Disorganized Minds

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Luca knew Adele wanted to kill him and Victor for what happened the other day. She was still sore from the ass whooping Victor but on her. Luca was right about one thing Adele didn’t go down without a fight. That’s was one of the reasons he put her against Victor. Erik didn’t fight fair and would have taken the first opportunity to knock her out as he did Emma the first day she trained. Almost having his grandmother beat his ass.

Today was another day of training after he let Adele, Emma, Nova, and Rylee recuperate for three days. The rest time was over now. They were back in the gym once again in the ring. This time he let Adele go against his Aunt Heidi. Although she fought the same as his grandmother, ruthless, and dirty for an older woman, she was easy to defeat.

He saw that Adele notice that quick taking her down within the first five minutes. Heidi was pissed, claiming that she fought like him. They all claim he cheats. The truth was he just sat back watching, learning their moves; using them against it wasn’t cheating, only using logic. Apparently, Adele did the same by watching them fight over the last three days.

“She didn’t cheat. You’re predictable, Auntie,” Victor said

“SHUT THE FUCK UP VIC NO ONE ASKED YOU!...Not let’s go out as a family. I have something plan that we will all like dress nice,” Heidi said, changing the subject quickly.

Luca, Axel, Kellan, and Johan’s eyes widen, which meant she had a charity event set up that none of them wanted to go to. For what this time, they didn’t know and didn’t know to know his aunt was always giving away money. Adele stared at him over the past three years. He’s been able to keep her away from his aunt’s awful charity galas today; they weren’t going to be so lucky.

“Don’t look like that, Luca. It will be fun; it’s for the Children’s Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina. The one that Adele worked for in her honor of her and the lives she saved while there. Including the little boy Oliver that you never told her survived and still in remission because of her,” Heidi said.

She was wrong. Luca would never keep something like that from Adele. She knew that he kept taps on Oliver for her paying for all his medical bills also.

He did have to lie out his ass. Not that it was a problem because it wasn’t a complete lie. When his parents asked him how he knew Adele, he told them that he was her fiance. Oliver’s mother was surprised, telling him she never mentions him nor the fact of having a love life. Luca tried to act all broken over the phone, telling them he didn’t want her work to go unnoticed, paying for all Oliver treatments, and donating to the hospital like a grieving fiance.

“I told her Auntie, but this here I’m uncertain of. A charity event for a hospital in the Americas what did you tell them?” Luca said

“That I knew her because she was my nephew’s fiance and he wanted to do something in her name because it’s coming up on the fourth year of her death,” She said

Luca rolled his eyes. The woman used any excuse to have a fucking ball. It was just the beginning of the year. They still had had ten months until then.

“Heidi, I don’t think it’s a great idea to have this thing,” Kiefer said

“He’s right, sweetie,” Sibylla said


Kiefer and his grandmother should have known better than to go against Heidi and her charity balls. It was like fighting with a wild dog. The best thing to do was to let it happen. Luca walked out behind her, running to catch up with his aunt to calm her down for one and try to talk himself out of going.

“Aunt Heidi wai...”


“FUCK!” Luca yelled to himself there was no getting out of this Kiefer and his grandmother just had to fuck things up for everyone who didn’t want to go.

“Wouldn’t it be weird having Dele there since it’s a benefit in her name?” Luca asked

“Luca, please shut the fuck up. The world has seen many pictures of Adele, including the ones you let her and Nova do. They know her as Rhita Kohler, the wife of the infamous Luca Kohler, not as Adele Sallow as we do, so don’t try it, and the kids will be okay here before you start with that shit. Get ready. I don’t care if you wear a suit or not, but you will be there donating, smiling, and kissing ass DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?” She said, yelling the last part

“(sigh) Yes ma’am,” He said

“Good,” Heidi said, reaching up, patting he on the cheek before turning away leaving.

Luca let out another long sigh when he heard someone laughing behind him. He knew it was his father and Adele standing there with big smiles on their faces. Nothing was funny, not to him anyway.

Adele had Lucas in her arms, twins, and Tyler on her side as always. Lucas was reaching for him, saying dada from behind that damn pacifier he thought he got rid of.

“I thought I threw that damn thing away,” Luca said

“You did. I gave him another,” Adele said

He wasn’t even sucking the damn things anymore, just chewing them up, and Adele and his grandmother kept buying them not cheap ones either the one he had in his mouth now looked as if it had diamonds it, and the bitches better been fake, or he was going off.

“Answer me this question, son, something that’s been bothering me for the longest now. Call me petty or whatever, but why did you starting calling him Lucas, not AJ anymore?” Axel asked

“Because he’s my son, nothing personal father, I just switched it. I didn’t want my son to be a Jr., not yours or mines I want him to be his own person, so I change his name around taking off the Jr. naming him Lucas Axel Kohler, same as the girls besides Luzia Neveah its Neveah Luzia and Heaven Na’Zia besides Zia Heaven. I don’t think my mother deserves my kids being named after her. I can’t change that now, but I can change what I call them. You say I’m childish or whatever you like,” Luca said

Axel nodded, patting him on the back as he walked by. He had talked to his father about changing the twin’s names before he went missing. He told him it was up to him and Adele. They were his kids, and he understood the change in how he felt about his mother.

“That’s fine, son, I just thought you were angry at me for being gone for too long. At least he still has part of my name. He is my first grandson by blood. Although you fail to see it, he is named after his father just a little name differences Luca, Lucas, it all the same to me. Plus, you have the same middle name. I love him and you either way, but we best to be getting ready before your aunt kills the whole household. You know how she is, please dress right in a dress shirt Luca, not a t-shirt and jeans. We have money show it, please.” Axel said

“Yeah, I know, but it doesn’t make it any better. Come, let’s get this dreadful shit over with,” Luca said

Taking the kids to the nursery then to their room to shower, Luca didn’t miss the opportunity of fucking Adele. They had a whole two in half to get ready, so he took an hour and fifteen of that.

“Do I have to wear a dress?” Adele asked from her closet

“You can wear what the fuck you like. We’re the host of this shit just as long you look like money if you know what I mean,” Luca said back to her.

Luca knew one thing he was not wearing a suit, and he knows his father wasn’t either with all his damn talk the man probably had on jeans with a vest, dress shirt, and tie trying to tell him to dress like he had money the fuck.

Adele came from the closet in an orange Versace suit and handbag, looking beautiful like always. Luca didn’t approve of the shirt if he could call it that, it didn’t matter because he never approved her clothes. After all, she was always half-dressed, mostly when it was hot.

“Beautiful,” He said

“Thanks, you look sexy yourself,” She said, kissing him.

He deepens the kiss a bit, forgetting about her lipstick. Lucky for him, it was the kind that didn’t move to his. He pulled back, kissing her hand before pulling away before they started something they couldn’t finish at the moment.

“I was thinking maybe we should get J-Block and some of his thugs to monitor for us. He’s loyal they all are the more men, the safer it will be,” Adele said

“No, then it would make us look scared I’m not having that if they want us, they will come either way, so let them. Let’s go meet the others before someone comes up her beating our fucking door down, thinking we’re fucking.” Luca said

Reaching downstairs, the first person he saw was his father, and he was right. The man had on black jeans, a white dress shirt, a black vest, and a tie. The only men that had suits were his uncle Kiefer, probably because his aunt made him. Victor, who looked uncomfortable, Erik and Kellan, the rest of them, had jeans, dress shirts, and blazers on. They all made sure that their women outshine them.

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