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The Round Up (Pt.1)

The first stop Luca made on his quest to control and rule the local gangs and his enemies to his side was to a man that to him looked like a knock off version of Nas, an up and coming drug lord name Jeremiah but when by the name J-Block on the streets.

The two had done some business in the past. Luca sold him drugs and guns before becoming big-headed, trying to steal from him and calling himself a drug lord. He let him live now; it was time to see where loyalty lies.

Luca, Erik, and Victor pulled up the warehouse that J-Block did most of his business.

He left his father and the rest for this mission; seeing what he sees now, Luca knows he did the right thing since Jeremiah little petty gangsters, if that’s what he calls them, didn’t know what they were doing.

Pulling out some little ass 42′s and such on men with bigger guns and thought they would be the one’s backing down.

Needless to say, they just didn’t know who the fuck he was. Luca got out his G-Wagon, followed by Erik and Victor, as they all stood there with their AK’s in their hands, waiting for the asshole to make the first move. Erik had other plans Luca seen that when he looked over to him smiling, he knew by the look on the fool’s face he was about to do some crazy-ass shit, but his crazy cousin beat him to it.

The fool shot up in the air cause the scared ass bitches to start shooting at them. He did try to come there and peacefully get J-Block on his side, but it was thrown out the window with Victor cray ass and his best friend.

Luca certainly didn’t have time for this shit while Erik and Victor were playing with their guns like little children.

He decided to make his way inside the warehouse shooting anything that came in his vision.

Luca met with a young boy at the door that could’ve been no more than 16, standing shaking the little motherfucker could even hold the gun straight.

It was a shame all these little boys wanting to be gangsters and couldn’t handle the heat.

Besides shooting, Luca grabbed the boy by the arm, then neck making him drop the gun, and to scare him up some more; he put his gun to his head.


“I-in the-the o-office” The boy stuttered out

Luca wanted to laugh as he released the boy poking him with the butt of the gun for him to lead him to the office.

He hesitated at first, but hearing Luca take off the gun’s safety, he began to walk.

J-Block had to be crazy; there were no men on the inside of the building. Anyone could have come up in his shit blazing just as he just did.

They walked up to two double metal doors, pushing them open, now seeing why there were men throughout the warehouse, they were all in his office.

“Jeremiah, you really want me to kill all your men. Tell them to lower their weapons or meet their maker,” Luca said

J-Block did as he ordered, telling his men to lower their weapons and leave the room so they could talk.

“Don, what can I do for you?” He asked

“You owe me a debt Jeremiah, I came to collect,” Luca said

Jeremiah shifted in his seat. He probably thought Luca was coming to claim his life.

It was quite the opposite. He needed him and his little gang on his side as his eyes and ears on the streets to help find this asshole after his family.

“I-I don’t have the money yet, Don. You gave me six years. It’s barely been five,” Jeremiah said.

“I know what the fuck told you, Jeremiah, but this a once and lifetime chance to pay it off all your debts to me. I need more eyes and ears on the streets. Someone is after my family, and I won’t rest until they are dead,” Luca said

The man sat up straight, relieved that he wasn’t there to collect the money he owes after his head got too big for his shoulders.

Luca could have killed him that day after he tried to rob his men of the weapons and drugs, which he got most of the drugs, but he saw himself needing the bastard in the future, and he was right.

“That’s no problem you know I’m on your side Don, but your men outside probably killed all my men,” He said

“My cousin and Erik were having fun. They didn’t kill anyone wounded them, maybe, but me, on the other hand, I killed some of the bastards. They should know who I was,” Luca said, walking back to the door.

“By the way, how old is that boy that walked me up here?” Luca asked out of curiosity

Jeremiah gave a weird look then back to some papers on his desk like he was avoiding the question, which made Luca even more curious about the answer.

Making him walked back, standing in front of the man’s desk, waiting for the answer.

“Umm, yeah, that’s JJ, my son Jeremiah Jr. he’s, um...he’s 13 about be 14 in a couple of weeks,” he said.

Luca glared at the man before snatching him up by the collar of the suit he was wearing, delivering two blows to his face.

He had to be crazy, having his in the line of danger to be killed. Yeah, show him the ropes, but no like that, the poor boy was scared shitless.


Jeremiah said nothing, just stared up at Luca with a guilty face. He knew he was wrong. There was no talking himself out of this one, so the man just nodded.

“I will not have the boy on the streets doing my dirty work understood,” Luca said

“Understood, Don,” He said.

“One more thing you will wear my brand the skull will be either tatted or burned into your flesh, show your loyalty with me, your Don, and my wife, your Donna. Fuck us over Jeremiah if you like, and I wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, your son, lover, or whoever else you love, and you have a day to get that shit done,” Luca said, walking away




Later that day, Luca, Erik, and Victor had gotten four of the local gangs in Cologne, two in Dusseldorf, six Leverkusen, and one in Bonn.

All the others who sided against them met their deaths, and their families were next.

Now they were heading back to Berlin. He knew a few more rivals there like the Five Star and the Hillside Gangs.

The two were always up in his shit, trying to show him they were better and didn’t need a family standing behind them long as they had the streets on their side, but they saw who was doing better.

“Son, you know how Cash is. We can’t go in demanding as we did with all the other we need a plan,” Axel said, sitting beside him.

“Father, you think I’ve been sitting over here doing nothing? I know we need a plan. That’s why I asked him to meet us at one of our locations, not his I’m walking into a fucking trap. The fucker wants me dead I’m not crazy,” Luca said

Bryan a.k.a Cash is what they call him. Some call him The King on the streets. He thought he could become a mafia boss, but Luca showed him different when he took out everything he owned before leaving for South Carolina three years ago, which started their rivalry.

When the shit first started to happen, he thought it could’ve been Cash, but the fucker was recuperating from his losses but never missed the chance of sending treats his way.

He wanted him dead, so it was risky to ask him to join his mafia, but again it would be fun to see the asshole brains all over the floor or wall.

“We’ll worry about Cash tomorrow. Let’s talk about you, Father. What’s your fucking problem? We all have demons, I know, but you been showing yours a lot lately that’s not you,” Luca said

“Yeah, I’m sorry about earlier Dele knows that now,” Axel said, staring off to the other side of the plane.

Luca could tell his father was hiding something. It could be guilt for killing Bridget’s mother. That’s why he is so attached to the woman.

No, he didn’t like the fact of having another little brother or sister running around hell his father needed to clipped his shit before Bridget ended up pregnant again after this one or whoever else he was fucking.

The shit was going to be confusing to his children, Victor, son, and Jaxon children if he ever any having an aunt or uncle younger then or the same age as them.

The shit was already confusing him with Axel claiming Victor and Jaxon as his sons. Jaxon opened up to it, calling him father, but Victor was still stuck on the uncle shit but was slowly coming around.

“Father, you know damn well that’s not what I was talking about. Something is bothering you. I don’t know if it’s the fact that you killed Bridget’s mother or what but don’t let it consume you. The way you blew up on my wife, I wanted to more than to beat the shit out of you that shit scared her. She’s not used to you going off on her like that control it talk to someone about cause obviously your kidnapping experience triggered something,” Luca said to his father.

“Spoken like a true father, my son finally growing up. I guess I have Adele to thank for that, and I will like I said, I’m sorry,” Axel said, patting his leg kissing the top of his head, which hated as he left.

Luca shook his head. His father always found a way to show him he was his baby no matter how old his ass got.

Luca sat back, thinking of all the ways this shit could go when Victor dropped down in the seat next to him with his stern looked.

“What is it now?” Luca asked

He didn’t speak, only reached over into his bag, pulling out some paper handing them to him.

Luca took the papers reading over them slowly so he wouldn’t miss a thing. For some reason, Victor had gotten a DNA test done on himself, but what shock him was his DNA was similar to his grandmother and fathers, which meant that Conard was either his grandmother’s sister’s child or his grandmothers. Luca looked at Victor about to speak.

“Continue reading it before talking,” Victor said

Their grandmother lied to them; she told them she knew nothing of Conard, but he was her son.

They should have known she claimed Victor as grandson to fast, and his father was just the child she gave away to a friend because she was fucking mad at his grandfather for cheating.

Luca knew she told him she did some fucked up shit when she was younger but giving away your child is on another level. That was pure evil. No wonder his ass was so mad at his father, Heidi, and Otis because they had everything handed to them.

He was just known as their half-brother. This made him think did she know that Victor was digging.

He read down some more then stopped when he saw it something he asked a year ago and finally did it.

“YOU FUCKING CHANGE YOURS AND VINCE LAST NAMES,” Luca yelled, causing Victor to smile

“Yeah, I see you didn’t notice the third page were Jax’s. He changed his too. We figure if Axel would claim himself as our father and you as my brother. Although Jax is your brother, we need the last names, oh, and J is asking Dele about changing his. As you said, we are stronger as one, so now Germany will know me as Victor Kohler as a name that brings fear,” Victor said

They both stood up, but Axel came in hugging the two of them before either of them had a chance of doing anything. He was clearly happy. Maybe something to stop his rage for a while.

Afterward, they talked about what could happen with Cash and how Jacob should ask Adele for the last name change, but Luca didn’t think he would have a problem. She would probably jump for joy that the last piece of them sorry fuckers was gone.

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