Disorganized Minds

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Why Did You Do It?

Axel sat on the basement naked on the dirty floor, looking over to the spot where the woman sat staring although he couldn’t see or never seen her face in the light.

It’s been five months since he had been in this dreadful place, looking at the same bitch asking the same question repeatedly.

Why did he do it? Do what? That is the question he wanted to know. Hell, he had done a lot of shit his time as Don she needed to clearer what she wanted.

“Why did I do? Did I kill your mother, father, no sister or brother, or was it a lover,” Axel said sarcastically

She stood picking up a bucket water, throwing it on him. Axel laughed until she picked up a long stick, placing it on his skin, shocking him with the black taser she had at its end.

His body shook, but it was going to take more than that to kill him. Once he recuperated, he laughed in the bitch face spitting blood at her feet.

“You must have forgotten I got the upper hand here. You are the one getting torture now. So, tell me why the fuck did you do it?” She said asking the same damn question again

“Bitch I fucking told you I don’t fucking know what you are talking about” Axel said

He didn’t know what fantasy world this bitch was living in to think he could read her fucking mind.

If she wanted to know why he did something, she needed to ask a question that he could fucking answer.

“Your Russian, aren’t you?” Axel asked

“Why?” She said

That gave him a little more to go on; he knew for sure she didn’t see revenge.

She definitely wasn’t anyone from the day he saved Luca; that was for sure, so they were all wrong about that.

Axel started to think about who she could belong to. He killed many Russian mainly because he didn’t like them and hated the fact Luca began to doing business with them.

“Because you must know I despise Russians” He tells her

“But I’m the one in control. I’m I not?” she asked

“For now, yes” Axel replied

The woman sat back in the chair, still hiding her face’s features, but he could see as a smile crept across her face.

Axel was taken back for a moment. He didn’t comprehend what the fuck she was smiling for because he was waiting for the perfect time to get the upper hand.

He had been studying her for the past five months one thing he knew if she wanted him dead, he would’ve been dead by now.

She wanted something else a reason why he killed someone close to her or harmed them. He could tell she wasn’t a killer, just someone that wanted answers.

“Ти надто ебано складний” She says to herself (You’re too fucking complicated)

“Oh, so your Ukrainian? I was close enough” Axel said

The girl whipped her head around fast; apparently, she didn’t know much as she thought about him.

He smiled at the confused look on her face because she was caught off guard and didn’t expect him to understand her language.

“Cat got your tongue Bridget or was it the fact I knew Ukrainian?” Axel said with a smirk

Axel could tell she was even more shocked that he knew her name. Although he had been there for five months, none of the men mention her name.

It didn’t take a rocket science to understand who she was the only female he knew that was looking for him for God knows what.

“Tell me something since you are the one with the upper hand what do you think my son and daughter-in-law is doing to your poor little husband of yours if he’s still alive. You know Adele has a bad temper. People may think that it’s Luca, but Dele is the one that is quick to pull the trigger, you know. Or maybe she will cut off his dick mail it to you to so you can have something to play with yourself with at night” Axel said laughing

He could tell he was pushing some buttons she had turn complete red with angrier, while he laughed in her face.

This was amusing him getting arise out of the girl she could handle his sense of humor go figure.

“I should tell you that your family have given up on finding you they’re having your funeral as we speak, so much of your son Luca raising hell until he finds you sad really” she said

Axel laughed. He knew that was his mother’s doing, not Luca’s. She was all big on hiding the truth.

Letting people believe shit, such as him being dead, so they could slip up and maybe reveal something just in case they knew about his location. On the other hand, Luca would never have a funeral on his own without a body.

One of the things he taught him no one is dead until you have the body, or it’s been years.

“You can’t really expect me to believe my son is burying me. A fucking empty coffin that my fucking mother doing I’m not that damn stupid” He said


She jumped at his sudden outburst; she was fucking scared of him. The fucking bitch got her asshole minions to bring him here, and she was fucking scared then had the nerve to called Adele weak.

“Are you scared, Bridget? You should be when I get loose there will be hell so you better fucking kill me now bitch because I will fucking kill you soon as I get my fucking hands on you” Axel said

“Sedate him” She said

Axel didn’t even see the other person sitting in the room. He was in the far corner in the dark.

A smart move, which fine, but like he said, he was learning her studying all her little secrets and games. He gave her one more big smile before the needle when in his neck.

“I will get loose Bridget you will fucking die one way or another” he said before everything when black.

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