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Feeling Bad

Luca felt bad for what happened between him and Adele. He knew she was mad, but that didn’t give her the right to destroy their room nor to hit him.
Yeah, he called her a bitch like he said she was acting like one a crazy one.
Then an even crazier one came out after he called her one tearing up the entire room afterward, thinking she could escape.
All he wanted her to do was clean the room, and he was going to let her go after, but no, she had to haul off punching him in the face.
All this time, he was able to control his anger until today after she hit him. It was like a switch when off in his head, causing him to react, maybe it was all this shit with his father and uncles, but it was a good thing he could stop himself before losing it.
To control himself, he let her attack him hitting his head against the door bringing him to his knees to let her think she was in control or overpowering him.
He was waiting for the right moment, and he took it when she was about to hit him to grab her wrist, taking back over.
Since she wanted to act like a child throwing a fit and shit, he treated her like one whooping her ass with the belt.
Luca knew that would stop her dead in her tracks, seeing the belt in his hand, but by then, it was too late to beg.
He was feeling guilty about the whole thing listening to fucking Victor and his punishment methods.
No wonder he never could keep a woman until now, whooping them like they were his children. Luca didn’t even whoop his children the way he just did Adele.
His father, who just had to walk in the room while he was in the middle of doing it, he didn’t ask the question.
He knew he was probably waiting to get him alone or something to punch in his eye or his mouth again if he hadn’t told his grandmother now, that was the problem.
Luca knew one thing from all this fucking shit. His head was hurting like a motherfucker, not to mention he had to get fucking six damn stitches on his face, fourteen on his upper arm, and eleven on in his shoulder blade.
Adele fucked him up. That was for sure, but he was also made sure she wasn’t going to be able to sit for at least a week.
Although it was hard to watch her ass jiggle as he hit it, he did make sure he got his point across.
To control the pain in his head, Luca was lying on the couch in his office when he heard the door open then close.
Hearing the clicking of her shoes across the floor, he knew his grandmother was coming to curse or beat him some more.
“Yes, Grandmother?” He said
“Nothing, I just wanted to see how bad she whooped your ass.” She said laughing
Luca mentally rolled his eyes. She came to laugh at him that was her always a jackass, but he also knew to stay quiet.
“What happened, Luca? To make her attack you, that is?” She asked
“She was mad because I wouldn’t tell her how Erik got shot. It wasn’t my place to tell her. I know I say it didn’t know what happen, but Emma needed to know first, and then if she wants Dele to know, she or Erik can tell her.”
The truth was it wasn’t his place to tell her. It was only right for Emma to know first, and if she wanted Adele to know, then she could tell her.
Yesterday they were trying to enjoy themselves riding motorcycles, and from there, they went to the Country Club for his father, Uncle Otis and Kiefer to play golf.
The others wanted to drank. Luca just wanted to sit back, smoke a cigar, and watch his father and uncles argue about who was winning.
Then one of Erik baby mama’s well ex-wife and her new husband wanted to show up at his grandmother Country Club.
Allegedly her husband was a part of the club, and she was another whore that found her way into another man’s wallet.
She wanted to start was shit about Erik not taking care of his oldest child, who was 15 now.
The bitch took all his rights away but wanted him to give her money to support her and her habits, not his daughter, who was calling another man daddy.
The woman was demanding money from him for the last 12 years, and Erik told her to fuck off that his daughter will get what belong to her when she turned 18, where she would have full control over her own money.
To make a long story short, the crazy motherfuckers waited until they left the club then rode by them on the highway shooting Erik three times.
None of them had time to do shit. By luck, Erik wasn’t going fast at the time. If he were, he would have been dead.
It was hard at hell for Luca to ride his Harley with a man in and out of consciousness bleeding out, and it was no way in hell they would have made it to the hospital that was 40 miles away. Their closest opinion was home that was only 10 minutes away.
By the grace of God, they were able to save him. Now the only thing they had to do was find the bitch and her husband.
She knew she had fucked up. That why she left in the middle of the night, leaving Erik’s 15-year-old Carmella there by herself with a note saying she’s all your now if you lived if not she Luca and his wife’s. Who the fuck does that sorry ass people that who.
“So, Erik was doing something he didn’t have any business? Were you?” Sibylla asked
“Grandmother, no one was doing anything. If you are suggesting we were cheating, we did exactly what we said we were doing. As I said, it’s Erik’s business to tell,” Luca said, feeling a bit frustrated.
“The girl that Victor and Kellan bought back, who is she?” Sibylla asked
“Erik’s daughter,” Luca said flatly.
His grandmother finally sits on the edge of the couch beside him, removing his arm from his face placing her small hand along with his face rubbing right below his stitches.
“Did you hit her?”
Luca let out a small sigh cutting his eyes away from his grandmother, giving her the answer she needed to know.
She shifted a little on the couch, so he waited for her to start attacking, but it never came.
“Reaction, she punched me in the face, and I backhanded her, then she kicked my ass.”
“Looks like she did more than kicked your ass,” She said, referring to the stitches, cut, and bruises.
Luca shook his head. She didn’t know half of what happened in that room this morning.
He thought his father had told her what he had seen, but it seemed that he didn’t.
“What all do you know about what happen this morning?”
“Nothing, Kane just told me that you came in all beaten up. I thought you and father had gotten in a fight again, but he told me to talk to you or Adele. I put two and two together.”
“Well, Dele got mad cause I told her to leave this shit alone with Erik. She went all psycho on me, throwing a lamp. I called her a crazy bitch. I know now that it wasn’t a good idea. Everything in the damn room started to get hurled at me. She tried to make a break for it. I caught before she could leave the room, telling her she needed to clean it. I think that pissed her off more because she punched me in the mouth I hit her back in reaction. She kicked my ass, and I whooped hers, literally putting her ass on punishment. She’s locked in the room until tomorrow, and she has to clean it.”
Sibylla started to laugh. To his surprise, he was sure she would beat his ass for touching Adele, but she was laughing. It kind of scared him.
“Wait...wait, you whooped her ass like a child?”
H nodded. “You crazy ass children are into some fucked up shit. Why not just tied her to the bed and fuck her hard?”
“Grammy, that’s just giving her pleasure as in a reward it doesn’t work that way.”
Sibylla laughed again. The crazy old bat was enjoying what he was telling her, and it was also weird talking to his grandmother about punishments and sex.
Finally, his father walked in, giving him a weird look not of disappointment but a look of what the hell did I walk in on earlier, but that was his fault. He always told him that’s why he should knock before entering.
“Ask your mother. She knows my head hurts.”
“I rather heard from you,” Axel said sternly.
“(sighs). Fine! Dele and I got into it. She hit me. I hit her back. She kicked my ass, and you walked in on me whooping hers now she on punishment grandmother fill in the rest” Luca said
Axel scoffed then started to laugh at Luca didn’t know if his father was laughing because Adele kicked his ass, what he saw, or both.
“I don’t see shit funny, and I need to go see if my wife is doing what she was told.”
“She’s almost done, Luca. I just left up there. No, I didn’t help her, but she complained about her ass was hurting the girl can’t sit, you know that don’t you. You know could of jus...”
“No, I couldn’t just tied her to the bed and fucked her. Like I told your crazy-ass mother, that was giving her pleasure. Shit, you two are one in the same, and if you knew what happened, why ask me?”
“To see if your stories line up. I know Adele she’ll lie for you. You’re usually straight forward like me,” Axel said
“Sure you are,” Luca said
Luca glance over to his father, standing there was a smug look on his face as he sat up, holding his head with his grandmother rubbing his back, comforting him. He didn’t need her to, but he knew she was trying to help.
“Mother, the boy doesn’t need to be babied. He’s a grown-ass man that got his ass handed to him by his wife,” Axel said, laughing.
“Son, you really think Luca got his ass handle by Adele, honey? We all know that is a lie. The boy let her beat his ass. I saw them in the ring together she couldn’t handle him then this here he let happen. I commend him for that stopping himself, and you should too because we both know Axel you’re no better with putting your hands on women just because you’re good at hiding it don’t make you better,” Sibylla said, getting up walking out.
Luca lifted an eyebrow at his father while thinking what the fuck was his grandmother talking about.
He never knew his father to hit a woman, no one but Bridget, and that was when she held him captive, and he never asked what happen there because it was none of his business.
Axel always on his ass about keeping his hands to himself with Adele talking about he should treat her like a queen.
All that fucking talk, he realized he was wrong, but his father down him, making him feel bad about his action when he was the same.
He got and walked past his father, not saying a word, just shaking his head.
It all made sense to him now. The other month him losing his cool with Adele, telling him he needed to control her, or he would.
His as has unraveling all this stress was turning him back to his old self. Luca knew why he distanced himself for that whole month, kicking Bridget out of the room so he could mask himself again.
He didn’t want that side of him to resurface. Luca couldn’t blame him because it’s not a great feeling.
He reached his room, unlocking the door to a clean room and his wife lying on her stomach across the bed, reading a book.
Before he could close the door, Zeus and Killer came out of nowhere, running past him, out the room he waited for a second to see was Gunner coming, but he was probably somewhere off with Jacob either on his evening run. Or just in the backyard watching the kids play that was Gunner for them.

Adele back was to him, but he knew she heard him come into the room. She was probably mad at him, but she would get over it soon.
Luca made his way to the bed, noticing that Adele was lying there in just a bra.
He shed his clothes the slowly climb onto the bed, kissing up her legs until he reached her center, dipping his head kissing in a few times before pushing himself into her wetness. Obviously, her ass wasn’t hurting that bad to get fucked.

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