Disorganized Minds

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What Happened?

How, just how could one person be so annoying? Is what Adele was asking herself right now.

Chris had been there for two fucking weeks, and he was worse than all the children put together.

Question after question how did she end up with someone like Luca, as if he didn’t already know, or did she love him, hell she was with him still, had his children what the fuck did he think.

The motherfucker had one more time to ask her a question, and she was going to put a bullet in his brain.

She sat in the sunroom with all the dogs watching the kids play out in the yard on the playground Luca built for them.

Zeus began to growl, making Adele hope to herself before looking over that it wasn’t Chris standing the door.

Luckily, only Milo came in, jumping up on the couch with them, trying to make his way into her lap. That wasn’t happening because Zeus would allow it neither was she.

“I see Milo thinks you’re his owner now the little motherfucker is always underneath you lately. I think he does it to make Luca mad he knows that boy doesn’t like him,” Sibylla said, picking up Milo.

“Hell, I don’t like him, Grammy, but I am not terrified to point I don’t like him touching me. He sweet when he wants to be, but on low, I think he hates me more than Luca.”

What Sibylla didn’t know was Adele had beat him with a broom some months back because the little asshole stole a piece of chicken off her plate.

For one, his ass wasn’t supposed to be on the countertop, two, he put his nasty ass paws on her plate stealing her fucking food, and three, he had the nerve to hiss at her.

So, she beat his ass with a broom. He retaliated, trying to attack her, so she smacked him across the room.

Since then, Milo has been doing her like Luca popping up in weird spots in the house.

Coming close or trying to get in her lap, she believed to attack her. The motherfucker was evil, like his owner.

“No, I think he’s just feeling left out. You have your animals in here with you five fucking dogs Dele four big beast and that little asshole that doesn’t like me and Emma’s little dog that I had to kick in the face last night and me. What’s this about Erik bringing them fucking big ass sheepdogs here? Axel beast is already in the backyard, along with the other dogs. Then Victor’s dogs too. What the hell are you all thinking with all these for dogs?” Sibylla ranted

Adele laughed. They did have too many dogs, a good thing. They all had different house sections, although they shared the main part of it with Axel, Sibylla, Jaxon. Sibylla was mad because none of them like cats the way she did but the kids, Emma and Jaxon.

“So, when was someone going to telling me about what happened two weeks ago?” She asked

“Grammy, I don’t even know what happened two weeks ago. The only thing I can tell you is, Chris showed up at the gate. Telling us his father was killed by Ghost, whoever the fuck that is. Apparently, your sons, son-in-law, and Grata knows but not telling us, but wants to bark orders to Luca about Chris staying here. He doesn’t trust him; neither do I. I don’t think he’s a threat to us, but he’s too noisy about our relationship with Luca and me. Grammy, I don’t want to tell Luca because you know him. I try to keep my distance, but he’s always there.”

Sibylla stared at her weirdly, then finally sitting beside her on the couch, putting Milo beside her, pulling Zeus into her lap just to make him mad.

He didn’t like Sibylla, but he loved his belly getting scratched no matter who was doing it.

“Baby, you’re beautiful. There’s no denying that most women would kill to have your body. You see them running around here injection shit in their bodies just to have an ass, titties, and a pretty face. It’s doesn’t surprise me that he is lusting after you or any of you because got damn, between you, Nova, and Emma, you three have the body that will have men bowing at your feet. Your right. We don’t need to let any of my grandsons know about that because all of them will kill him. Let him know you’re not interested that you love your husband, and he needs to respect that. If he can’t tell Luca because he needs to leave, send his ass to stay with Otis or Kiefer. They have plenty of room just as we do. Okay?” Sibylla said, now holding her hands rubbing her thumbs over Adele’s knuckles.

She shook her head in understanding. Three years later and two years after her donor died, this was still new to Adele.

Having someone talk to her telling her how she should do things to help her was still so new.

It felt good, though, because she would probably still be tip-toeing around her own house trying to avoid bumping into him without their little talk.

“So where are the men they seem to be....”

“DELE!...ADELE!...GET YOUR ASS IN HERE. WE NEED YOU NOW!” Luca yelled, cutting Sibylla cutting

All the dogs jumped up to his screaming, following the sound of Luca screams for her. She and Sibylla jumped up to running into the foyer. Adele’s first notice was a bloody Luca and Axel, then Erik lying on the floor with Victor, Jaxon, and Jacob holding towels on his chest, torso, and leg.

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!” Sibylla screamed, running to him kneeling on the floor

“Fuck I don’t know; I don’t fucking know. Dele? ADELE FUCKING SNAP OUT OF IT. HELP HIM!” Luca said screaming

Adele kneeled, checking his pulse to make sure he was still alive, but he was losing blood fast from what she could see.

She pushed Victor out the way, slowly removing the towel, and the wound looked to be inches away from his heart.

“Luca, I need for you all to get him to the clinic now, and someone needs to call Mary I...I can’t do this on my own,” Adele said

Luca and Axel lifted Erik from the floor, moving fast as they could, taking him to the clinic, making sure none of the children seen them.

It was a good thing that Mary was already there to see Bridget earlier that day, so she decided to stick around, not having anything else to do.

She and Mary quickly got Erik set up with an IV and blood. Just by how it was coming out, they could tell he had already lost too much and was lucky to be still alive.

After sedated him, they started trying to stop the bleeding. The chest was first they had to go in blind.

In fears, if they waited, it would be too late. There was so much blood making it hard to see where the bleeding was coming from.

They both were getting frustrated. His blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels were dropping quickly, telling them they were losing him. She was so relieved when Irene came running into the room with a man behind her.

First, she didn’t notice him but then looking again. Adele saw that it was Kane. They both scrubbed in, helping to keep him alive.

Finding the bullet and where it had lounged came easy with the eight sets of eyes.

Finding it two inches away from his heart, and some fragments had pierced their way through, which was causing bleeding.

Kane was the one who stopped the bleeding in good timing too any longer, Erik would have been dead.

The other two bullet wounds were easy. Through and through, the torso was missing all his vital organs, the same for the one in his leg.

Four and a half long hours, it took them four and a half long to save Erik’s life, losing him a total of three times in those hours.

The last time his heart stopped, Kane and Mary took six minutes to get it started again.

She and Irene could only stand back and watched. She had accepted the fact he was gone.

Except Kane wouldn’t stop pumping his heart, cursing him out, telling him he would come to the depths of hell to find him to fuck his ass up again if he dies on him.

A few seconds later, his heart started back, and his blood pressure jumped just a little.

Putting the last stitch in, Adele let out a long sigh, then rubbing the side of Erik’s cheek, taking the sponge that Mary hands her.

She started to clean off his chest carefully around the wound on his chest, then his torso area while Mary cleans his leg.

“They told me they were going to ride their motorcycles, then going to the fucking Country Club. So, how the fuck did he get shot?” Adele said

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry you need to ask your husband. Let’s be glad we saved him,” Mary said, rubbing her back.

She was right. The only thing she needed to be happy about was that Erik was alive, knowing that Emma wasn’t losing the man she loved, nor was Aria or his other children losing a father.

Adele looked down at the bloody scrubs and the bloody clothes underneath it.

Her hands shook for the first time once the realization hit her, almost losing someone else close to her, a brother again.

She glazed over to Kane, who sat in the corner of the room, watching Erik as his stomach rose and fell as he breathed.

“Kane, he’s fine because of you. I was ready to give up, but you didn’t. He would be here if it weren’t for you know that,” Adele said

He nodded, still staring at Erik; he was one of Axel’s friends, meaning he watched all of them grow up along with their parents Luca, Erik, Kellan, and Johan was like his nephews or sons, and he almost lost Erik on the operating table.

Adele and Mary left him to his thoughts. Irene had already gone. She had an appointment with Anne, and none of them wanted her to know anything until Erik was out of hot water, which means they knew he would make it.

Luca met them at the top of the stairs coming from the surgery area of the clinic.

He had his hand stuck down in his pocket, rocking back and forward on the balls of his feet.

As they walked into the room, they all stood, including Emma, who was holding on to Axel, waiting for her or Mary to speak.

“He’s alive. It was touch and go there, but the most important thing is that he’s alive but still in hot water,” Mary said

Everyone sighed in relief but stared at them crazily until Adele looked down, seeing that she and Mary were still in their bloody scrubs.

They both shot out of the room to change. They were so happy that Erik made it wanting to tell the other they forget to change.

Later on that night, Adele went back to check on Erik, who hasn’t woke up yet. His vital signs and everything else was normal, but he wasn’t waking up.

When he was in the room alone, Kane and Emma went to the main house to eat only because Sibylla came out, threatening to beat them with her belt if they didn’t. Adele sat beside him, take his hand in her brushing the hair out of his face.

“Erik, I don’t what you are dreaming about that is stopping you from waking up, but you need to tell yourself it only a dream. Emma needs you, hell when Anneliese finds out she’s going to beat your ass awoke I feel bad for not telling her, but I know better than anymore about Preeclampsia she doesn’t need any more stress on her, not at this moment risking her life or the baby’s” Adele said

Erik’s hand jerked a little. Then his hand gripped her a little tighter, telling her that he could hear her.

If so, why not just wake up? She never understood that even with her been a doctor.

“Boy, don’t I know Anne’s going to kill all of us when she finds out,” Erik slurred out.

“OH MY GOD, YOU’RE AWOKE,” Adele scream, hugging him.

“Yeah, you just burst my fucking eardrums and...Ummm, Dele, you’re hurting me.”

“I’M SORRY...I’M SORRY! Let me call Luca.”

Adele was so happy to hear Erik talk for the first time since she met him normally.

She wanted him to shut the fuck up right; then, she was happy to hear one of his smart mouth remarks.

Luca, Emma, and Kane were the first ones in the room. Erik cursed all of them out because, in his mind, they were treating him like a baby, not wanting him to sit up in the bed or move.

She and Mary had to tell them he was fine to set up and that Kane should know.

One of them finally told Annelise, who came it cursing Luca, her, and Axel out for not telling her; Erik was shot.

Making him laugh talking about how she loved him only because he almost died just was the first time she talked to him since Anastasia’s death three months ago petty that what she was.

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