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They finally reach the gala Heidi was mad that she had to threaten her family to get them to come to enjoy life outside that dreadful house.

She understood that her son had lost his wife almost three months ago, but training day in and day out wasn’t going to help them, only stress them more.

The whole thing was set up in silver and white, it was elegant, and it was for a good cause, unlike her other galas.

Adele needed someone to honor something in her name, but the hospital kept honoring the wrong for saving the life of a boy told he wouldn’t make it for three months.

After her death, the hospital did nothing but used her research for their own benefits then took her nephew’s money, adding on another wing to the hospital dedicated to someone else “Americans” Heidi said to herself, “the only reason they did so was because the color of her skin.” she thought.

This gala was a sure way for her to make sure they dedicate a child’s cancer wing in her name. She needed it since she left behind that life even know she was a force to.

Still, she embraced her new life well, becoming the Donna one they never had before, and her, Axel, and Otis grew up in this life. Their mother, Sibylla, wasn’t this ruthless nor psycho as her and Luca. They genuinely belong as one.

Heidi and her family walked into the building, being greeted by photographers and reporters wanting to know what made her have a charity for a hospital in States. She replies it was out the goodness of her heart. It wasn’t all lies. She had the money and liked to spend it, so she did it by helping others. She was the type of person who would see a homeless person on the street, giving them 100$ besides 20$.

The photographers wanted a picture of the whole family loved how they were diverse they were. Most of the wealthy families in Cologne was were somewhat racist.

They believe that you should stick with your own race, and some of them were there tonight with their noses high in the air, especially when Luca decided to put his tongue down Adele’s throat just to make the fuckers mad.

Once in, Heidi made her rounds talking to the other families, businesses. Whoever else that was there, it was invitation-only charity. So if you didn’t have an invitation, there was no getting in unless they’re last where Kohler, Schmitt, Schneider, Weber, or Lehmann.

Which they all came together except Schneider’s Victor’s adopted parents, who were still in Berlin.

Heidi was stopped by a grey-headed woman named Claire Becker, one of the wealthiest families next to them; of course, because they were the wealthiest, most of them hated it, and not she wasn’t any kin to Chief Becker although he wished.

She and her husband were always trying their best to outdo their family, her family. It started when they were younger growing up still years later they were, she was still competing against them like now waiting to see how much money she or one of her brother was doing donate, so she topped it.

“Heidi, long time no see, dear. I heard your son losing his beautiful wife. I’m sorry and...the other one married that,” She said, pointing at Nova

Heidi lifted an eyebrow at the woman looking in the direction she was pointing to Nova as she continues to talk. She didn’t hear a word she was saying after disrespecting her daughter-n-law.

She had to ask herself did she just forget who the fuck she was talking to or did all her common sense go out the window when she said that shit. Heidi promised herself that she would behave at this gala. It wouldn’t be like all the others, but right now that was hard not too.

“Stop right there, sweetie. Let me tell you something. You’re not about to disrespect my fucking daughter-in-law to my motherfucking face. You may not like the fact who my son is married to, but that isn’t your fucking problem. No one asked you and your racist ass family to come to my event; because you got the invitation didn’t mean that your fake ass had to come. For someone with a lot of hate to the opposite color, sure does spend a lot of money to look like them.” Heidi said

“Heidi, I didn’t mean it that way. You are blowing this all out of proportion. I was talking about how she’s dress that tight ass dress she if she moves the wrong way her breast is going to jump all the same as your nephew’s wife with at two little shirt on.” Claire said

“As I said, not your fucking business, the Donna can wear what she damn pleases long as her husband. My nephew didn’t say shit, and if he likes it, that all that matters, but if any touches her, he will kill them, or she will one. So, why don’t you donate and leave? We don’t need your negativity today of ever,” Heidi said

The woman looked at her in disbelieve why it beats her. She was the one insulting her family then tried to turn it around what she said like someone was fucking dumb.

She said exactly what she meant being fucking racist bitch. Heidi should have text Kellan and Nova, but Nova would have beaten her ass or shot her, and they didn’t need that on video, not at this event anyhow.

She made her way around a little more, still greeting all the other people. They had good things to say about Kellan and Nova finally getting married and how beautiful Adele was.

Unlike Claire, they knew what was good for them who was lucky; she was being classy tonight and not a murderess.

In the middle of talking to Frank, she couldn’t remember his last name but knew he owns a software corporation that Luca and Axel had stocks in. Everything he said had something to do with Adele. If Luca heard him, the man would be dead by now.

“Damn, I wonder how many ways he fucks her all them fucking curves if it was me I...”

“Frank, right? You know it’s fucking disgusting and disrespectful for you to stand here talking and daydreaming how my nephew fucks his wife to me of all people you want me to text him tell how you what to taste and see how flexible his wife is? Let me warn you now the last man who told him that he wanted to taste his got carved on like a Thanksgiving Day turkey.” Heidi said

The man eyes when big he knew Luca was crazy and who the fuck, he was. Why talk about his wife like a piece of damn meat? Some men don’t use the respect their mother’s taught them, always thinking with their dicks and not their brains.

“Right, you don’t need to tell him that,” Frank said

Heidi smiled at the man’s scared reaction as she places her hand on his shoulder, about to speak when her phone vibrated in her clutch.

Kiefer (My Life❤❤): Meet me in the room in the back third door down

Heidi: OMWN

Kiefer loved doing this each time she had a gala. He would look for a room to give her a little treat in for her hard efforts. Just thinking about what was about to happen made her wet as she weaved threw the people in the gala, making her way to the back, trying to hide her face until she ran into Luca halfway there.

“Auntie, why the fuck are you running something after you?” He asked, laughing.

“No, I just got a dick appointment,” She replied, making him frown with disgusted.

“You and uncle are too old for that shit,” Luca said

“You asked, and like you are the one to talk, I saw Adele coming from the back about an hour ago and you pulling your hair back up in your man bun as you call it. Keep that up, and she will be pregnant again, birth control, or not. At least I can’t get pregnant.” She said

“Never say can’t, Auntie,” Luca said.

Luca laughed, walking away back over to Adele, Erik, Victor, Emma, and that other girl that Victor was fucking Heidi could never remember her name, only that she loved to spend his money she could tell the girl wasn’t used to it.

Her sister, on the other hand, was well put together. She worked to earn what she got from them.

The girl begged her to help with the gala and begged Luca to work in the house to earn money. He told her no but then giving her a job working from home for the Fashion House.

Reaching the back, Heidi counted down the door until she reached the third door opening it slow to a dark ass room. She couldn’t see what was in front of so she took out her phone using the flashlight so she wouldn’t trip over anything.

“Kiefer, if you are playing some kind kinky game, stop, I’m not into it,” She said

“Good the know,” A voice said

Heidi turned around fast to the direction of the voice. There, a man stood. He looked to be Kellan’s age, maybe older she couldn’t tell the flashlight wasn’t giving off enough light.


He let out a dark chuckle striding over to her; Heidi reached in her clutch to pull out her gun. By the time hand touch the weapon, his hand was around her throat.

“I don’t think so, Heidi, you will not be the one killing tonight,” he said.

“Oh yeah, you bet bitch” Heidi said

She loved having their own fashion house because they could design their own dresses with little hiding places for daggers and other small knives. She pulled a small dagger from the hem of the dress, stabbing the man in the arm. He pulled back, cursing taking the blade from his arm and backhanding her after doing so.

“You stupid old bitch” He spat

“I may be old but not stupid, asshole, and you’re not killing me that easy,” Heidi said, punching the man it the face twice, running to the door.

Of all the days for her to decide to wear her hair down, tonight had to be that day. As she ran, the man reached, grabbing her by the hair, jerking her back.

Heidi wasn’t going down without a fight. He must have thought she was playing when she told him she wasn’t dying that easy.

She grabbed him by his short hair, kneeing him in the face, then the chest and stomach trying to run again. This time she made it to the door soon as she opened it, a sharp pain hit her in the lower part of back then again in the upper part.

Heidi reached for another dragger from her dress, turning and throwing it, hitting the man in the throat, then running out the room to searching someone in her family.

She saw her short figure, blue wig, and skirt with a pink fur coat, which she knew was Emma—running as fast as could, bumping into people receiving weird looks and gasps as some saw the blood dropping for her back..

The closer Heidi got her, the weaker she felt she dying. She knew it because she was bleeding to fast from the alcohol in her system. Reaching Emma, she felt another sting enter her back, making her began to cough up blood as she brushed against Emma’s waist, falling to the floor.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE TRYING TO FEEL ME...Auntie Heidi?” She said


Everything slowly started to become dark. Heidi tried to fight listening to her mother’s brothers, sons, and husband voices telling to hold on as she opened her eyes long enough to see her nephews and sons standing over her looking over her shoulder, Adele trying to stop the bleeding.

“IstabbedthebitchinthethroatandarmLucahe’sdyingtoo,” She said, but her words were all jumbled.

“Don’t talk, Auntie,” Luca said

Darkest tried to come again. This time she heard her father telling her to come, and it’s was okay to leave. Stasia voices too.

Heidi knew this was the end for her, there was no saving her, but before letting the darkness in, she had to tell them she loved them.

Once again, she opened her eyes to find her brothers and husband, reaching for them to fight the voices tell her to come.

“I-I l-love y-you don’t-don’t none of you f-forget that a-and L-Luca k-kill t-the bastard t-tell him I-I be hell w-waiting f-for him,” She said before closing her eyes, finally letting the darkness consume her.

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