Disorganized Minds

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Luca stood back, watching as his wife and grandmother torture the man in front of him, listening to his screams of agony as the two women stuck hot metal rods in, out, and through his skin.

The shit was making his skin crawl and somewhat took him back to when the shit happened to him when he was younger.

“Who are you working for?” Adele asked the man again for the hundredth time

“La tua fottuta mamma puttana (Your fucking mama bitch)” The man spat

The first piece of evidence they had gotten since they started to torture he messed up speaking in his native tongue.

Luca looked at his grandmother, who had a big ass smile on her face as she looked him the motherfucker was Italian but hid his accent well.

To the naked eye, someone would have just thought he was another German coming after them, but this change everything.

“La cagna che mi ha fatto nascere è un figlio di puttana morto che l’ho uccisa (The bitch that birth me is dead motherfucker I killed her)” Adele said

The man’s head whipped toward Adele quickly either he was surprised or scared of the fact she admitted to killing her mother, which was a lie, but he didn’t know that.

“Did my granddaughter surprise you? Cat got your tongue now...oh, that’s a great idea...” Sibylla said, stopping for a moment looking around before yelling

“MILO!” Sibylla yelled

Luca heard the cat meow before it got to the door, as he felt his tail rub against his leg as he came in from where Luca had fucking no idea.

The fucking disgusting thing was always popping up in the least unexpected places scaring the shit out of him, and he believed the cat knew he was scared of him and live to scare the shit out of him.

“The big as your ass is and you’re scared of poor little Milo, you know cats are like dogs, they can smell fear,” Sibylla said, looking in the man’s face smiling.

Luca didn’t know if that statement was for him or the man tied to the chair because the whole time she was talking, she was looking in his face, not his.

Laughing, Sibylla reached for the tongues while holding the man’s jaws, trying to get him to open up.

He refused, making Adele stabbed in the foot, getting him to open wide for a scream.

Sibylla took this time to pull out his tongue, snipping it quickly with some little scissors that looked like hedge clippers.

Luca watched his grandmother throw the tongue to Milo, who quickly snatched it up, running to the corner of the room, chewing and playing with it.

“Disgusting,” Luca thought to himself, another reason he didn’t like cats.

“Now how is he going to tell us how he works for Grammy,” Adele said, pouting.

“Fuck I wasn’t thinking. I guess he can’t now kill’em, Luca,” Sibylla said

“Gladly,” Luca said

He walked over to the table, picking up the chainsaw, turning it on, stepping up in front of the man with a wicked smile on his face. The man trembled in face spitting blood, out of his mouth, trying to speak.

“Any last wishes... oh, my bad I forgot my grandmother nasty ass cat got your tongue...How does it taste, Milo?” Luca said laughed darkly as the cat let out of strange meow

Luca lifted the chainsaw, bringing it down on the man’s leg right above the kneecap. He shook and jerk, opening up his mouth to scream, but only weird noises and gurgling came out. Luca believed he was choking on his blood, but he wasn’t going to die that easy, so he tilted the chair some.

After his leg dropped to the floor, Luca decided to cut off both hands, letting him stared at him as the chainsaw went through them. He screams as he looked at them drop.

“Aww... did the poor baby lose his hands? How about you lose that fucking head too?” Luca said

He jerked his head up to look at Luca, trying to slide the chair back just as the chainsaw was coming down on his neck.

His arms moved like a chicken or a bird trying to fly away as his head hit the floor.

Adele crazy-ass laugh as she watched the man shake for a good three minutes before stopping then kicking over the chair.

“Damn, I actually thought he would have died before that at least he had a strong will,” Sibylla said

“Maybe he was too big of a dick for his own good,” Adele said, laughing.

Luca chucked at the two. Having the two in the torture room together was hell. They probably scared the shit out of the other three. He knew for sure if they didn’t talk fast, they would kill them because of their short tempers.

“WHO’S FUCKING NEXT!” Adele yelled, looking at the other three men line up against the wall

Luca forgot that quickly they were in the room, and he was thinking about how scared they should be. It amazed him they were quiet the whole time.

He had to say they did have balls. None of them spoke, just looked from one to another, trying to get one another to volunteer.

“Since neither one of you wants to volunteer the one in the middle stand and strip butt ass naked if you please, I want to play the game called Operation. Do you know that one?” Adele said

“D-Donna I t-think I-I can be o-of u-use f-for y-you,” He said

“Then tell me who the fuck you’re working for,” she said

“I-I c-can’t t-tell you t-that,” He said

“We will see about that... NOW STRIP BITCH!” Adele said

He was a short man, maybe average height to Adele tall figure Luca think that what scared the man the most was having a woman taller than him standing right in front of him.

Some men were highly intimidated about shit like that. He guessed he never paid attention to how tall she was because he and other was taller.

The man started to remove his clothes slowly. It was a shame he instead got torture than tell who he was working for and die a fast death.


He started fumbling with his pants and shirt, not knowing which one to take off first. Adele looked over to him shaking her head, pointing at the man. Luca knew damn she wasn’t implying for him to help undress the fucker.

“Liebe, that a grown-ass man if can’t undress himself. I feel for him, but I’m not fucking touching the motherfucker. You and my grandmother are the women you do it or better yet, let my Grandmother do it. She loves young dick,” Luca said, laughing.

Adele laughed, shaking her head again, walking over to the man with a pair of scissors in her hand. He jumped back some, but she grabbed him by the collar of his dress shirt, pulling him over to the table, pushing him down, then strapping his hands, ankles, and neck to the table, cutting off his clothes.

“Luca, I wasn’t suggesting you remove his clothes. I wanted you to strap him to the fucking table. Sometimes I swear you slow-witted,” Adele said

“Dele, Liebe, don’t make me strap you to the other table,” He said

Sibylla’s head whipped around, looking at the two with a frown, looking disgusted.

This woman was something else. She was always talking about her sex life but got offended if anyone said anything sexual.

“Grammy, chill, he was talking shit. Now let’s play operation, first, give me your name for starters,” Adele said

“Nate,” He said

“See, how easy that’s was, this game is going to be fun. My husband here is going to help me, and he’s not too good with the scalpel, just to let you know, and there are no meds to help with the pain, but this is how it’s going to work. I give you a riddle answer correctly. He cut you. Then we ask you a question about your boss that you must answer and answer the riddle incorrectly. I remove a part, and you still have to answer a question about your boss. By the way, I hope you know body parts and organs well.” Adele said

“That’s not fair. I get cut either way,” Nate said

“Life’s not fucking fair. Get over it,” Luca said

Nate started to whimper like a child. His one-year son didn’t cry when he fell, scraping his knee this.

As a grown-ass man scare to answer a simple that will help him have quick death in the end besides getting torture, he chose this, so there was no need to cry.

“Let’s start first question, Nate, I will start easy first question if correct, you won’t get cut if wrong, but I still remove it if it’s incorrect deal, Luca read this please,” Adele said

Luca took the phone from Adele’s hand, looking at the webpage she had up and the riddles.

She wanted him to read, but his grandmother needed to be doing it if he was helping.

Not thinking twice about it, he handed the phone to his grandmother, who scrolled up the page, stopping before she started reading.

“First riddle fucker.

“I have threes letters, I read the same forward and backward, I know you’ll get the answer, I know you’ll see, It’s a word that important to you and me. What am I?...”

“Dele, if this motherfucker gets this wrong, I’m taking part,” Sibylla said

Adele walked over to the table, picking up a melon baller and a device that held the eyes open, waiting for his answer.

Her back was to Nate, so he couldn’t see wait she was picking up. He asked for his grandmother to repeat the riddle twice, making Adele frustrated.




She walked over to the table, putting the device on his eyelid to hold it open, then taking the melon baller, scoop the eyeball out of its socket, clipping the Optic nerve.

Nate screamed and begged her to stop, but this just made her and his grandmother laugh like some fools then looking at him to ask a question.

“Since you don’t want to tell you who are working for, then tell me what the fuck he or she wants?” Luca asked


Luca nodded for his grandmother to go ahead with the next question, but Adele started talking instead.

“I am something that is seen on outside of the body, I am one of the important part of your sense without me, somethings will go unheard. What am I?” Adele said

“The ear, the ear, right?” Nate said

“Correct,” Adele said

This time Luca walked to the table, getting a small scalpel coming back slicing off the top of his ear. He knows Adele told him to cut, but there was no way to cut the ear. Nate screamed again like a little bitch causing him to punch him in the face.

“PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP. STOP CRYING LIKE A BITCH NATE. BE A FUCKING MAN... Now next question, are you a mafia or someone up trying uprise a mafia by thinking that they can take out my family to get there?” Luca asked

One of the men on the wall laughed, saying something about. “Wouldn’t you want to know?” Without thinking or looking, Luca took his gun, shooting him between the eyes. The man next to him screamed.

“NEITHER!” The man screamed

“Look at that. The fucker over there has a voice and just saved you as that I guess next question Liebe,” Luca said

Adele nodded, looking over that his grandmother was waiting for her to find a riddle to ask.

Nate was still whimpering about this eye and ear, begging for them to kill him already.

“Easy one Nate. “I connect the head to the body, I’m not the neck, but I help the body get food. What am I?” Sibylla asked.

“The throat...the throat,” Nate said

Luca laughed at his grandmother, and Adele was going easy on the man. All her riddles were about the upper body.

Maybe it was a reason, but he wasn’t cutting his throat because it would have taken his life.

“Name?” Luca asked

“Nate, I told you,” he said


“I can’t. I told you,” He said

“Can’t or won’t?” Luca asked, digging the knife into his forearm

Nate screamed, still not answering the question. He just closed his eyes well eye, trying to control the pain; Luca knew he saw a tear run down his face.

“Before I kill you, answer this since you can’t tell me who he is or why he is doing this shit...Did, or did he not order the attack on us in the club about three months ago?” Luca said

“Club? What club? He ordered no attack on no one in a club,” Nate said

“So, you know him personally, don’t you? What’s his fucking name?” Luca said

Silent is all Luca got truly. He didn’t have the patience or time for a weak bitch in the body of a man, so he took the scalpel digging it into his neck, cutting a line from ear to ear, watching as the blood, shot open from his throat as he died.

“You start talking, or my sweet wife here and I are going to doing open-heart surgery on your fucking ass,” Luca said, looking at the last man sitting against the wall

He just looked at him. His mouth was running a moment ago when he shot the other one.

What was his fucking problem now? Luca pulled the man to his feet, throwing him on the other table and strapping him down, then ripping open his shirt.

“How are we going to do this, Dele?” He asked

“Wait-Wait, I need to leave you and Adele about to go crazy, and I don’t want to see that,” Sibylla said

“Grammy, really? You just watched as we played operation, and now you’re scared of open-heart surgery?” Adele said

Sibylla looked back, waving as she walked out the room, as Adele said. She sat there watching as they played operation scooping out eyeballs but couldn’t do open-heart surgery.

Luca didn’t understand, but it did seem that Milo nasty ass wanted to see how it went because the cat jumped up on the table. His once grayish-white fur was now stained with blood.

Luca had half a mind to run him off until Adele took the scalpel from him, placing it in the middle of the man’s chest, pressing it down, cutting down to the man’s belly button.

Nate screamed, yelling he was sorry; he couldn’t tell a name he didn’t know as Milo meowed with him, making Luca eye the cat weirdly.

“That fucking thing is crazy,” Luca said

“Luca enough about Milo, he’s having fun too...So, what do you call him?” Adele asked

“Ghost,” He said

Good a name they could go on, but he still had to die. Luca helps Adele pull back the skin revealing the ribcage and breastplate. He took the circular saw cutting throw the breastplate. The man started to breathe heavily and shake.

“Damn, Liebe, I think he’s having a seizure,” Luca said

“Yeah, well, if he dies, he just fucking dies. Continue to cut,” Adele said

When he was finished, Luca help Adele pull the breastplate revealing the heart.

Although he had stopped shaking and was unconscious, his heart was still beating slowly. Maybe he was dying or already dead one.

Milo jumped over like he was investigating, placing a paw on the man’s heart, and Luca couldn’t help himself as he shooed off the cat, poking it himself well more like jab it, but the man still didn’t move.

“Luca, stop being a fucking child. You’re no better than Milo. The man’s dead the heart will beat slowly for about three to five minutes before stopping fully,” Adele said

“So, besides sleeping, you two and my mother damn cat decide to come torture without me. I hope you at got something out of them with the little games you were playing,” Axel said

“Yeah, Milo only came when your mother called him his nasty ass just didn’t follow her when she left the target the was Aunt Heidi, and we got the name Ghost,” Luca said

All the color drain from Axel’s face, but he quickly recovered. He knew the name he had to, but before he or Adele could say anything else, Axel turned and walked away.

“This is about them, Luca, only them I can feel it, and if Axel or one of them don’t start talking, we are all dead.”

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