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The Round Up (Pt.2)

Finally landing in Berlin, Luca decided it would be best for them to stay at Erik’s house since it was so late and his home was the closest to the private airport.

Once there, he made his way to one of the guest rooms, showered, and settled himself into the bed, face-timing Adele, ready to talk to his wife, but Josie answer the phone instead.

“Hi, Daddy! Mama’s in the shower, me Heaven, Nevaeh, and Lucas are in your bed waiting,” Josie said

“I can see that princess. Where’s Ty?” he asked

“Oma (grandmother) has him, and Vince. Ty wanted to fight with Heaven, and they both attacked him, and Vince wouldn’t let mama take a shower or go with Emma,” Josie said

Luca laughed. Tyler was always fighting the twins, and their badasses were always double teaming his ass.

Vince was another story Sibylla had spoil the shit out of that boy, and he wasn’t happy unless Dele, Victor, Sibylla, or he was holding him, and recently he had started to get attached to Erik and Emma.

Josie showed him the kids as they played in the bed with all the fucking dog’s Adele knew he definitely didn’t like that.

Zeus was fine, but Teddy and Blu left their fur everywhere no matter how much they got them groomed; Killer and Gunner just was too fucking big and long.

Luca started yelling at the dogs when Adele took the phone away from Josie, fussing about her playing with the phone until she saw Luca on the screen.

“Hi, baby how is it back in Berlin?” she asked

“Boring and lonely without you and the kids, but hopefully I will be home tomorrow night if everything goes good,” he tells her

“Good cause, your rotting ass babies are looking for you. I can’t believe they didn’t beat up Josie over the phone when they heard your voice,” she said

She was right. The twins and Lucas were his babies, and Adele hated that they wanted nothing to do with her.

She was fussing about the next baby they had definitely would be hers. No one was touching it.

The two talked for a bit longer until the twins realized they could see daddy on the phone, then it was over. They had no choice but to end the call.

Although Luca was hoping for Adele to send them to their rooms so they could have phone sex, that was all good. He needed sleep anyway.

Luca woke up the next morning to one of Erik dogs licking him in the face. He jumped up, pushing the big beast onto the floor while Erik laughed at him, cursing the dog.

He loved dogs but never understand why Erik wanted four big ass sheepdogs in his house.

Then he had the nerve to get mad when he told him they would stay outside along with his father’s dogs when they came to Cologne with them.

He said nothing to Erik, just got up and when into the bathroom, showering and doing the rest of his morning routine, then texting Adele before going downstairs to eat breakfast.

Hoping that his father cooked, and not Erik, Victor, or Jaxon, he didn’t feel like choking on eggshells.

Luca met Kellan coming out of the kitchen looking confused or mad it was hard to tell with him just it was with the rest of them.

“Please telling me my father cooked. If not, I’m eating cereal,” Luca said

Kellan glared at him for a long minute then laugh, just the big cousin attitude he needed today.

He about to say something about being spoil as shit, but he was the one crying when he found out Aunt Heidi was pregnant with Johan when he was 11.

“Yes, little cousin, your daddy cooked for you. You big ass baby,” Kellan said, laughing

“Fuck you, big ass cry baby,” he spat back as he walked away

Axel, Jacob, and Victor sat in the kitchen with Erik, two other dogs that usually stay where the food was.

Luca fixed a plate then sat down with his Father, Jacob, and cousin going over the plan one more time while eating.

Once they were done, he called Cash, arranging to meet them at the warehouse in 30 minutes.

“So, are we ready for this?” Axel asked

“Ready as we can be, pops,” Erik said

“Call me that again, and I will kill you,” Axel said, walking out the door

The plan was to get to the warehouse before Cash to have their men in position ready to shoot if needed.

Cash was a difficult man to deal with. No one liked him, not even his own children. They were waiting for the day to see him dead today, and they might get their wish along with his men.

At the warehouse, they all got in position waiting for Cash. The man was late playing games that none of them had time for.

Forty-five minutes late, he came strolling in with his dark shades and shiny bald head showing off the big red star in the middle of his head and the four around it.

He sat in the seat in front of Luca’s desk, taking off his shade, making sure he saw the four teardrops on the left side of his face like it was supposed to intimidate Luca. ”These gangs in there labels, who cares that he’s blood,” Luca thought to himself

“Luca,” Cash said

“Bryan,” Luca said back, making him frown

The man surely didn’t think he would call him Cash if he called him out of his name. He had to forgotten who had the high title here.

“You call me here, Don, so what the fuck do you want? I did nothing wrong. I stay on my side of the city. So what the fuck you want from me?” Cash asked

“For starter respect,” He said

Cash rolled his eyes at Luca’s comment cocking his head over to the side, analyzing what he just said like it was too fucking hard to get.

“So, tell me how you liked that chocolate goddess you have? Is she everything you wanted and more? Or is she hard to handle? You know some white man can’t handle a Black Queen,” he said.

“Cash, my wife has shit to with you or my discussions with you. So whatever problem you have with me being married to a Black Queen, please keep it to yourself because no one can change it. If they try, they asking to take their last breath plus color don’t matter to me. She mines only mines, and I handle her just well, so ask me what the fuck you really want to know. Keep my wife away from the shit.” Luca said, getting pissed.

The man chuckled to himself. He was trying to get under Luca’s skin, but he didn’t understand that meant his death.

“Why am I here, Luca?” Cash asked

“I have a proposition for you that you may or may not like, but I don’t give a fuck” Luca said

“Go on,” He said

“Join my mafia before you still have your gang and all control over it, but it will be apart of the Kohler Mafia. It’s a once in a lifetime offer you know we don’t take kindly to outsiders. The only thing I ask you is that you and your men wear my mark the skull tatted burn in your skin but make it visible, and you can keep profits that you make on your own without my help. What do you say?” Luca said

Cash sat there, rubbing his hands together as he thought about Luca’s proposal giving him a smirk waving over his right-hand man whispering something in his ear.

“Let me taste that beautiful wife of yours first. Then we may have a deal,” he said, still smirking

Luca got up, giving him the same smirk. This asshole just asked to taste his fucking wife. He was about to beat the living fucking shit of this motherfucker to see what his ass will be tasting after that.

“Wrong fucking answer,” Luca said

He grabbed him by the back of his head, smashing it into the desk repeatedly. Cash had the nerve of pulling a knife, stabbing Luca in the leg, allowing him to stand, then having his punk ass right-hand man hold a gun on him, making Luca laugh

“Cash, I would tell your little brother to stand down if you know what’s best for him,” Luca said

Not waiting for Cash to speak, Luca grabbed the man’s arm, twisting it until he heard it break, then elbowing him in the face making him drop his gun after that giving him one good punch in the face knocking him out.

Luca’s total focus was now on Cash, who took a swing at him, but he ducked, giving him two jabs to the sides.

He wanted a fight, so Luca would give him one and kill him. He needed someone on his team; he wouldn’t have watched around his wife.

Cash had a reputation of putting his hand on women he couldn’t have but mainly for white women.

“You know I don’t take kindly of motherfuckers speaking of my wife in that matter it pisses me off,” Luca said

“Don, I was just joking,” Cash said

Gripping him by the collar, Luca gave him two more blows slamming him down on the desk, pulling out his gun.

“Joking, huh, I didn’t sense any fucking joking, Cash. Shit like you don’t fucking joke about,” Luca said



If he wasn’t scared, Luca knew for sure he was scared now Cash knew he had a short temper, so why play with him? All the man had to do was say yes to the live, but he had to play.

“Johan, bring me my wife kit,” Luca said

"Kit? What kit” Cash said

Johan came walking in with Adele’s medical bag, the one she kept her surgical tools in. Luca thought it would come in hand on his little trip.

“I never have seen the big fuss about how my wife likes to cut on people. Surgery, mostly all while they still awake. She’s crazy in that way serial killer type of way. So I wonder should I take her a souvenir home like this big ass red star in the middle of your fucking head.” Luca said

“Don, don’t do this. I will...”

“Erik, Johan, hold the fuckers arms down, while Victor and Kellan hold his legs. Which one you want to honor of keeping his head steady?” Luca said and asked, looking at his father, Jaxon, and Jacob.

Axel walked up, taking Cash head slamming it back before holding it steady.

Luca being himself he walked over to the medical bag sitting on the couch on the side of the desk, taking the scalpel out, scrolling back over to the desk showing it this Cash.

“Luca, man, you know me, I talk shit say shit I...I don’t mean come on, Luc...AAHH!!!!” Cash said before he cut himself off, screaming

Luca started digging the scalpel into the man scalp, cutting the big star’s outline in the middle of his head.

Blood ran down his hands onto the floor as he continued to dig the scalpel underneath the man’s skin.

Cash screamed and cried for Luca to stop; his screams became the only thing he heard like music as he finished his masterpiece.

“I can get used to this. I see why my Liebe likes doing this,” Luca said, receiving a scoff from Erik.

Once he was finished, Jacob walked up to him with a Ziplock bag to put his finish work in.

Luca looked back at Cash head, seeing the white meat and parts of his skull. He did a jacked-up job but still got his results the star.

“So, Cash, how should I kill your ass?” Luca asked

The man said nothing, just stared into space, trying to act as if he was dead.

Luca knew damn well he was alive. His punk ass was breathing heavily like that.

Deciding not to wait for his response Luca starting to carving a skull into the side of his face Cash started to shake, holding in his screams.

Then an idea popped into his head. He wanted to try something. He walked back over to the couch, receiving scissors then back cutting open his shirt.

He placed the knife on the throat right under his Adam’s apple, cutting down to the bellybutton then going under his right armpit, cutting doing the same to the left side to meet the first line

“Luca, I think that’s supposed to be a Y, not whatever the fuck you just did,” Victor said, laughing

“I didn’t ask you bitch. I wanted to see the motherfucker choke on his own blood,” Luca said

Sadly, Cash was still alive, choking, grabbing at his throat, at the same time, his little brother decided he would wake from his nap.

Jacob didn’t give the man time to open his eye good before putting a bullet in his head.

Luca laughed but was a bit disappointed they could have used the bitch, but long as his son was still living, he had Cash gang still at his feet.

He wanted to finish his little experiment, so he started to pull back the skin on Cash’s chest, causing the barely alive man to scream, choking himself to death.

“I damn thought that would be more fun, but the bitch had to go die on me,” Luca said

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more crazier,” Kellan said

Kellan walked away, looking disgusted like he never saw someone get tortured before he guessed his torture method was fast and straightforward.

He liked to play with his victims before killing them, make them beg and pled to live after he got information.

This here was just curiosity and killing at a long time enemy. The sad thing was they probably could have been on common ground again if the asshat didn’t mention tasting his wife.

“Called his son tell him his father is dead and he can join us or die just as his father made a choice is his. Now I need to meet with his rival get it ass on our side. Vic takes some pictures of this fucker, so Bull knows I’m not fucking playing. I can’t believe this motherfucker I allowed his ass to be on my streets to make money freely, and this is how they repay me.” Luca said, shooting Cash dead body twice in the head before walking away.

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