Disorganized Minds

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The next day Adele was sitting in the kitchen going over the pictures from hers and Nova’s photoshoot, she nor Nova was a model, but they did damn good for their first time.

As usual, Axel was cooking breakfast shirtless. She didn’t know what it was about him and Luca that made them love cooking without shirts. “When that damn grease pops the shit outta their asses, I bet they will stop then,” Adele thought.

Adele looked over, watching Katy sat there, giving Axel an evil glare. She knew the woman was getting tired of the man and his son coming into her kitchen taking over, she was the cook, but half the time, they were the two in there cooking.

A small smile came to Adele’s face when Bridget walked in, making her way over to Axel, kissing him on the cheek. He froze for a second then relaxed, but he still didn’t acknowledge her.

Adele didn’t know which one of them was worse. Bridget was in love with infatuation or Axel, who was trying to run from love.

Bridget sat down beside her without thinking; Adele reached over to rub her little baby bump. Making Bridget smile shyly then laying her head down on the island top.

Adele wished she could tell her that everything would be okay, and he would come around soon, but that would take some time if ever.

Axel turned, placing two plates on the counter for the two of them, then putting down the plates for the kids and the others.

A few moments later, Mackenzie walked in, grabbing up a plate sitting on the stool on the opposite side of Adele, looking over at Bridget with a disgusted expression.

“If you don’t like her, there are other rooms in this house you can go in, you know,” Adele said

“Nevermind her, Adele. I want to know why don’t Luca like me?” Kenzie asked

Adele stared at her for a long minute after asking the question. She knew Luca was her husband and knew exactly why he didn’t like her. Still, it wasn’t like she could read his motherfucking mind the answer to her question to her liking. Either way, its response was going to have a bad ending up hurting the girls feeling.

“Mackenzie, if you want to know why my husband doesn’t like you, you’ll have to ask him that yourself. He is the only one that can answer that question for you, sweetie, well the only on that can give you the direct answer.” She told her as Luca walked with his blank face.

“Liebe, are you ready for your training? I think you will have fun today,” Luca said, smiling.

She had already told Luca she knew self-defense but told her that she needed to know more than self-defense. As Donna, she needed to know how to fight a man one on one, boxing, and more. Today she was practicing fighting or boxing. It was all the same to her, something that didn’t interest her.

She said nothing, just nodding. Frankly, she was scared to get in the ring with him. She heard the talk from his cousins and Annie that he didn’t play nor go easy on anyone. They told her if she and Luca had any problems, to resolve them before getting in the ring, he would let everything go there. Adele wasn’t sure if they were telling her to scare her or was, they serious.

He hugged her, then kissed the side of her head, stealing bacon off her plate, not before telling her to hurry down to the basement to the gym/training room.

“Can I come?” Kenzie asked happily

“No,” Luca flatly said

Bridget laughed at Luca bluntness, making Adele slap her on the leg to make her stop really. Mackenzie should have known better than to ask Luca. She was just asking why he didn’t like her now she wanted to ask him a stupid question like that.

“No? Why?” She asked

“One, I don’t like or trust you, two you’re not a part of my mafia just because you’re fucking my cousin don’t mean shit, and three, you’re pregnant, so no,” Luca said

“Luca, you liked me when I first came here. What have I done in that time to you to change that?” Kenzie asked

“You remember that talk I had you about loving my cousin for who he was and not his money? Well, Mackenzie, you broke that fucking promise. You fucking starting seeing dollars signs. I should have known that most bitches who never had shit fall in love with the money faster than the person you fell in love with that, not him. He may not see it, but I do. Then all this crazy shit started to happen more after you and your sister showed up. Still, the odd thing is it’s only that I don’t trust you were the one who sought us out on the beach that day knew who my wife was and the only one who was missing the night when Stasia died if I find out that my suspicions are right once you have my cousins baby you’re a dead bitch know that. Also, you are the second bitch that has weaseled herself in his life, tricking him into getting you pregnant you knew Victor said he didn’t want any more babies, not until he was married, but you got him to fuck you raw anyways, let me guess telling him you were on birth control what you thought he was going to marry you news flash bitch that never happen” Luca said

Mackenzie looked like she was on the edge of crying or about to slap the shit out of him so that Adele could beat her ass. She looked from her to Bridget, then Axel, who was lending also the counter by the stove trying to stop himself from laughing. His chest and neck were red as hell from him trying to hold it in.

Her eyes set on whatever was in the doorway, making Adele and Bridget turn to see Victor, Erik, and Sibylla. She could tell that Kenzie was pleading for him to say something, but Victor just stared at her with his normal don’t give a fuck face; besides comforting her, he started to talk to Luca.

“Are we training or not? I don’t have time for this shit,” Victor said

“Wait, you didn’t say anything about them being there, Luca,” Adele said

Luca did one of the signature smirks before walking away with Axel and Victor right behind him. Then he had the nerve to send her a text telling her to be down there in 20, or he was coming to get her, and it won’t be pretty.

Adele looked at Bridget, who shrugged her shoulders, finishing her food and stealing the rest of her eggs like she wasn’t looking directly at her “Fat ass,” Adele thought.

“Should I leave? Go back home?” Kenzie asked

“No, not while you are carrying my niece or nephew. When you have the baby, you can go wherever you please, but if you want to stay, you better be showing Luca you’re not who he thinks you are before Vic starts believing it. Kenzie, you got greedy, wanting his money more than him. I don’t think you have anything to do with this shit. I could be wrong, but I hope not, but Luca did warn you about loving Vic for him. I understand you come from nothing you and your sister. The difference is she got more sense than you, and she as a soft spot for her little sister. You tricked her into spending her life savings to come here with you to have nothing once more, but she got up, found a job you went, and found Victor started using his money. You knew Victor was with Scarlett, and they had a son on the way. No, she wasn’t perfect, but the man did feel something for her. Why did you think he stayed with her because she was pregnant? No, Vic was still fucking her and you. Yeah, Vic is kind and sweet, but he’s also a killer that won’t hesitate to kill, so he will and can kill you if he, please, if he feels that you are a threat. Now, you keep that in mind, and one more thing, I want you to leave Bridget alone. Unlike you, she got pregnant by Axel because she wanted someone to love her, not his money. He knew what the fuck he was risking, although he claims to be innocent, plus Axel made that decision to be with her. Bridget didn’t make him. Rylee, in case you haven’t notice, been getting cozy with Jax for the right reasons,” Adele said, walking away.

At first, Adele thought it was nasty that Rylee and Jaxon were sneaking around because she thought that girl was sleeping with Axel until he told her nothing never happen between the two.

He wanted sex, she wanted a relationship, so it was only late-night talks about how she raised her sister to work hard to see the values in life, but the only thing seen her do now was use people.

It was Rylee, the one who told Luca that her sister only wanted Victor’s money and that she didn’t trust her. She also told Luca the way she got Victor to fuck up. She just thought her pregnancy would make him want to marry her. If that shit didn’t work with Scarlett, how the fuck she thought it would work with her.

Leaving the kitchen Adele went straight to the gym. She didn’t need to change because she put on her workout clothes after showering that morning. Walking into the gym, she saw Axel and Sibylla in the boxing ring, an eighty-three-year-old woman fighting with her son. Whooping his ass might she add she couldn’t tell if Axel was going easy on her, or if she just that good.

She strides up to Luca looping her arm through his, resting her head on his shoulder, trying to get on his good side.

“You will be practicing with Vic,” He said


“It’s nothing personal, Liebe, well it is my father, and the rest think I would go easy on you. It’s best this way, pairing you with Nova or Emma won’t do you any good. You know how to fight a woman, you need to learn to fight a man to overpower them, so they made me pair you with one of them. It was either Vic or Erik. I picked Vic, and you are up next,” He said

Adele could believe it. Victor, of all the people he was trained to fight the shit, wasn’t fair. She glared over at him as he stood there shirtless with his hands wrapped running in hands through messy hair, looking frustrated.

She looked back at Luca with pleading eyes, as he only walked away, pissing her off. Sibylla and Axel came out the ring with Sibylla giving her a big smile as she removed her hair from its bun.

Axel pointed at the ring for her to join Victor, who was already in there, leaning against the ropes waiting for her to join.

Adele regretted it before it even started. She dragged her feet over to the ring, about to climb in when Luca stopped her to wrap her hands.

“There are no pointers, Dele fight that’s it. Look for his weak spot or opening Vic’s a beast in the ring. Whatever they told you about me is tens time worse with him. I picked him with you simply because he is the best, I want to train you right, but Axel over there thought it would best to let you learn as we all did, male and female,” He said, kissing cheek before helping her in.

“Telling her how to cheat like you be doing, cousin?” Victor asked

“Fuck you, punk, you just mad I whoop your ass,” Luca said

Once in the ring, Adele got in her fighting stance, watching as Victor bounced back and forth on his feet, waiting for her to make the first move. She watched him as he taunted her. She was looking for an open, and when she thought she found one, she moved in on him, but before she knew it, she was on her ass that fast.

“Come on, Dele. You’re too obvious, Lucas and Vince are more unpredictable than you,” Victor said, laughing.

She didn’t see anything funny getting back to her feet as Victor swung on her. She ducked it, giving him to jabs to the ribs, making him fall back some, but he came back with two fast punchings that she wasn’t able to block damn if the shit didn’t hurt.

Victor was a fast hitter but never blocked his face as he should, so Adele took that to her advantage every time he swung, she was duck attacking his face or sides. It was a good combo until he caught on to what she was doing, then knocking the shit out of her.

The last thing Adele did was duck one of Victor punching when she saw his left hand coming for her face before darkness hit her. When she woke, Luca was standing over her with Victor giving her an apologetic looked. If she could move, she would have kicked him in the dick.

“You were playing Kleine, you got to happy, but I damn if you didn’t put up a good fucking ass whooping on his ass,” Axel said laughing, looking at Victor rubbing his right jaw

“That shit isn’t funny fuck. I think she dislocated it. Damn, I’m sorry, Dele I didn’t mean to knock you out,” Victor said

“Naw, motherfucka, I was whooping that ass like one of these men here. You started to think I was one, so you meant to knock me fuck knock out admit it.” She said

Victor laughed as Luca helped her up. He knew what he had done because, after that last blow Adele gave him, he got pissed and swung hard. That was okay because the next time, she would be the one knocking his ass out.

“You fools brought the black outta her ass, especially when she said naw, motherfucka the ratchet bitch came outta her ass then better be glad she didn’t get up saying naw nigga I’m bout to whoop your ass up in here,” Nova said laughing

“Nova, I swear...” Axel said

“I’m sorry...I’m sorry, I had to say it, Uncle it was too funny not to,” Nova said

Axel hated the N-word. All of them did actually it was a forbidden word in their house. Any racial slurs were forbidden. Adele respect that so did Nova, Emma, and Rylee. Mackenzie acted as if she didn’t understand that always messing with Bridget calling the girl a half breed or something like she wasn’t mixed either.

After Luca helped her up, he walked them back up the stairs to their room to shower and change. She guessed he thought that was enough for her for today. They decided to have a family day outside with the kids since it was warm for them and the dogs to run outside until dark.

The day went great afterward. Victor kept apologizing for knocking her out. Luca laughed about it, telling him he was just scared to get back in the with her, which he should be.

It wasn’t until the next day when Adele finally felt the effects of her so-called training. She was sore all over, hell she could even move out the bed, bruises were everywhere. She thought Luca was killing her went he carried her from the bed to the jacuzzi to soak. It was horrible, but she did feel some relief when Luca told her that Victor was fucked up too, not to the point that he was like her, but she did fuck up his face, unlike her, he only had on bruise there.

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