t see her smoking it, plus the contact was good enough.

After fighting with Luca and Axel about the decorations that she thought there was no need for because it was only them, they decided color scheme would black and gold.

Then Erik suggested that they went to the club; that’s how it ended up being two parties, although Axel said no if he couldn’t go.

The asshole was away for eight months but mad at them cause he couldn’t go to the club.

Anyhow she decided they would start the party at the club then move it to home Axel didn’t like that one bit, but it was her day, her decision.

It would be her first time going to a club, and it only was going to be an hour, maybe two.

She knows it sounds crazy, but in college, she was dedicated to her schoolwork and didn’t have the time to party, as Khalil wanted her too.

Adele was free of work the only thing she did was at the fashion house which was checking the production, and the designs before they went to the sewing room, Luca did everything else.

Although she was free not completely free but free for the time being, Sibylla and Anne agree to babysit with Kylie and Piper.

So they were going to have fun whether Axel liked the fact they were going to the club or not.

“Liebe if we are going to the club you need to get ready they don’t need you to watch them set up come” Luca said

“HELL NO! Every time you two go in the room together you be gone for three hours fucking” Erik said

“So, we will be gone for about an hour. I have to give my wife part one of her birthday gift” Luca said

“Luca, dick isn’t a gift. She can take that free boy. The gift is the way you give it to her how good the strokes are...”

“MOTHER SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Axel yelled cutting off Sibylla rants

Sibylla was always saying some crazy shit even more over the last eight months they just grew to deal with it Axel still couldn’t handle it, but Bridget thought it was funny.

“Stop being a fucking baby grow some fucking balls, Axel. It’s just sex talk. It’s not like you’re not fucking hell, aren’t you fucking the women who kidnapped you?” Sibylla said

While they argued, Adele and Luca slipped off to their room to get ready well; it was part of the reason.

Because before the door could close, Luca started to attack her, pulling off her shirt as she pulled at his.

As she pulled at Luca’s shirt, he stopped her by throwing her over his shoulder, walking over to the bed.

“Luca, if you don’t put me down, you acting like a damn caveman...”

Adele was cut off by him throwing her on the bed with him pulling to remove her pants.

She knew he hated it when she wore jeans because he had to take the time to remove them.

Once her pants and underwear were off. For once, he didn’t rip them, dip his head between her legs.

Teasing her clit, every time she tried to grab his head to push his face into her pussy, he would pull away.

Luca was a tease; he would rub her clit then give it a lick pulling away. She was at the point of cursing him out when he plunged his fingers into her pussy, attacking her clit as he fingered her.

Quickly he removed his fingers, replacing them with his tongue as he stuck it in and out of her sucking up her juices.

“Shit baby that feels good” Adele moaned out

Luca didn’t respond just kept treating her treasure, not that she complained about it felt good she didn’t want him to stop, but her body had other plans, as she began to shake feeling herself about to cum.

Adele could feel Luca moving as he continued to please her he was releasing his member, readying himself to thrust into her.

Soon as Adele came, he plunged into not giving her any time to steady herself before pounding into her.

Luca gripped her hips, digging his nails into her waist as he held on with every thrust he delivered.

He kissed along her jawline up to her ear, nipping and pulling it down to her lips, neck, and breast doing the same to her breast as he did to her ear.

He pulled out, turning her over where she was on her hands and knees, but instead of letting her use her hands to balance herself, he pulled her body to his large frame, kissing her down the neck to shoulder while playing with nipple and clit as he fucked her.

“Scheiße, Schatz, ich Liebe dich” (Shit, sweetheart I love you) Luca moan as he sucked on her neck

Adele couldn’t find the words to speak only moan as she pulls her arms up, wrapping them around his neck so she could turn herself a little so she can capture his lips.

“Ich Liebe dich auch Baby” (I love you to baby) She moaned out finally.

Feeling herself ready to cum, she tried to hold it, not wanting Luca to stop doing what he was doing.

She knew soon as she cum he would start being rough again, not that Adele mind, but she loved this side of him something he didn’t do often.

“I know you need to cum Liebe” He said rubbing circles on her clit

“Luca, I don’t want to yet” She said

Luca kissed her neck, wrapping his hand around her neck while picking up the pace, thrusting in and out of her. Adele wanted to protest but couldn’t; he wanted her to cum so he could.

The fast he went, the louder her moans got until she was ready to release also the same time as one of their loving family members decided to knock on their door.

“I KNOW YOU MOTHERFUCKERS IN THERE FUCKING! HURRY UP SO WE CAN GO SHIT!” Jaxson yelled from the other side of the door.

“Good thing he couldn’t hear your moans” Luca said laughing

That was one of the good things Luca did when remodeling the house that he soundproofed all of their room except the kids.

So no one could complain about their fucking habits since it seems they were worried about how they fucked all the time.

“Ignore his ass” Adele said

Which she didn’t have to tell Luca twice because he pushed her down into the bed, roughly pounding into her.

Adele couldn’t hold back her cum at this point, so she came, and moments later, he did too. Jaxon knocked on the again, but Victor spoke instead.


Luca put on some sweats and walked to the door, opening it, staring at his cousin and brother, who was standing at the door.

“Yeah, I could have waited until after the club, but I own the bitch, so they have to wait for us. Shit, do I interrupt any of you when you fucking? No, so leave us the fuck alone. Hell, we are coming Dele in the shower now and about to go is that damn good enough for you?” Luca asked, closing the door before either of them could answer.

“That’s was rude, and you lied about me being in the shower” Adele walking into the bathroom

He said nothing just ran up behind her smacking her on the ass as she walked in the shower.

After a 20-minute shower, they both when to their closets to get dressed. Adele came out with a silver bodysuit on with belts tied around her thighs, waist, chest, and neck, with fishnet stocking, a silver fur coat with the boots to match.

She walked in Luca’s closet seeing him in his all-black attire as always looking in the mirror, fixing his necklace around his neck. He looked up in the mirror, raising one of his eyebrows as he sees her reflection in the mirror.

“Liebe? Where the fuck you think you are going with that on?” He asked

“The club, where else?” She said

He raised his eyebrow again, turning slowly taking in the outfit spinning his finger telling her to turn, so she did.

“This is going to make me kill a motherfucker tonight I would say take it off, but it’s your birthday plus I would like to remove it later” He said kissing her

Luca grabbed her by the waist, walking them to the room’s door for them to leave.

Opening the door, they were meet by Zeus, Killer, and Gunner who ran past them in the room to their beds, Luca left the door crack so they could get back out if needed and they made their way down the stairs.


“Axel, the last time I check this was my wife. It’s not like she won’t be with me the whole-time chill. She has me, Erik, Vic, Jax, J, Kellan, and Johan to protect her shit” Luca said

“He’s been yelling hell no to all the girls as they walked down the stairs” Bridget said laughing

“I have a reason they all dressed like hoes” Axel said

“Axel, son, you’re a whore. Let’s just hope Bridget can control the hoe side of you” Sibylla said making them laugh as they walked out the door

All of them make their way out to the limo, on the ride there Adele had to listen to Luca argue with Victor, Kellan, and Eric about the way she was dressed.

Eric acted as if Emma wasn’t half dress herself. The girl left the house in a silver dress that was too short and was open, showing off her bra; she was more covered than her.

There wasn’t much she could say about Kenzie and how she was dressed because she couldn’t say in what was.

Her sister was in a pantsuit, and so was Stasia both were cute, though, and Nova well was Nova; she was always in something ho-ish, but Kellan liked it.

They arrive that a club name Klub Luc right down the road from a church leave it to Luca to put a club close to a church.

Maybe this he thought this would help with their sins, more like help them burn in hell.

It was beautiful inside, although it even had a window above where you could look up to see the church across the way like it was trying to tell them something.

Luca walked them to the V.I.P section, where everything was decorated in silver and black like the house and for them to party.

“Are you drinking tonight, brother?” Erik asked

“No, I haven’t had a drank in five years, I’m not starting back tonight you all enjoy yourselves I’m with my water and weed” Luca said

Erik and Johan nodded. None of them ever really told her why Luca stop drinking only told he did dumb shit when drunk, so he stopped, so she didn’t press the situation.

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