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Club Disaster (Pt.2)

In the V.I.P section, Luca handed her a cup with something he just mixed smirking.

She didn’t know whether to drink it or give it to Emma, but she took her chances of drinking it surprisingly it was pretty good and when down smooth.

“What you thought I was trying drug you or something? I think we’re passed that point by now, don’t you think Schätzchen?” Luca said

“That’s doesn’t mean shit Luca” She said laughing making him push her some laughing himself

“True but I prefer you bend over willing, and you begging me not to stop” Luca said

“Eww! Please stop” Emma said getting up walking away.




Little time past, some of them were on the dance, most of them still was in the V.I.P section overlooking the ones dancing.

Luca did let her on the dance floor twice with Emma, and the rest but immediately made her come back.

Some dude was trying to dance with her, and Adele was sure if Victor didn’t stand between them, Luca would have killed him.

At the moment, she and Luca were sitting by themselves while the others were doing their own thing.

She was in Luca’s lap while he was smoking a blunt that he got her to hit twice, nearly choking herself to death when they heard shouting over all the music. It was Victor, Erik, and an unfamiliar voice.

“What the fuck these assholes did now. I swear we can’t go nowhere without them starting shit” Luca said, tapping Adele to get up out his lap.

“Come before they ruin your birthday, we were about to leave away my father won’t stop texting” Luca said walking to the stairs

They both stop after hearing gunshots, making Luca pull his gun from the back of his pants and Adele’s from her purse.

“Get behind me” Luca said

“Luca” She said

“Damnit Dele don’t argue with me on this get the fuck behind me” He whispered yelled

She wanted to argue but knew he was right, so she did what he told her when two more shots when off.

People were screaming and running tripping over each other trying to get to the exit they tried looking over the running crowd for the rest of them.

More gunfire went off this time. They could see who was shooting. Luca snatched Adele’s purse pulling out his silencer. She knew he didn’t want them to know where his shot was coming from.

He started to take out the men one by one that was shooting at Victor and Erik. They were dropping like flies until they got scared and ran like the bitches they were.

This was when Adele started to shoot at the ones running, taking out the rest of them.

“Whoever they knew who the fuck Vic and Erik were. Search them asshole now” Luca said to the guards

Adele ran over to Emma, who was kneeling on the floor. Once she got closer, she saw who Emma was kneeling over. Anastasia, she was holding her coat over a gunshot wound on her chest.

“DELE! HELP...HELP ME PLEASE!” Emma screamed

“S-she was, was shot h-help her” Nova cried

Quickly Adele kneeled with Emma checking Stasia’s pulse there was nothing, she looked back at Erik and Johan who just walked back up they could tell from the look on her face that she was gone.


Johan just sat on the floor with her and Emma taking Anastasia in his arms stroking her face Adele, watched as he refused to let himself cry, he just held her rocking.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” Emma cried

“Emma this wasn’t your fucking fault it was the bastard that was aiming at me” Erik said


Erik shook his head, no sitting on the floor with them holding his sister’s hand, ignoring his phone ringing in his other hand.

Adele noticed it was Anneliese. She knew something was wrong because she had called Stasia’s phone, hers, Emma’s, now Erik none of them knew what to say.

“Why are all you sitting on the flo...” Luca said stopping mid-sentence

“I-is she a-alive Dele?” He asked

Adele shook her head as Luca looked at Erik and his cousin, then back at her, she could see the angry boiling in his face.

Swiftly Luca turns punching the wall in front of him, cursing as J, Victor, Nova, Jaxon, and Kellen walked up.

“He was aiming at me. Luca, I thought...but shot her, this was a fucking hit. THEY WERE FUCKING SCARED TO SHOT ME AND VIC, SO THEY FUCKING SHOT MY FUCKING LITTLE SISTER WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT!” Erik screams

“I don’t know but we sure the hell is about to find out” Luca said

“I will call my grandmother to let her know what was going on and for her to tell my fa..well, you know who the fuck I’m about. They need to know about Stasia, but do you want Anne to know now?” Luca asked

“Luca, she probably already knows. I know you see how Luzia and Zia are together, and when Sax, died I felt it. It’s twin thing so, 245r6

it no use of lying to her.” Jaxon said

Adele knew that was true from watching her supposed to be twins sister growing up when one got hurt; the other felt it. It was no use hiding it; that why she killed the two bitches together.

Luca took out his phone, calling his grandmother. They could hear Sibylla screaming on the other end. All of them where her grandchildren to her, and she loved them like they were.

This finally made Johan break along with Erik and Adele, who had recently found out that their parents died when Anne and Stasia were 17.

They were in a car accident, something they never talked about leaving Erik to care for them.

They were all he had for a long time before his children, and Emma now he had lost one of them.

Looking up Adele seen the police chief walking toward them she knew this because he was the one that came to the house a couple of times when Axel first when missing.

“Don, what is the problem?” He asked

“As you can see, we lost one of ours tonight, celebrating my Queen’s birthday. Find out who these fucker are who they work for Chief Becker, and I make sure you get that donation you been looking for” Luca said

He nodded, giving his condolences then walking away, the other police officers didn’t even look their way.

It was like the didn’t exist Adele was beginning to see what Luca meant about him owning Germany.

Even the cops were scared of him, so why was someone so stupid to test him like this, they had to see what happened to the last people who tested him.

Luca broke her from her thoughts when he held his hand out for her to take, Erik doing the same to Emma walking away quickly the rest did the same all but Kellan. Adele looked back at Johan, still sitting on the floor, holding his dead wife.

“Luca he can’t leave him like that” Adele said

“Kellan has his brother trust me; he will be to only one to get him away. I’m sorry Liebe your birthday ended with you losing a friend, a sister if I knew this we would have just stayed home” Luca said

This wasn’t his fault, nor the rest Emma, Nova, and Stasia wanted her to have to fun.

Hence, they plan the club thing even know Eric took the credit. No one knew how the night would end like this.

It came as a surprise, but the war for whoever started it, she knew Erik, Johan, or Luca would rest until this person was dead.

“Baby, this wasn’t your fault. You know this, right?” She asked

“Yeah, I know it hurts Dele. I lost my cousin two years ago over people craziness the bad thing was our brother killed him. I just got over it now, Stasia I watch her grow. I help Erik with them after their parents died. She was my sister too. I suppose to have this hard face on all the fucking time show no emotions, it’s hard when your family is dying, and the fact I can’t stop it not knowing who’s doing it” He said

Luca pulled her close kissing her temple she took one last look around the limo before Kellan and Johan got in all sad faces the only ones crying was her, Emma, Nova, Kenzie, and Rylee.

Adele knew it was hard on them. It was the first time either of them seen a dead body, and Rylee had Stasia blood splattered on her white shirt and stain to her hands where it looked like she was trying to stop the bleeding.

Adele watch as Jaxon held her hand to stop her from shaking, Victor doing the same for Kenzie while Erik held Emma and Kellan held his little brother and Nova close to him the first time, she saw them that close.

The whole car ride back home was quiet; no one spoke a word. When the car stopped again, they are in front of the house, the limo door opened, and Luca was the first out.

The thing she saw was Anne standing at the bottom of the stairs holding her small round belly.

Erik and Emma were the next to get out as she started to walk up to this point.

“Anne...I-I’m sor...”


Erik pulled her to his chest holding her letting her cry it out when Axel popped up by their side rubbing Adele’s shoulder

“You good, Kleine?” He asked

“Yeah, but she’s not. I don’t think she ever will be that’s like losing part of you. I see how Jax be, and it hurt knowing I caused it, and two hurt soul normally join to one” Adele said

“You think she is going to cheat on J with Jax?” Luca asked

“Don’t know I hope not, but J’s a big boy he can handle himself. Come on I need a shower looking at her blood on me making everything come back” Adele said walking away

“Go without me. I will be up in a second, okay. Love you and Happy Birthday it’s not 12 yet, and I have a gift for you” Luca said

“K, love you too” she said

Adele kissed Luca then went straight to the bathroom, removing her clothes from getting in the shower.

Once finished, she put on her gown running Killer and Gunner off the bed before Luca came in the room none of the dogs was allowed on the bed, but Zeus but all of them broke that rule even Milo.

Sibylla cat who found his way into their room one day. How? Adele didn’t know, but Luca woke up with him on his chest.

He basically had a panic attack the man was actually scared of cats of all the things in the world he was scared of cats and snakes which Adele didn’t blame him on that.

She got in the bed with Zeus cuddling up to her chest Adele didn’t know she was crying until the dog started licking her tears.

Something, she hated him to do was lick her in the face, but he knew she was sad.

The door open and closed Zeus wagged his little tail whining, let Adele know it was Luca.

He didn’t say anything but went in the bathroom seconds later she heard the water running in the shower about 30 minutes later he came out.

“Liebe, you sleep?” He said

“No, I was waiting for you” She said

“She’s fine Dele I just got off the phone with the family mortician she’s in good hands okay” He said

The thing was she wasn’t because she wasn’t there with them, but Adele had to take that because Anastasia wasn’t coming back, so she had to believe that was true.

Luca sat down on the bed; his hair was still wet, and a towel was still around his waist and handed her a little black box.

“This was from her. She said, seen them and thought about you because you always had big earrings in. She thought you needed some small ones $12,000 for two little diamond was a bit too much for my taste, but it was her money” Luca said laughing

Adele opens the box, immediately putting the earrings in her second hole. Luca smile pulling another box from his side.

“I know you hate me buying you jewelry, but I had to get you this” He said, handing her the box.

It was a beautiful diamond bracelet; he took the box, taking it out, placing it on her wrist.

Adele kissed him, pulling him over in the bed with her she knew he didn’t like sleep with wet hair but wanted him to hold her.

So he didn’t fuss the last that she remembered was him whispering I love you before she drifted off the sleep.

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