Disorganized Minds

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Days later, Luca wondered who this Ghost person had to do with his father, uncles, and aunts.

It was clear all of this tied back to his father, and whoever he was, he was only targeting them, which he hopes anyways, and they were just caught in the middle.

He knew that his father wasn’t going to talk to him, Adele, hell anybody. It pissed him off, and to make things worse.

He just walked around being mad at the world because of his stupid ass mistakes.

The next best person that he thought he could talk to would be his uncle Kiefer.

Since he was pissed that the moment because his wife was dead, and he couldn’t protect her like he wanted to but Luca wrong, he was just as tight-lipped as his father.

And to top it off, this Ghost knew his father was alive. Luca was pretty sure that the six men they caught that night weren’t the only ones there. This person was building a fucking army to take out his father, and the others not even wanting their empire, so this was revenge.

Luca let out a loud sigh rubbing his temples wishes one of them thickheaded motherfuckers would just let down their guard and let them help them the way this shit was going. They were going to get all of them killed.

Hearing a soft knock at his office door made him sigh again. He didn’t have time for any bullshit today.

They all just had came from his aunt’s funeral, and everyone was acting like stuck up assholes and little bitches, well his father, uncles, and aunt anyhow.

“(sigh) Come in,” Luca said

The door open to revealing Bridget, someone he definitely didn’t want to see.

She stood in the door, waiting for him to tell her to come in the rest of the way as he closed his eyes, waving her in.

She was now showing, and he hated it every time he saw her face or stomach.

She wasn’t the only one to blame because his father knew damn well what he was doing when he was fucking her unprotected.

Like he thought men went through menopause or some shit fuck he should know if he could get it up, he was shooting.

“Yes, Bridget?” Luca asked

She walked in, fully taking the seat in front of his desk, rubbing her round belly, looking nervously at him as if he was waiting for him to speak first. Luca stared at the woman waiting for her to talk. Because if she had nothing to say, there was no need for her to be in front of him.

“Fucking shit Bridget this isn’t a fucking staring game. What the fuck you want?”

“Your father to love me,”

Luca couldn’t help but laugh. She came to him to ask for help from his father to love her.

What the fuck did he look like one of the seven women in the fucking house, or did she think he could help because he was his son? He could help.

“You came to me out of all the people women in this fucking house, but you came to me. Why not my Grandmother or Adele? What the fuck do I look like? Look, Bri, I can’t tell you what to do with my father hell, I don’t know what to do with my fucking father. Plus, I’m not good at this love thing. Yeah, I love Adele and had a fuck up way of showing it in the beginning, and I’m not talking about the kidnapping part anyhow, but telling someone how to get someone to love them I can’t do; I would fuck it up. Like I said before, I don’t care what the fuck you and my father got going on or what you do. You can love him until his last day on this earth, but if you are looking for a ring on your finger that will never happen, call me selfish, spoil, or whatever, but that is my father, and I am The Don and the only way he can marry you if I say so and the answer to that is no. It’s not that I don’t trust you because I do. Still, I can’t see a woman that is three years older than me being my step-mom, and I truly do believe you love my father. Still, I also have no one ounce of respect for you because of how you went about it the wrong way of getting what you wanted. You should focus on making him love you first, then getting pregnant, not getting pregnant to trap him, then trying to make him love you. Adele and I were a fluke. To this day, I think she hates me a little. Plus, if you want him to love you, talk to him, not me, because I can’t help you and wouldn’t if I could.”

“I understand. Thanks anyway.”

She got up, starting to the door but stopped right before opening the door, walking back over to the desk standing in front of it. Luca looked up at her, confused about why she came back.

“I love the connection you and your father have, something I never had the chance to do with my mother. I don’t blame Axel anymore, and my father was a deadbeat never wanted to know me. I want your father to have that same connection with our son, the same connection you have with your children, but I also want the connection you and Adele have, not just the sex. I do love him, Luca, and I don’t need marriage to have him just him...and Adele do love you no part of her hates you I think you safe her in more ways than one,” She said to him.

Luca cocked his head to the side as she walked out the door, wondering how she knew that about Adele and if his father knew how bad she was in love with him.

Sad though, because it was nothing he could do or try to do, that wasn’t his problem at the moment.

“Was that Bridget I just saw leaving from your office?” Adele asked

“Sadly, yes, she wanted me to help her make my father love her that I couldn’t do nor wanted to.”

Adele shook her head at him looking disappointed. Really, he didn’t care if Bridget wanted his father’s love.

That was up to her to get not him to talk into him into it. Adele, out of all people, should understand that.

After taking a seat in the chair on the side of the desk, Adele taking off her sandals then propping her feet up on his leg for him to rub.

He glared over at her with the really look before he started to rub at the same thing.

Zeus decided to come from under his desk, trying to bite her ankles, but her feet were too far up.

“That little bastard thinks he’s your dog now, always trying to bite me. At least I have Killer and Gunner, but I want a cat Luca, something like your grandmother’s cat,” She said, looking at him smiling.

“That will never happen. You better be happy with Milo disgusting little ass and that thing Jaxon got in our fucking house that I wish I would have known about it before he moved in because I would have killed it first.”

Adele had to be out of her ever-loving mind thinking she was bringing another fucking cat in this house. Milo was enough.

He had it out for him. He was always somewhere starting at him with them big ass blue eyes like he was ready to attack.

Then last month, he was going into Jaxon’s room to see how Skylar was doing and a fucking pink rat looking thing rubbed up against his leg.

He tried to stomp it to death, and his brother almost had a fucking heart attack.

Talking about it was a damn naked cat, and he thought Milo was nasty looking that thing gave him nightmares for a full week.

“I’m just playing, baby. I don’t do cats. I’m not scared of them like you, but I hate how they stare at you, especially Milo. He’s always popping up in the scariest spot talking about so damn Meow his ass been around your grandmother for too long,” Adele said

“Agreed...but I been thinking Dele about what Nate said before I killed them, so I called the Chief the whole time we thought Anastasia was by the hands of this Ghost we were wrong. One of the men killed that night was a petty gangster named O. He didn’t know who the fuck Victor nor Erik was from the video of that night. It was a girl that was with him. I tracked her down and found out the whole argument started because he thought Jaxon was trying to fill up on his girl. Then he saw Erik piece, and the fucking got scared, pulling his shit. The man’s hand was shaking when he pulled the trigger. That’s why he missed Erik hitting Anastasia, who was standing behind him. All the other ones were shooting because they were. Liebe 30 fucking people died that night because some dumb ass bitch didn’t know how to use his hands beside a gun, causing Anastasia’s death. It had nothing to do with us or the Mafia just some fucking idiots.”

Adele removed her feet, coming to sit in his lap, hugging him. She always did that when she thought he was feeling down, which he wasn’t at that moment.

Although he should since they just put his aunt into the ground, but she did put up a hell of a fight before dying, it was also a relief to know Stasia’s death had nothing to do with this missed, but she was still missed by them all.

Luca pulled Adele into his chest, playing with her curly hair. It was surprising she didn’t have a wig or makeup on today since it seemed like neither of them could go a day without it in or out of the house.

But he liked her this way better; her beauty was natural, and all did up, but her natural beauty is what he loved the most.

“Sir, is it alright that I come in?” James asked, standing in the door

“Yes, James, my wife wants to be one of the kids today,” Luca said, laughing.

Adele glared up at him, giving him a stink face making him laugh more she was the one in his lap, making him cuddle her like she was Lucas, Ty, or one of the twins.

Since Josie thought she was getting too big for his cuddles but always got jealous when she thought one of them was getting too much attention than her.

“Ben wanted me to inform you that is was a young man at the gate requesting you and the Donna,” James said

“For?” Luca asked

“Don’t know, sir. He just asked to speak with you or the Donna or both if he could,” James said

He looked down at his wife in his lap as she stared up at him. They both were wondering who the hell was requesting to see the two of them and why. Adele slowly got up, opened the desk drawer, got her gun, sticking it in the back of pants, and pulled her shirt back down.

He, on the other, just grabbed his gun off the desk where it was setting. Adele wasn’t allowed to have her gun on her anymore in the house after she shot at Victor and Erik for stealing her ice cream when she was pregnant with Lucas. Plus, there were guns all over the house if she needed one, and no one trust with one after that either.

Both got up and walked out of the office straight out the front door to the front gates.

Where they saw about 20 guards on the other side of the gate standing around a man on his knees with his hands up.

Finally, the fucking guards were doing their jobs. Luca stopped Adele about 10 feet from the gate, telling her if something didn’t look right to shoot while he walked the rest of the way by himself.

“Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck do you want?” Luca asked, placing his gun in the center of his head

“SPEAK DAMNIT!” Luca yelled

“My name is Chis, Don. I mean, you no harm. My father told me to come here and asked for you and the Donna if something ever should happen to him, he said you would help.”

The man never looked him in the face, only in the bowing position telling him that his father was an ally but was he one of his or his father’s plus the man didn’t seem scared. So he knew what expect coming here as well.

“Don, we didn’t even have to make his get on knees he knew a sign of respect we searched him and the grounds nothing, also asked to asked with the King and Queen old talk for the Don and Donna he wouldn’t talk to us just you or Donna you think we can trust him?” Ben asked

“I’m not trusting anyone that this moment Ben especially no newcomer...Now, Chris, it was I need a last name,” Luca said

Still, without looking up, the man shifted uncomfortably. The hard ground hurt his knees, but Luca was waiting on his reply, or the last thing he was going to see was the ground he was looking at.

“Peters, Christopher Peters, my father was Ezra Peters. I don’t if you knew him or not, but he knew your father. He called me last night scared out of is damn mind telling me to go to you, offer my loyalty to you and tell your father that Ghost was coming for all of them that was the last thing he said before I heard the gun go off” Chris said

“Telling him to get up, Luca, Ezra was a friend, and he has to be dead for Chris to be here,” Otis said

Luca’s headshot back to his uncle, walking up behind him with Adele by his side. His face was natural, but he was still pissed at him, his father, and the other two.

They kept secrets like none of them realize that they were putting their lives in danger, and for Ezra to send his son here after his death, this shit was serious.

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