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The Truth

Adele laid in the bed, still trying to understand what happened the day before between her and Luca.

She knew she was pissed with him, not telling her what happened with Erik, but to her, he was keeping shit from her, and Adele just let her anger get the best of her.

She never meant for it to go that far. She saw the lamp, and the next thing she knew, it was flying towards Luca’s back.

Everything after that was a blur. She blacked out after Luca called her a bitch out of all their arguments, he never called her a bitch.

It was like it was new to her many people include her, so call parents, called her a bitch, but it was new to her coming from him.

Yeah, she was used to him calling her crazy, psycho, and all the other shit but not a bitch.

She moved to her side, trying to lay on her back, but she felt the effects of yesterday’s ass-whooping that Luca delivered on her.

It was best to say his ass was mad because he whooped her ass like a child, something she hasn’t felt since 17, and her ass was still stinging.

Slowly she turned to Luca side of the bed, trying her best not to rub her ass on the bed or the bedsheet.

He was missing and had been for a while because his side was cold. Zeus was also missing telling her Luca went on his run this morning or was in the gym with one of the others.

At the time, she didn’t want to move the bed was her safe place, and her body didn’t want to move either.

It was bad that her getting her ass whooped, cleaning, and getting fucked afterward made her hurt worse than working out how was the question.

Adele knew one thing she wasn’t staying in bed all day, plus she didn’t see her babies yesterday because of her so-called punishment that Luca had her on.

She quickly moved out of the bed, thinking the faster she moved, the less pain she would feel.

Boy, was she wrong. The quicker she moved, the more pain she felt. Adele had to stand there for a moment before making her way into the bathroom to shower and do other morning actives.

When she was done, she went to her closet to find something loose fitting to wear.

She wasn’t risking having something rub against her ass hell, just having underwear was hurting, so Adele knew she wasn’t wearing pants or leggings, so she picked a loose-fitting dress and left.

Making her way downstairs because she knew that’s where her kids and everyone else was when she ran into Erik, who was supposed to be still in the clinic or on bedrest.

His ass was running about the house. She really could see why he and Luca was a best friend. Both were stubborn as fuck.

“Do you suppose to be out the bed, Erik? I know your leg hurt from walking,” Adele said

“I could ask you the same question, Dele. By the way, you walking, it looks like Luca fucked you a little to good last night,” Erik said, laughing

Adele didn’t see anything funny only if he knew the truth.

Yeah, Luca did fuck her good, but that wasn’t why she was walking funny her ass was fucking sore, burning, and it hurt to walk.

Still, it was a good thing. Luca didn’t tell him what happened, but it was only a matter of time before the whole house knew because Axel walked in on it and came back to talk to her afterward, and Sibylla, which they all knew she had a big fucking mouth.

“I’m fine, Erik. I wasn’t the one, shot three fucking times, and died on the operating table you were. I swear something none of you take things seriously.”

“We do, Dele, but I promise you, love. I’m good...but talk to me. What’s going on with you and Luca? Have he starting back hitting you?” Erik said

Her eyes shot up to his trying to figure out where the hell did that come from. Why would he think that?

Then she remembered the bruise on her face where Luca backhanded after she punched her hand automatically touch it looking at Erik.


“Adele, I’m not trying to pry or anything. You walk like you took a beating. The bruise on your face says otherwise, so what is going on?”


Erik was taken back by her comment. She could see in his face he did understand how did he have anything to do with her and Luca’s problems.

“Dele, I know I’m sexy, but you know I have a wife...”

“ERIK OH MY FUCKING GOSH I DON’T FUCKING WANT YOU...I was mad because Luca wouldn’t tell me how you got shot. I lost it and threwalampathim,” She said, saying the last part fast.

“Aww...that sweet you care,” Erik said, laughing.

He was really pissing Adele off. She knew that Erik was a jackass, but he also made it a point to get under her skin.

Why she didn’t know maybe it was his big brother’s side, something she wasn’t used to.

“But really, Dele, you threw a lamp at Luca. Did you lose it?” Erik asked, taking a sit in the chair

“Yeah, regret it as soon as it happened, then he called me a crazy bitch, and I lost it again, throwing anything I touch at him. I don’t know what happen, Erik. I have never been this mad at him. He normally tells me everything, but...”

“Him not telling you how I got shot made you think we were doing something else. Adele, you know Luca will never cheat on you. That man won’t even look at another woman when we are out in public, and I love Emma. I think this is the first time I ever really love someone for real. He just wanted me to talk to Emma about my ex-wife. I don’t know if you knew I was married before Mila. I was, let’s say this, I was young and dumb. I married this crazy girl that I thought I love only because she was pregnant. Axel made me get it annulled, the best thing he could have done for me, but she took my daughter and ran. You will meet her today her name is Carmella and her 15. Her mother kept her away from me for 12 years, then two days ago, she and her husband show up at the Country Club. Apparently, he’s rich and had a membership there, but she demanded money for her taking care of our child for the last 12 years. I said no that Carmella would be set for life once she turned 18. I guess that didn’t sit well with her, so the bitch waited until we left the club. We were about 10 minutes away from home when her car rode pasted us. About the time I saw the gun, it was too late. We weren’t doing anything wrong, just a crazy baby mama that is dead now due to your husband, Victor, and Axel. She thought she could run by leaving a note saying I can have my daughter, but she was wrong. I’m fine Dele alive that’s all that matter and you have to remember it’s been three years that man hasn’t gone nowhere but up your ass everyday trust that but that still doesn’t explain the bruise” Erik said

Adele stared at Erik for a long second, thinking about what he just told her. He was right, and when she looked back, she overreacted badly.

Adele only had herself to blame for real this time. She attacked him while he was trying his best to leave, and if she just left it alone, she would have gotten her answer as she did just now.

“I...I punch him in the face, and he backhanded me in reaction. He caught himself then tried to calm me down, but I wanted to be a bitch, and now that I think about it, he called me one, and talking to you made me realize I was a crazy bitch, but I bang his head against the door and try to fight him some more. Put it this way he gives me an ass whooping for a lifetime,” Adele said

Erik put two and two together, then started to smile, trying to hold back his laughter. Adele knew that what he was doing. His face was red as hell.

“You can laugh, Erik. I know you want to.”

“He whooped your ass with a belt or hand? Victor, I’m telling you he listened to Vic,” Erik said, getting up laughing.

“Blame your so call brother and his punishment methods,” Erik said, giving her a side hug before leaving.

He didn’t let her answer the question, but she was now on a new mission to find Victor and curse his ass out.

Why would Luca listen to his crazy anyway? He was all talk about punishment but was always the one getting fucking used.

Finally, down the stairs, she found them in the sunroom sitting watching the kids play outside.

Sibylla was the first person that looked up as she walked in the room, then Chris, who smiled and winked as she walked in, making her roll her eyes.

“She lives,” Sibylla said, laughing.

“Grammy, you think you’re funny, don’t you?”

“Don’t think honey, I know,” Sibylla said, laughing.

Adele rolled her eyes at the women then looked to Luca, who was holding his arms out for her to come to sit in his lap. Truthfully, she didn’t want to sit but walked over to him anyway.

“Luca, I can’t sit,” Adele whispered.

“So, you just going to stand?” Axel said.

“Why are you in our conversation Axel?” Adele asked.

“You didn’t quite whisper if I heard you.”


“Kleine, you know I can’t do that. That’s what Luca is for,” Axe said, laughing, making the rest laugh.

What was wrong with these assholes today? All of them want to be evil to her in her mind. Maybe it was just her going off at everybody.

“Liebe, sit. I got you and ignore my father. He’s on his fucking period,” Luca said, receiving a birdie from Axel

Adele slowly sat on Luca’s lap. He made sure that she didn’t hurt herself as she slowly lowered herself down on his legs.

He also made it a point to have her ass cheeks hanging off his legs as he massages them as she sat.


“I wasn’t your fault fully. I take some of the blame, but that ass whooping I’m blaming you, Victor,” Adele said, kicking Victor in the side.

“ME, WHAT I DO?” He said, laughing.

“Don’t act dumb now. Just know when I’m better, I’m coming for you in the ring. I’m going to make sure I have a fucking belt. You think I threaten your ass that one time but this time I’m whooping yours and don’t care where the fuck I hit,” Adele said

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