Disorganized Minds

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She was dead. The words kept ringing through Luca’s head like a fucking ringtone after Adele spoke them.

Then every fucking one was standing around looking trying to take pictures of his aunt’s dead body like it was a fucking fashion show or something.

Luca watched as his father, uncles, and grandmother tried their best to stay in control of their emotions at the moment, and as Victor, Jaxon, Jacob, and some of the guards tried their best to keep the reporters and others at bay.

As he noticed that he didn’t see his cousins Kellan and Johan didn’t know where they had gotten to but knew that someone needed to find them fast before they did something stupid.

“FUCKKKK!” Luca screamed

“Luca, calm down, don’t give them what the fuck they want. They want us to fucking lose it. Find the fucker who this now I will come with you. She said she stabbed him,” Adele said

“You understood her?” Luca said

Adele nodded. He couldn’t understand how the fuck she understood what Heidi said. The only thing Luca understood was his name, nothing more.

He reaches down, helping Adele stand looking at her once pretty orange outfit now stained with blood, so was her hands.

“Don’t let no one leave since this fucking event was invitation-only, meaning the wealthiest families that we know. If we don’t know them kill’em one of them seems funny kill’em and if they weren’t on the list or even if they were someone’s plus one kill’em those are my orders NOW!” Luca yelled

He and Adele started combing through the crowd looking for the person his aunt said she stabbed. It didn’t take long. All they had to do was follow the blood drops that lead to the back of the building to one of the hallways. They found the bitch still alive but bleeding out slow.

Adele walked up to him, pulling out her gun, placing it to his head. Luca did the opposite. He removed the dagger from the inside of the blazer, taking it, forcing it down in his leg, cutting it open, then digging his thumb into the cut listening to the man screamed in pain, making Adele hit with the butt of the gun.


“FUCK YOU!” The man yelled, spitting blood at his feet


She took the dagger from Luca’s hand, stabbing the man again in the upper part of the thigh. Turning the knife in a circular motion removing it, then sticking her long coffin nail into the wound.

Slowly Adele adding her birdy finger in the cut. To Luca, it looked like she was pulling on something, maybe a muscle or a vein, but whatever was making, the man screams horrible.



“I know you didn’t just call my wife a black bitch. Adele, did I hear that correctly?” Luca asked

“Yes, yes, you did. The roadkill just called me black bitch” She said

Luca pulled another dagger from his belt, taking stabbing the man in the dick twice. Quickly he screamed as he shook.


Despite being stabbed in the dick, the man laughed, clearly pissing off Adele as well as him. It was her who took the dagger, cutting a thin line down the side of his face down to his neck, ripping the man shirt as she dragged the blade down his arm, stopping at the tattoo on his forearm then looking up at him with a big smile on her face.

“You two fucking crazy, I’m dying. Just let me die in peace,” He said

“SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!” Adele yelled

She started to dig the dagger into his skin under the tattoo as she cut it off, being careful not to mess it up, she hummed Nicki Minaj song “Yikes” as worked until finished throwing the flesh into her pocketbook. Luca then took his knife, placing it at his neck, pushing it in deep.

“I don’t see how the fuck you are still alive. My aunt did a number on your ass. It seems that she didn’t stab your ass deep enough in the throat, so I’m asking you one more time who the fuck do you work for” Luca said

“Like I said before FUCK YOU AND THIS BLAC...”

Luca didn’t give him time to finish the sentence before slitting his throat. Blood squirted out, barely missing his and Adele’s shoes. Shaking her head Adele looked at him as he took the knife bringing down on the man’s pinky finger handing it over to Adele.

“What’s this for?” She asked

“Baby, you have your souvenirs. I have mine, that’s mine now come,” Luca said, kissing her on the cheek then holding out his hand for her to take

They made it back in the main room to where the gala was held, meeting Axel, Erik, and Victor, who had six men lined up on their knees waiting for Luca to execute them.

Jacob, Kellan, and Jaxon were outside with the rest of the women, and his uncles, aunt Grata, Johan, and his grandmother was on the way to the mortuary with his aunt Heidi’s body.

“None of these were on the list to be here. Don, I wanted you to see them before we killed them, and by the way, they’re not talking either,” Erik said

“Hmm, there are ways to make them talk...Adele, wantta play surgery?” Luca said

His father shook his head with a small smirk, Erik and Victor frown, and he swore he saw them shiver as well. Adele perked up with a smile while all the men line up on the floor had a horrified look in their eyes as they should.

“Not here. I hope Luca reporters are just outside the door. I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Axel said

“No one said here, father...Now for the one who doesn’t want to operate on while still alive need to start talking now,” Luca said

“Oh, and if sense that you are lying, you still get cut open it’s your choice, so choose your words wisely,” He said

No one said shit. The six on their knees were scared out their minds as they watched Adele walked around them. She was quiet, and Luca thinks that’s what scared them the most. He and Victor knew what she was doing, choosing her first pray. As Luca looked up, he saw Victor looking over to him, smiling, striding over.

“Your wife is fucking crazy hell she scares me sometimes, especially when you piss her off and she gets that look there, and you brother, I believe her craziness is making you crazier if that’s possible,” Victor said, making him laugh

“We balance each other out what can I say...brother,” Luca said, smirking, patting Victor on the back.

Luca waited for Adele to decide which one of the men would go first in the torture room—watching as she stopped in front of a short blonde-haired man rubbing her hands through his hair.

“This one,” She said

“Alright, you heard the women the load them up. Take them back to the house. This will he V.I.P treatment until we get to the house,” Axel said, pulling the man up by the collar.

The man stood there, trying not to make eye contact with him or Adele, who was standing in front of him. He was his height, maybe a little shorter but taller than Adele, so she still would have had lookup to his level, but he chose not to look at her at all.

“What’s your name? Not that I care, but I would like to know the name of my patients,” Adele said

He looked at her with a blank expression with a little fucking smirk on his face like he had something to be excited for. He was about to die a slow, painful death if he didn’t know he would very soon.

“Our fucking Queen is speaking to you bitch answer, or you won’t make outta this building,” Victor yell punching the man in the front


Why did the bitch have to be so fucking stupid? Something Luca didn’t have time for, so he took his gun, shooting the bitch in the side of the head before he could finish the word hell, the only thing that would be rotting in hell at this moment was him.

“Sorry it looks like you”ll have to find another toy, Liebe,” Luca said

“I didn’t like him anyway,” She said

“You two are fucking crazy. I need to leave before it rubs off on me,” Axel said

“Father, you already crazy just hiding it,” Adele said, making his father look at her when she called him father, smiling then walking away.

The rest follow him then Luca but not before taking her hand, leading her outside with him. Luckily, the reporters were gone by this time, and only people still were his guards waiting for them. Some police officers, one in particular, the chief who was on his payroll, which came walking up to with a frown plaster on his face.

“Becker,” Luca said

“This is the second time, Don, and you still have no leads?” He asked

“Exactly, if there were some, my fucking aunt wouldn’t be dead. Would she? Plus, it’s your fucking job to get the motherfucking leads. That’s what I pay you have, right?” Luca said

The chief scoffed, looking over at Adele, running his eyes up and down her body licking his lips, then back over to Luca, trying to straighten up his face.

“I’m tired of motherfuckers looking at shit that doesn’t belong to them. You have a fucking wife and a side bitch that is younger enough to be your daughter, so if you want your fucking eyes to stay in your motherfucking sockets, STOP FUCKING EYE RAPING MY WIFE!” Luca said, screaming the last part.

“D-Don I...”

“This was the second time Becker, the first time I didn’t say shit, but the third time you will lose something fuck with me if you want...Now it’s two fucking dead bodies in there, get rid of them, and do whatever it takes to keep Germany from finding out the true nature of my aunt’s death. It isn’t to get out how she died to tell them if it was a heart attack. Understood?” Luca said

“Ja,” he said

On the way to the car, Luca notice that all the others were gone. Only him, Adele, Erik Axel, and Victor were left at the gala now on their way home too. In the limo, tensions were high. His father looked worried as he took off his glasses, pinching his nose bridge, not trying to look at the rest of them. He watched as his father grabbed two mini bottles of Jager down them.

“Father, if there’s something you need to tell us, you need to do it now,” Luca said

“What makes you think I need to tell you something, son? I’m grieving my sister’s death,” Axel said

That was bullshit; his father knew it. Something was bothering him that he didn’t want to say something to do with what was happened. What happened here tonight he knew who has done this, Luca could feel it, but he didn’t feel like arguing with him, not tonight.

Pulling up to the gate at their home Axel jumped out to the limo slamming the door behind him, getting in a car waiting for him. Luca tried to get out behind him but was stopped by his wife.

“Let him go, Luca. We have other things to intent to.” Adele said

Making him sit back, playing with the ends of her hair, now thinking how brave this fucker was sending people into one of their family’s events and how clear it was that they target his aunt out of all of them that was there.

They made their way into the house. Glaring up at the big clock in the wall hall that read 1:18 am, he followed Adele as she made her way upstairs, looking in the kid’s rooms as she made her way to theirs.

Soon as she closed the door, she started shedding out of her clothes, walking towards the bathroom.

Luca walked behind her, picking up her clothes, throwing them over in the fireplace into the fire, then his as he made his way to the shower with her.

Adele had gotten to the point of not wanting him to see her cry. She would either wait until she thought he was asleep or when she was by herself like now. He could tell she was crying from the movements of her shoulders and how she hid her face. He knew she was hurting shit; he was too.

Luca did the only thing a husband or a loved one would do. He got in the shower with her wrapping his arms around her waist, pull her against him.

“I know this doesn’t make it better, baby, but we will find out who this shit I be damn if they take my whole family away,” He said

Adele didn’t reply. She turned facing him, tucking her face into his chest as he held her close.

Luca began to wash her body, rubbing her back as he went to relax until she stopped crying once he was finished, he sat her on the bench in the shower on the side to take his.

Finishing his shower dried the both of them, giving her one of his shirts, and he slips on his boxers, something he rarely did because the two of them usual slept naked tonight did seem like the night to want to.

He helped her and the bed climbing in behind her, pulling her close to him once again, then feeling Zeus fat ass jumping onto the bed, snuggling himself against her chest, not before looking over Adele’s shoulder at him with puppy eyes.

“Lay, Zeus,” He said, letting the dog know it was okay for him to stay.

“Baby?” Adele said


“I can’t sleep, nor do I want to. I want to get started on them now. I can wait until the morning,” Adele said

“Okay,” Luca said

He got up going to her closet, getting her a bra and panty set with a pair of legging and one of his shirts as he got him a pair of sweats and a black t-shirt his black vans and hers.

They both got dressed and made their way down to the basement, being meet by Sibylla covered in blood.

“Please, grandmother, you didn’t kill them all,” Luca said

“No, just one...Are you coming to join my fun?” She asked

“Yes, yes we are,” Adele said

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