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The Round (Pt.3)

It didn’t take long for Cash’s son to agree to their terms. The boy and his sister were happy the man was dead.

It’s a shame when your own children wish death upon a parent. It tells a lot about how they were raised.

Luca, his father, Victor, and his guards were now standing outside of Bull’s trap house, a run-down house on the same street just a couple of houses down from where he and Adele found Josie and Tyler.

Luca let his men walk into the house first then follow by Victor and Axel. He and two of his personal guards were last, walking through the house, people were laid everywhere.

It was sick. He couldn’t understand why someone but that shit in their system or want to sit in an office in a house full of junkies.

Yeah, supply them, then send them on their way, not sit and watch as they put the shit in their bodies was something he cared not to see.

Halfway through the house, something or someone grabbed his ankle, his first reaction to pull his gun, pointing at his pants’ hand.

What he saw took him by surprise a child, a little girl who didn’t look old then a year old if she was dirty and looked hungry, reminding him of how he found Josie and Tyler.

Luca wasn’t looking to adopt another child at the time. He mainly wanted the next child and ones after coming out of her vagina, but he could leave the poor baby there either.

“Jake, get her until we find out who she belongs to when we get in the room with Bull,” Luca said

Jake nodded, bending down, picking up the small child, not before taking off his jacket, wrapping her in it.

Once at the office door, all his men line up on the walls of the walls and let him walk up to the door kicking it open.

The Bull was sitting on a dirty couch with a blonde bitch riding him like he didn’t know Luca was coming.

“Don, I was just having some fun before you got here with your little present. I got you.”

Luca cocked an eyebrow at the man. He didn’t need a present from the son of a bitch nothing, but his loyalty, and he especially didn’t want a whore that he was fucking when he had a good, beautiful woman at home.

“I’ll pass, now get the fuck out bitch, and you put on some damn pants we didn’t come here to see two skeleton fucking.” Luca said, turning around, giving the man time to dress when he heard him clear his throat, he and the other turned to face him once again

“I don’t have time to explain shit to you, so I’m going to show your ass what will happen if you decided to say no. Show him the pictures, Vic,” Luca said

Bull took the phone looking through the pictures that Victor had taken of Cash’s dead body.

He looked as if he was about to throw-up. Victor laughed at his face, whispering to Luca how he could run a crack house but can’t handle seeing a dismantle dead person.

“Why show me that?” He asked

“Like I fucking said, just showing you what can happen to you if you don’t take my deal,” Luca said

He stared back at the picture of Cash with the star cut from the top of his head, then back to Luca and Axel. Bull scratched his head, then running a frustrated hand down his face.

“Don, I’m just a petty drug dealer. What can I do for you?” Bull said

“Cut the bullshit Michael, you know just as well as I do what you are. Your punk ass came here from America running from the Cubans your people why I have no idea also don’t care. I know of your other dealing. You may stay hidden in this fucking trap-house like you don’t have shit. What about that nice house and that pregnant wife of yours you got in the hills? Three blocks away from my house, I wonder what she would think if she knew what her husband is doing went he’s here, you know what I just caught you doing fucking other bitches. I’M NOT FUCKING DUMB, SO MAKE YOUR FUCKING DECISION!” Luca said, yelling the last part

The fool thought he didn’t know about his underground trades with Italians and the Russian gangs in Germany. He was making twice a much dealing which Luca understand why to continue. He was just what they needed to see who could be after them and why.

“Y-you know, Don, this isn’t getting me anywhere I...I needed the money...”

“I don’t give a flying fuck about why you did shit. You can keep doing it far as I care. That’s not why I’m here well it is but only for you to work for me but my eyes and ears doing what you do keep your dealing with the Italians and the Russian but do as you are told listen,” Luca said

Again, Bull rubbed his hands down his face only this time. He was thinking more than being frustrated. He looked around the room then down to his hands.

“What does it means if I join you? Will my family have your family protection?” Bull asked

“I know I never did this shit before taking in non-family members; you will be apart of the Kohler Mafia and wear our brand, which is the skull. So, yes, your family will be under our protection, and if you cross us, I will kill you and your family personally, and if you said no, I would kill you and family personal how to make that sound?” Luca said

Bull eye grew big went he realize there was no possible out of his offer. Luca smiled at the fact he was just ready to get this shit over with so he could get back home to his wife and children, speaking of children he had forgotten about the one they found on the way to Bulls office.

“What’s it going to be, Bull? I don’t have all fucking day,” Luca said

“Yes, yes, I will join you. It’s not every day; The King of Germany comes to you asking you to join his mafia, so yes.” Bull said

“Good, you have to 8 pm today to brand yourself, and your wife tatted or burn. I don’t fucking care but that fucking skull better in your skin by that time, and my father will be back to check.” Luca said, then waving Jake in with the baby

“The baby who she belongs to?” Luca asked

The man looked confused at the baby then to Axel, Jake, Victor, then back to Luca. He raised his eyebrow, walking over the baby looking her over.

“Hell, I don’t know. Where did you find her?” He said

“Here you fucking idiot in your trap-house,” Victor said angrily

Bull looked like, what do you want me to do about it? And Luca could see something explode in Victor.

It was usually him that was about to explode with shit like that today. It was Victor. He nicely put his hand on his cousin’s shoulder, shaking his head, no warning him because his hand was already on his gun.

“Sons, he doesn’t know who the baby belongs to leave at that, come bring her with us. The mother is clearly a junkie and probably won’t miss her, and since Vic is so upset, he can adopt her.” Axel said

“WHAT!? WAIT FUCK NO I DIDN’T SAY ALL THAT HELL VINCE IS ENOUGH!” Victor yelled, running after Axel

“Remember what the fuck I told you, Bull eight o’clock or a bullet through you head and your wife’s too pregnant or not and check your junkies before them come in this fucking place children don’t belong in dope houses,” Luca said, leaving

On the way back to Erik’s house, Axel and Victor argue about him taking the baby.

He suggested letting their grandmother have her, but Axel said his mother was too much like him well, he was too much like his mother wild Bridget claim him down a bit, but Luca was pretty sure he was still fucking other women.

He and Adele caught him just the other night sneaking in the house like a teenage boy, but they said nothing, plus Luca don’t even think he saw them fucking in the kitchen.

Hell, they both thought for sure they were caught, but his father was running so fast didn’t see his own damn shadow.

Then, their grandmother was only there to spoil. She said she loves children so herself, but hers was grown, and she was an 83-year-old woman with the needs of a young man with a big dick.

Luca, Victor, and Jaxon nearly died, listening to their grandmother that day. Luckily, Kellan and Johan had left and didn’t have to suffer.

Hearing or having vision placed in their head of an 83-year-old woman fucking.

The worse thing she gave them details of her sex life; the woman was nasty, and Luca knew she was enjoying torturing them with her stories.


“Tone it down, Vic damn. I can hear we are all in the same place. I have an idea give her to Jaxon. He’s the only one of us without kids or a woman. He starting to me wonder if you know what I mean. Also, it will give him something to do that it solves stop crying plus I heard Kenzie pregnant anyway,” Luca said

Luca knew he wasn’t supposed to tell it but couldn’t help it. For some reason, he was starting not to trust the girl, not because he thought she was working against them but with all the talk of marrying Victor.

He could smell it. She was a fucking gold-digger, and he had already warned her about wanting his cousin for him, not his money, and that’s all that girl saw was dollar signs, name brand clothes, shoes the works in and out of the malls everyday and online.

He told Victor to cut her ass or give her a limit. Even her sister talked shit about her spending habits, so he knew it was a problem.

“WHAT!? FUCK NO! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW THIS?” Victor yelled again

“Eavesdropping, I heard her telling her sister she was pregnant, Irene confirmed you know I’m fucking nosey about that shit. She’s three months unless she’s cheating. Is it’s yours? I’m telling cousin you need to stop letting these bitches handle your condoms cause they love them needles poking holes in shit,” Luca said, laughing

“No, cousin, that was my fuck up three months ago. I fucked up shit,” Victor said

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