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Adele was good on her promise to Victor. A few days later, she felt her usual self again and begged Luca to train with the rest of them that day.

She had her eyes set on Victor and was determined to pay him back for suggesting that he whooped her ass with the belt beside coming after him.

In the ring, Adele had a leather strap, and she didn’t care where she hit. She was delivering blows everywhere. When Victor left the ring, he had whips and bruises everywhere that were visible.

To say Sibylla enjoy it was an understatement. The woman laughed so hard she couldn’t breathe. His father had to carry her ass to the clinic before she fell over and died.

Jacob’s crazy ass was talking about she must have gotten that crazy side from her sperm donor. He was the one that liked to beat her with a belt and his swings because she knew what she was doing.

As of this moment, she and Victor haven’t spoken to each other for a whole to two weeks. He was pissed at her and him like he did something hell, he tried to stop her, but his father and Otis held him back, telling him to let her have her fun.

All the fools were crazy, encouraging her laughing and shit. He was the only one on Victor’s side, and he was mad at him because she was his wife, typically crybaby.

But that was the least of his worries. He was trying to find out who this Ghost was since his father didn’t want to open up his mouth to help, so it was up to them to find out what this person had against his father, uncles, auntie, and the rest of their little team before all of them ended up dead for them being stupid.

Luca even tried talking to Victor’s adopted parents. They had a tight lip too. How dumb can one be if someone is coming after you ask for help? It isn’t like they didn’t have a whole mafia family behind them. This was just ridiculous.

Everywhere Luca turned was a dead-end, whoever this man or woman was them, and his father made it a point for that person not to be found.

The shit had Luca starting to wonder were they a part of their mafia once and wanted revenge for his father outing them or someone that his father or Otis thought they killed but survived?

So many thoughts were going through his head; it was hard to pinpoint them.

“Need some help?” Sibylla asked

“Not unless you can telling me who this Ghost is no” Luca answer

“I wish I could, sweetie, but I can’t. My sons, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law are all being stubborn. If they want to die, Luca let them die. I tried hell we are trying but don’t wreck your brain over it right now what you need to do now is make things right with your brother/cousin whatever he is to you,” Sibylla said

He knew that his father, fuck all of them, was being stubborn, but he wasn’t going to sat back a watch them die. They had already lost Heidi from this mess. He wasn’t about to lose more of them. That was a fact, and he knew that he and Adele needed to repair things with Victor, but he had to meet them halfway too.

“Grandmother, one question why did you give up Conard?” Luca asked

“Boy, that is water under the bridge. I was young, stupid, and in love with a man that didn’t love me back. Your grandfather didn’t start loving me until after your father was born. Unlike you, I couldn’t choose who I married, never could your father, mother, your aunts, and uncles. Your father broke that shit when he started his mafia. Yeah, he had you and your cousin, someone, to marry. Did he make you no? So, be happy you actually married the woman you loved, and don’t worry about that shit. You, Victor, Kellan, Johan, Nicole, and Jaxon are my grandbabies, and I love you all like my children. I made mistakes when I was young. Ones I don’t want my kids to repeat, so don’t ask me shit about that again. It’s done and over with Conard is dead has been for a longtime Vic is here and I plan on correcting that mistake with my grandson now leave it” Sibylla said

His grandmother wasn’t an open book from the three years he has known her. This was the first time and the most he has ever gotten from her. It was enough because he knew that’s all he was getting.

“That reminds me, Hanna, Victor’s sister is Conard’s child. Did you know about her? Plus, we need to get her and Nicole here before Ghost decides to go after the vulnerable ones, the two without protection.” Luca said

“Yes, I knew about Hanna. I didn’t think you knew. How do you think she found her brother? Yes, she and Nicole need to be here, so whatever grudge you and her brothers are holding needs to stop now,” she said.

Everything just faded away when he heard her say that she knew that Victor was Conard’s child.

Why not tell him in the beginning that she knew who he was? Why let his father tell him when she was right on the plane the night they thought he was the one that raped Adele?

This woman had too many secrets, hell. She was no better than the other four hiding who Ghost was.

He said nothing, just picked up his phone, texting his cousin Nicole to come to Cologne.

Telling her where to meet one of them at he had to make sure she was out of danger, although she claimed she would be fine after her mother’s funeral.

Luca also sent Victor a text to come to his office to talk to him and try to put this shit behind them.

He and Adele needed to grow up. It was done, and over now, it was time to move on.

He nodded to his grandmother, letting her know that everything was done with that. She got up, walked over to him, kissing his forehead leaving the office.

A few moments later, a knock came to the door. Luca’s back was turned as he looked out to the backyard where the kids, Adele, Emma, Anne, and Bridget.

Watching the children playing, so he assumed it was Victor until he heard her clear her throat.

He turned quickly to see Mackenzie standing in the middle of the office with her hand behind her back, smiling shyly.

“What the fuck do you want? I texted my cousin, not you.”

“I don’t know about a text to him, but I wanted to talk to you, Luca, please.”

Luca pointed at the chair in front of his desk. He really didn’t have the time, but Adele told him he needed to talk to the girl clear the air to see for himself that she wasn’t a threat. He hopes she was right.

“Talk I don’t have all day.”

“Okay, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you about using Vic for his money. I really do love him, and when about it the wrong way, I know that now but he...he doesn’t love me, I...think that likes my sister.”

Luca sat back in his chair, running his hands through his hair. Why did these motherfuckers think that he was a fucking psychiatrist?

He was their Don, not their fuck problem solver, hell he thought that Rylee was up Jaxon ass. What the fuck? That last thing they needed was drama over a fucking girl.

“Mackenzie, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“I...I saw him come from her room two nights ago. I don’t know what to make of it, and I think I like someone else too.”

That was it. She had to go. Luca didn’t give a fuck who she liked. That wasn’t his business.

It was something she and Victor had to solve, not him and her. His problems were with Adele and Adele only.

“That’s is nice to know, but I don’t want to know, and if you dare say you fucking like me, I will put a bullet, knife or whatever through your fucking eye and won’t give a damn about that fetus you are carrying understand?”

“Understand, but...”


The girl started to cry, pulling her legs in the chair crying, then had the nerve to open her legs showing Luca she didn’t have underwear under her dress.

Luca walked over to her, pulling her on her arm, forcible pushing her toward the door the bitch was out of her damn mind if she thought he wanted her.


“Repeat that?”

Stopping looking back at her like she was crazy when the door open revealing Victor looking confused at the two of them.

He looked at Luca’s hand on MacKenzie’s upper arm, then to his face seeing that he was pissed for some reason.

“What the fuck did she do?” Victor asked

“Your bitch just tried to come on to me then suggested that my wife was trying to fuck Chris. Now I know he is probably trying to fuck her, but her trying fuck him that’s shit funny trust me when I say I kept my wife satisfied just as she keeps me. It’s you that’s not keeping my cousin here satisfied.”

Luca glared at Victor, who nicely took out his gun, placing it to Mackenzie’s head.

She went still quickly looking at him with pleading eyes. It was far too late for that.

She should have taking Adele’s warning, but the bitch waited to play. Luca knew he didn’t trust her ass for a reason.

He could place why, but now he knew she wasn’t snitching, but she wanted to be soul sucker fucking anyone she could if that means they would trust her.

“You fucked my sister, didn’t you?”

“If I did, that’s my fucking problem, not yours, but no, I didn’t. I was in her room talking to my fucking brother. If you want answers to shit, Kenzie, you asked questions, not assume. Not try to fuck my fucking brother to get back at me. On top of that, you’re not even fucking pregnant anymore, are you? Irene, Mary, and Kane told me how you keep skipping out of your appointments. One thing for sure I don’t need you and definitely don’t need someone stealing my motherfucking money. I’m a fucking hacker. You thought I wouldn’t notice after all this fucking talk about going back home? No bitch there will be no going back home. The only home you will see is your fucking soul burning in hell.”

Luca stepped back just enough for Victor to pull the trigger. For a moment there, he didn’t think that Victor was going to kill her.

Now he sees why he was always watching her. She thought she was smart about stealing his money.

That’s what Rylee must have told Jaxon, and he told Victor, well, that was one least person they had to worry about.

After the gunshot, Rylee, Adele, and Bridget came running to the office. Bridget knew she shouldn’t be running. The girl was like 6 or 7 months pregnant; he didn’t know.

It wasn’t his baby. All he knew was he was about to have another little brother that alone should tell his father he needed help so he could be here for his new son but not him. He wants to be fucking stupid.

“VICTOR!” Adele yelled

“You should be happy Dele, she was trying to fuck your husband and lied, saying you were trying to fuck Chris. When we all know that’s the other way around. Rylee told Jaxon she was stealing my motherfucking money. She had gotten over 2.6 mill I couldn’t let her live. I’m sorry, Ry,” Victor said, walking away.

Rylee said nothing. She just looked down at her sister’s dead body with no emotions; she seems relieved in a way as she finally kneeled to taking her head in her arms.

“I told you, Kenzie, this shit was going to get you killed, but you want to fuck with people’s lives and money. You see, you picked the wrong fucking family. Now, look at you dead. I tried, but I couldn’t save you, so I had to stop you. I’m so sorry, baby sister,” Rylee said, kissing her head.

“I just called the cleaners. Come on, let’s get out of here before one of the kids come in and see this,” Adele said

Later that day, they let Rylee decide what to do with her sister’s body. She wanted to send her back home to let their grandparent bury her, but they refuse.

Rylee found out that day why their grandparent kicked Mackenzie just like she was doing Victor.

She robbed her grandparents blind. Luckily they were able to get some of the money back.

Luca guessed she thought since she got away with it the first time she thought she could go for a bigger target.

In this case, she picked the wrong target that costed her life. Victor was lucky that he didn’t trust the bitch who made Adele realize something was off with her too.

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