Disorganized Minds

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Five months, that’s how long Axel had been missing, and Luca wasn’t getting anything out of the asshole in the basement he thought all of this shit was a fucking game to him.

Luca stood in the shower letting the water run off his body think of only one thing how to get his father back.

It was traumatizing to him having Josie ask them every single day when will Opa be back or Sophia, Ansel asked where’s their father.

What was he was supposed to tell them they already lost their mother because she wanted to be stupid now their father was missing, which was also his father.

He pressed his forehead against the cold tile wall fighting the urge to cry or just beat the shit out of the wall of the hundredth time.

It wasn’t going to do him any good. He had already broken his hand twice, and it would be just another broken hand that Adele would have to nurse.

Luca was broken and lost without his father; yeah, he had the rest of them, and the only that was keeping him sane was Adele and the kids, including his little sister and brother. He had to stay strong in front of them, especially the kids.

The feeling of Adele wrapped her arms around his waist relaxed him as he leaned into her, into his safe place.

She was the only one of them beside himself that didn’t think his father was dead.

All of the bastards had given up on finding him alive, even his damn mother.

Talking about there is no reason to keep him alive, shit, there were where many.

He wasn’t excepting it until he found a fucking body, and the day he did trust him when he says Germany would fall.

He would burn the whole fucking country to the ground if he had to just for revenge and burn out the motherfucker who did it.

“Luca baby relax we will find him alive just know that Axel is a fighter you know he will not letting that bitch kill him without a fight, and it’s something about this that doesn’t scream danger” Adele said

“I know Liebe, they could have killed him there it doesn’t make sense to take him, but it’s been five fucking months with no leads shit I am starting to lose hope no matter how hard I try not to.” he said

Adele turned him around to face her as she brushed his wet hair out of his face cradling it in her hands, rubbing his exposed cheek above his beard as she stared into his eyes.

“Don’t you dare give up, Luca! I don’t fucking care what the rest says I feel it he is alive and will come back home to his sons, daughter, and grandchildren. You know Axel won’t stop until he’s home, so you don’t get to give up hope you understand me?” She says

He wanted to believe her he really did, but people didn’t go missing in their family and come back alive.

If they did, they were broken take him, for example, but he could say she had such a strong will.

He could see why she lasted all of the years with her fucked up family because she never gave up hope that they would love her one day or loved by someone that someone happened to be him.

Luca could only stare in her eyes, trying to catch that small glimpse of hope that she had so that he could feel it.

“O-okay, I won’t give up I promise for you I won’t give up” He tells her

“Good so stop your fucking moping get the fuck out of this shower and stop that stupid fucking funeral your grandmother and the others are trying to have I’m not fucking going because he isn’t damn dead” Adele said leaving the shower

He stood there for a bit longer, thinking about how Adele was right. They had nothing pointing to anything that his father was dead on clues nothing.

The only thing they had was him being missing that wasn’t good enough for him, and he couldn’t believe he let his grandmother, aunt, and uncle talk him into this shit.

Once out of the shower, he went to get dressed. Trying to find a way to stop this madness without killing one of his family and having a funeral for real.

Coming from the closet, Luca was met with his two little angels. Devils are what Adele called them because they were always into something.

“Dada” They said

Luca couldn’t help it. He had to bend down to pick them up he knew they could walk but couldn’t help but hold his babies close and hearing them say dada made his day each time.

It took the dark cloud from over his head, making it sunny and giving him hope by seeing their little smiles, which made him smile.

“That’s the smile I been missing” Adele said as she kissed him

“I know, where’re my sons and other daughter?” Luca said

She gave him a knowing look that said you should even have to ask. Letting him know they were with his grandmother or one of the others. AJ well Lucas is what he calls him was always with Victor and Vince for some reason when he wasn’t stuck on Adele’s hip to get to him.

The boy was a daddy’s baby. It was no doubt, but Tyler was the opposite, and the girls were daddy’s babies too well except for Josie.

She was a grandma’s baby always up his grandmother’s ass, and she was starting to pick up her smart-ass mouth as well.

“They are all with your grandmother, as you can tell she got them all dressed for this dumb shit she wants us to go to the church for” she told him

Shaking his head, he handed her Zia walking to the door. This had to stop, and it was stopping today no more talk about his father being dead and they needing to accept it.

They all were going to listen to him today, plus he was tired of play with Ryder either his was going to talk or die those were his choices today just another treat he wasn’t letting the bastard die until he told me where his father was.

“Luca why aren’t you ready” Sibylla asked

“Cause, I’m not getting fucking ready, this is going to stop call the fucking church, priest, whoever you need to call grandmother because I’m not putting an empty coffin in THE MOTHERFUCKING GROUND YOU GOT THAT!" Luca said screaming the last part

Sibylla jumped at his rage; he knew that she understood that he meant business.

She nicely shook her head, taking out her phone, he presumed to call the priest canceling the funeral. She opened her mouth to speak, but he held up his hand to stop her.

“Grandmother, if you are about to say some shit about me being in denial, save it. I know what I believe my father is not dead please stop trying to make me believe that shit you are talking fucking with my brain. Plus, I refuse to believe that until I have his body telling me otherwise. There is still hope understand and believe in that for me. If you can’t you are telling you are hoping, he is dead” Luca said looking down at his grandmother short figure



He felt Adele’s hand touch his back, comforting him to calm him down. They didn’t know how bad he wanted to kill all of them, where they fucking stood no matter how loyal they were.

“Understood grandson. How about we go out to enjoy ourselves? Axel would want that he wouldn’t want all of us sobbing and spending all our time looking for him okay” Sibylla asked as she hugged him

“Fine, where to?” He asked

“The place you feel the most connected to your father home” She said with a smile.

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