Disorganized Minds

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The time went by fast since the day Kelly showed up at the gate. It was now two months later, and she was now a member of the house whole. The girl was so scared of them. Especially, Nova, it didn’t make any sense. The girl was her height 5′10, afraid of a little woman like Nova, who was 5′2.

Right now, Adele was in her favorite spot in the gym but not to work out as she should but to watch Luca, she could help it. He was too sexy not to.

“Schatz, don’t you suppose to be working out not watching me? I mean, I know I’m sexy, but...”


He chuckled, continuing to do his reps looking at her through the mirror, blowing kisses, and winking at her.

Adele smirked at him as she turned around, doing her squats twerking every time she came up from the floor.

She heard as Luca placed the weights on the floor, his footsteps as he got closer to her.

He waited until she stood again, wrapping one of his hands around her throat and the other around her waist, resting it on her stomach.

“Why do you like playing with me, Liebe?”

“I didn’t know what you are talking about. I wasn’t playing; I’m just working out as you told me to do, Luca.”

Luca’s hand started to travel down to her treasure as he kissed her exposed neck, shoulder, and back. Adele let out a moan as he put his hand into her, legging fingering her.

“See, this is why I can’t leave none of you horny motherfuckers alone all of you always somewhere fucking the only sane people in the house is Jaxon, Johan, and them two girls what their names Kelly, and Rylee, just nasty just fucking nasty,” Sibylla said

“Grandmother, what do you want?” Luca asked

Luca took that opportunity removing his hand from her legging, sucking the juices off his fingers before turning around.

She mouthed the words nasty, making him and her laugh as they turn to see Sibylla glaring at them with a disgusted face.

It wasn’t like she was innocent, always talking about different fucking positions and which ones are best.

Also, Jaxon has been scarred for life because he walked in on her, and her little boy toy fucking he couldn’t look at her for a full week. Hell, it would have taken Adele an entire year.

She had to give Sibylla credit. She didn’t act like 83 years old hell, she didn’t like any older than Axel, but she did need someone her age fucking a man 20 years.

That shit was nasty, and Adele wondered what the fuck was going through his head. It had to be the money it just had to be.

“What I want is to stop walking in a room with people fucking last night. I came to the house and seen your father and Bridget. He had her on the desk in his office with the fucking her with the door open, then Victor and Kenzie them to are just a worse as you two.” She complains

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to hear about my father and Victor’s sex life, like you are the one to talk. Didn’t Jaxon catch you last month with one of your little boy toys or whatever you fucking call them? And we weren’t fucking. I was helping her with her squats, showing her how to keep her back straight as she came up.”

Sibylla scrolled up to him, touching his face as she was checking to see if he was running a fever before slapping the mess out of him.


Adele and Luca both whipped their heads to the mirror hidden on the wall without knowing it was there no one would have known.

“Okay, I didn’t see that there, but I didn’t lie fully. We weren’t fucking just a little foreplay,” Luca said, rubbing his face

Sibylla scoff at Luca, remarked, staring at her waiting for her to saying something.

Adele thought it would best for her to keep her mouth shut; the woman was already mad.

Her speaking would make it worse. So, she stood there, rubbing her arms with her back up against Luca.

“I came down here to work out with the two of you. Maybe I should have knock since you two are trying to making another baby,” Sibylla said

“Grammy, no one said we were trying to make another baby,” Adele said

“Keep telling yourselves that you know Adele birth control isn’t 100%, and you leave your pills everywhere. Do you actually know if you are taking them or not” Sibylla said, smiling

The old woman laughed as she strolled away. Adele stared at Luca, who was still rubbing his cheek where Sibylla slapped him.

She reached up, cupping his face bring it down to met hers as she kissed his lips.

“Yeah, she slapped the fire out your ass, didn’t she?” She said

“Not, fucking funny Liebe. Come let go shower,” He said

They left to shower, got ready, and went to found the others down the stairs. They all were in the living room; this had become the familiar spot for them lately.

Sitting in the living room or game when they weren’t working to find out who was after them.

Although Adele knew Axel already knew from the day Kelly gave him that note, he wasn’t telling them.

He was trying to handle the shit on his own with that train of thought he was going to get his ass killed.

Adele sat beside Nova, who was patting the seat next to her. Luca took the seat right beside Adele putting his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him.

“Did Luca tell you about the photoshoot that he set up for me, and you? Well, it was Axel who wanted us to the new faces of Kohler Fashions,” Nova said

“No, this is all new to me,” Adele said

She looked to Axel, who pointed at his son that turned away, chuckling. The man set up something and did not tell her this had to be Nova’s doing. She probably wanted to tell her and begging Luca not to.

“I wanted you two to be the faces of the company since it is technically your company now, Adele, but the photoshoot it’s for that slutty little line you and Nova decided to make. I suggested that it would be good for you two to be the faces of it and fun for you too. A way to get your minds off this bullshit to relax or something, and it will be in about 30 minutes, so you need to get ready,” Axel said

“I don’t think nothing about that line is slutty, Axel. I bet when Bridget have that baby, she will wear some of it on for you,” Nova said

Axel laughed, and Bridget turned red at the comment covering up her beautiful blue eyes.

The only thing Adele could see was her cheeks from the way she was smiling.

“Nova, you are embarrassing the woman. Look at her covering her face like she doesn’t know she’s a fucking leech. Well, not really, the fucking leech is Kenzie. I’m sorry, Bridget; you just want to be love,” Luca said smartly.

Adele poked him in the side, trying to keep herself from laughing. Kenzie turned, completing red from her shoulder up.

Making Victor grip her by the arm, whispering something in her ear before she sat back up against the chair.

“Cousin, that was rude. Some people don’t know how to spend money if they never had it before. The girl loves Vic, we know that, but she loves his money too,” Johan said, laughing.

“You are both wrong, and ill-mannered talking about people when they’re presented. We don’t suppose to let them know or think but let’s talk about my step-son and Kelly. Tell me, were you and Saxon both fucking her or just him? I see I had a hard time distinguishing the two. Did you two play with her mind a little? Can Isaiah, be yours? She doesn’t seem like a whore, but the mind can play tricks with two people that look exactly the same.” Grata said

Nova and Emma fell off the couches laughing while Bridget left. Adele couldn’t even laugh from choking.

She took the words right out of Luca’s mouth. That he’s been itching to ask since she came, he had expressed the same thoughts to her.


“Just a thought,” She said, eyeing the girl

“I-I never slept with Jaxon, Miss Grata,” She said

“No one asked you I was talking to my nephew or step-son as some of you may call him,” Grata said evilly

It was the first time Adele saw Grata get an attitude with anyone, so she knew Grata did not like Kelly at all.

“Welp, Nova, let’s go; we have less than five minutes before the photoshoot begins. We’re going to be late,” Adele said

She helped Nova up off the floor as Luca, Axel, and Kellan got up, walking out the door.

The rest of them followed them as she and Nova went upstairs to get ready.

They did a couple of shots outside, and some in the lounge. Nova was the one who picked out the outfit, which was green with tiger prints, and they both had red wigs on.

Luca and Kellan commented on how sexy the two looked, making Axel leaving went they turned to him, asking his opinion.

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