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The next day Adele found Erik setting in the living room by himself, staring out the window at the guard dogs as they played. It was the only thing she could see he was watching at the moment.

She didn’t want to bother him; it seemed as if he wanted to be alone. Victor told her after she and Luca went to the room last night that Anne laid into him the night before blaming him for their sister’s death.

“Dele you don’t have to leave Anne just don’t want me around I’m giving her, her wishes” He said

“That isn’t fair, Erik. You know this wasn’t your fault. It very well was all ours. We were all there; neither one of us knew someone would shoot at us, nor did we have time to protect ourselves. If Anne can’t understand that I don’t know what to say” She tells him

Erik never looked at her just out the window into the yard now watching the guards walk through the yard the gardener cut the grass.

The man was heartbroken; he lost one of his little sisters, and the other was mad at him for no reason.

Adele stood there looking at him for a little longer before leaving him to his thoughts.

She went back to the office where all the rest were at talking about Anastasia’s funeral.

Johan wanted something big like she was full of life, but Axel, Heidi, and Kiefer thought it would be too much attention.

All of it was giving Adele a fucking headache. Arguing and screaming in the office, so she left them to find the nannies and the kids.

She found them in the playroom where Vince and Lucas were fighting over a toy like always.

Aria (Emma and Erik daughter), Leah (Nova and Kellan daughter), and Eva (Stasia and Johan daughter) were all playing in one corner.

The wins were in their own little world, and the rest of the kids were with Sibylla doing Gods knows what.

She sat on the floor next to the twins watching them play anything was better than listening to them yell at each other Anastasia, and she wouldn’t have wanted this.

She was so deep in her thoughts; she overlooked Eva crawling into her lap she was the youngest of all the babies, and it was a shame she wasn’t going to know her mother as her brothers did.

Adele cradle the baby in her arms she was an adorable little redhead baby the only one of Stasia kids that got her hair color but Johan’s grey eyes. She looked at Adele as she sucked on her toes, babbling and giggling.

“She loves you” Erik said

He picked up Aria came to sit beside her and Eva on the floor soon after Leah came sitting beside him, smiling.

Aria little hand when straight to her father’s hair, she reminds her of Luzia, and Zia every time Luca got one of them.

The only different thing was Aria didn’t care about Erik nor Luca’s hair being in a bun; she still went after it.

“You should be in there Erik not here she was your sister too, but me I couldn’t deal with all the screaming right now there is no need to fight she gone nothing is going to bring her back truly Anastasia wouldn’t want this” Adele said

“There you two are. Why aren’t you in the office?” Luca asked

“I’m sure I was unwanted, and Adele couldn’t deal with the arguing” Erik said

Luca looked at the two; she could tell he felt the same way all the unnecessary arguing.

He came sitting on the other side of Adele soon after the twins, Lucas, and Vince came running over to him, all fighting to climb in his lap. Luca had all they spoil then had the nerve to talk about his grandmother.

“So, I guess you couldn’t handle it either?” She asked

“No, I don’t understand why the fuck we can’t just have a funeral get it over with. Stasia is probably cursing their asses out yelling from Hell and calling them all types of motherfuckers, assholes, and whatever else. Anne is straight-up wrong; she knows it for blaming Erik. Her own fucking brother for her death the fault is the person who pulled the fucking trigger, and he’s fucking dead too” Luca said

"FUCKING?!” Zia yelled

Erik laughed, and Adele covered her face but not before watching Luca’s face turn red.

It was his fault she had told him about cursing in front of the babies lucky this was the first time they repeated what he said.

“So you’re not going to nothing. It’s your fault, anyway. Every word that comes out your mouth around them is a curse word. I can’t only blame you. It’s the same with Victor, Sibylla, and Axel. These kids are going to have a mouth of a sailor good thing their homeschooled” Adele said, laughing.

Luca was still looking shocked as Zia playing with her doll on the floor beside him, and Luzia looked at him with her big grey eyes like she was trying to figure out what was wrong with daddy.

They finally decided to walk over to Piper, trying to sneak out the room she knew better.

They couldn’t run from the twins they knew when they were trying to leave, especially if it had something to do with food.

The twins knew their schedules better than Piper and Kylie, and they always let them when it was time.

“Dele, I want to change their names. I know it will take time with them, but I prefer for them to go by their middle names Heaven and Nevaeh to switch the order of their names if that’s okay with you” Luca said ignoring the fact of his daughter cursing

“Okay...I’m not going to ask why because I know you have your reasons” Adele said

She felt it coming with all the talking about his mother and how she broke his father’s trust and heart from the grave.

He lost the way he saw his mother Luca wouldn’t admit to it, but she knew he was disappointed in her and didn’t want his daughters to carry her name as theirs.

“You three just going to hide the whole time?” Otis asked

“Got something better got us to do? I can’t take the arguing. It’s not going to bring her back, and it was not making the situation any better. It was all our faults Anne need to see that we were all there she picked one person to blame her brother that’s not right” Adele said

Otis nodded, reaching out for Lucas, who was holding his little arms up for his great-uncle.

Otis was like Axel and Sibylla. He loved all the kids who always took the time to play and spoil with gifts.

“Have you sit down and talked to him yet?” Luca asked changing the subject

“No” Otis said flatly

“Uncle he’s your son it’s not his fault how he got here you and my mother made that mistake so make it right Auntie have no problem with him so you shouldn’t it’s been 15 months since he came into our lives, he needs to know his father” Luca said

“He knows his father; it’s Axel. That’s who he calls father. Leave it as that Luca the boy knows who I am; that’s good enough. He sees your father as his dad, not me, and that’s the way it should be. Now leave it alone don’t speak of it again understood” Otis said

Otis was like Axel and him. Luca knew not to challenge him once his mind was made up, so he just nodded, saying yes sir.

On the other hand, she and Erik glared at the two men then back at each other.

Otis was serious about not getting to know Jaxon the man sees him almost every day and never acknowledges him, not even a hello.

How you are doing, he just stares at the Jaxon like he was some type of infection.

Hell, he was the one that helped created him. He or his twin didn’t ask to be here. It was his and Na’Luzia’s fault, not theirs.

“Is it because Saxon killed Liam, I know I had difficulty accepting his face. Hell, I still do, but Uncle Otis, it’s not him. They may look alike, but they are two different people. Saxon is dead, and yeah, Jax is crazy but not nearly as crazy as Saxon.” Adele said

“No, I don’t hate him, and hating him won’t bring Liam back like you said he’s not his brother. I just can’t except that I hurt my brother and my wife. Actually, I see myself in him just as I did with Liam, which makes it hard to use to him. I love him as a nephew, not a son he’s happy with calling Axel father that is something I don’t and won’t come between, understand I respect my little brother, his wishes, and things that are not right. Like the little bitch that weaseled herself a pregnancy in now, I would like to stop her before she sinks her hooks deeper into my brother. I’m wondering what the fuck was he thinking.” Otis said

They all shrugged their shoulders. Only one could answer that question, that was the man himself, Axel.

Luca decided not to fight with him about it, so Adele left it alone Bridget seems trustworthy.

It was Ryder that she worry about, but they all keep a close eye on her anyway hell at first Dele even though she had something to with the club last night, but she had no phone to call anyone to do so.

Luca got up, laying a sleeping Vince in the playpen, waving them to follow her, and Erik did the same with the babies.

The twins were in the kitchen with the nannies eating their little fat asses never missed a meal.

Otis had to take Lucas there with them because his bad little ass never wanted to sleep.

Not even at night, she or Luca would put him in his bed, and he would sit there and play until two or three in the morning.

They all when in the living room sitting and watching TV some crazy show on Netflix.

Otis continued to talk about how crazy he thought his brother was sleeping with Bridget making Luca laugh at him sounding like a mad father.

It was funny to them because everything he was saying was right, but he needed to be told it to Axel, not them.

Then an hour later, Johan popped up, walking into the living room pissed. He looked at them then flopped down on the couch between her and Erik, basically pushing Erik on the floor, taking out his phone and staring at Anastasia’s picture. Erik gazed up at Luca, who shook his head, looking back at the TV.

“What they do now?” Otis asked

“They want to fuck burn my wife. Letting Anneliese call all the fucking shots like I wasn’t married to her. She was my fucking wife for four motherfucking years now. I’m nothing just the person she slept with every night, fucked, and had his last name. What the fuck next is she going to try to take my fucking babies? And where the fuck were you Erik?” He said

“Well my sister didn’t want me there, Anne thinks she knew Stasia better than any of us, but she is wrong Anastasia wanted the opposite, but let Anneliese tells it “she was her twin she knew everything about her” bullshit” Erik said

Adele shook her head. This was a fucking circus; they didn’t want her to go in there and shut the whole thing down because that’s was what she was about to do.

Axel came in moments later, followed by Bridget, Nova, Kellan, and Anne, who turns around as she saw Erik, who was now sitting in the chair next to the window.


“FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!” Anne yelled

As she flipped him off, continuing out the door. Childish was the only word Adele could say, but they would get over it because they were the only two left, they had too.

"You two really need to stop" Adele and Luca at the same thing

“That shit was fucking freaky don’t ever do that shit again” Axel said

Adele and Luca laugh. They were all telling them they were becoming the same, that they were too much alike, and it scared all of them why she and Luca didn’t know.

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