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Sneaky Bastards

The week after Victor killed Mackenzie, he started to put all his time into helping Luca find out who the fuck was Ghost.

Every lead they got turn up to be a dead-end. They both were starting to understanding why they had the name Ghost.

The motherfucking was practically a ghost, and they were starting to feel like that was what they were chasing a fucking spirit.

He and Victor sat in the living room with piles of paper everywhere record that his adopted parents kept from their time in the mafia.

Recording his father’s time as Don, they had been up all fucking night looking through files after files and found shit.

Everything was in the files about his father’s enemies who they were. If they were dead or alive, but no one that went by the name of Ghost.

“Shit, Luca, I’m done. This shit isn’t getting us anywhere is clear that Father, Uncle Otis and Kiefer, and Auntie hid this person for a reason. Either they thought they would never see them again or didn’t see them as a threat, which they were wrong about.”

“That’s you are right about, and I need to sleep this fucking coffee isn’t doing the job anymore; I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed.”

Victor nodded, helping Luca clean up their mess. They had to do the shit in the middle of the night, so Axel and the others didn’t know they were digging.

After they all told them to let it go, something neither one of them could do. If it was a way to save them, they were going to it whether they liked it or not.

They both took the files back to the office in a secret file room that no one knew about, but he, Victor, and Adele for a reason, and the only reason Victor knew because he was helping him.

Then both made their way to their rooms. Luca used the stair in his office that leads up to his and Adele’s room while Victor left out the office door.

In the bedroom, he noticed that Zeus was lying in bed, but Adele was missing.

It was 4:30 in the morning, and it could only be two places she could be was looking for him or in the bathroom. Her phone being on the nightstand told him she was in the bathroom.

He was right. Adele was hugging the toilet, throwing up. She had to caught the stomach bug from kids had earlier that week.

Luca scrolled over to her, hold her hair back, rubbing her back to help her relax just a little until she finished getting up to brush her teeth.

“Luca, I’m pregnant,” She said, causing him to drop whatever he had in hand. He didn’t remember what it was now.

“You sure?”

She nodded, showing him the pregnancy test that she had taken earlier. Luca was happy, but then again, he wasn’t. He wanted more kids but not at this just time when a psycho killer running who they had no clue who it was

“You don’t look happy I-I don’t what happen. I was taking my pill every day at the same time...”


Sibylla was gloating the day she caught them in the gym, talking about how Adele was always leaving her pills lying around and how she knew she was taking her birth control pills or not.

Luca understood that she wanted more grandkids but let them decide when to have them.

This was their lives, not her, and it was bad enough that Anne was about to have a baby too.

Ugh, if he could just murder her ass, he would, but he didn’t have it in his heart to.

“Luca, you really think Grammy had something to do with this? I could have missed a day, and they aren’t 100%, you know.”

“Liebe, think back to the day in the gym. What did she say to you?”

Adele’s eyes when wide, knowing why he knew his grandmother was behind this.

It wasn’t anything they could do now. He hoped his father was right about Ghost only being after them, plus this time they will have a baby that wasn’t being born around the same time as their birthdays.

“Dele, it’s nothing we can do about it now you’re pregnant, and we are the ones that done it, no one else unless you are fucking Chris like Kenzie suggested,” Luca said laughing get in the shower

“I should flush the fucking toilet on your ass. Say that shit again, and I will,” Adele threaten.

“For real, though, I’m not mad. I just wasn’t planning this now. Hell, we weren’t planning it now with all this shit that is happening. So, please tell me we caught this one early?” He said

“Yes, we did, and I’m going to see Irene or Mary later to see how far along I am.”

Adele left the bathroom, leaving Luca to his thoughts. There were so many things running through his mind now.

Like how to protect his wife and father, not so much of his father but Bridget and the baby.

He knew it sound weird, but she was growing on him, all of them, but she was more of a target to him than Axel.

At this point, it was just too much to think about. He just knew his father had them in a whirlwind of shit.

After finishing his shower, Luca when got into the bed with Adele and Zeus.

It wasn’t any use to running the dog off because after he thought they were both asleep, his ass jumped back up it anyway.

As always, he lifted his head for Luca to rub it, then snuggled himself up against Adele’s stomach.

That was his favorite spot when she was pregnant with Lucas, and he had been doing it for the past month, so he should have seen it.

“With all the shit that was happening, it was hard to notice anything hell. If my head when missing, I wouldn’t have noticed it.” Luca thought

The next Luca knew, Adele was kissing his chest, moving his hair out his face, and Zeus whining in his ear.

Slowly he opened his eyes, looking down to Adele laying on his chest, Zeus staring him right in the face.

“What?” Luca said to the dog, making him bark

“You were talking in your sleep none of it made sense. What’s going on in that head of your Luca? If it’s about your father, let it go. He dug his own grave, and it’s up to him to dig himself back out. The only thing we can do is keep the rest of us safe. I see Hanna. I think that’s her name, Victor’s sister, right? Is here what about Nicole? Have any of you talk to her yet?” Adele said

Luca shook his head no, and he was scared to know why she hasn’t checked in with them.

It’s been two weeks and nothing that wasn’t like Nicole. She was a loner, but she always checked in with her mother or father and her brothers from time to time.

“Uncle Kiefer and Jaxon went back to Berlin to check in on her last night. Maybe the hospital got her working crazy hours.”

“Maybe...But are you coming to the clinic with me?” She said uncertainty

He nodded, getting up from the bed, rubbing Zeus while trying to stop him from getting up.

It was more of stopping him from stepping on Killer and Gunner’s big asses laying on the floor on his side like they didn’t have beds.

After 20 minutes in the bathroom, he and Adele made it to the clinic, walking in seeing his father, Bridget, and Jacob, all sitting together.

“J, Anne here?” Adele said, and he nodded

“Yeah, they are getting her ready for surgery. He wants to be stubborn like her. Why are you two here, everything okay?” Jacob said

“She’s pregnant again,” Axel said

Luca and Adele’s head whipped to his father trying to figure out how the fuck did he know. This was some shit Sibylla had him in on it, he bet.


“I did.”


Axel shrugged his shoulders. What the fuck did they think? This shit was that they could play with people lives like that what they had to think it was a fucking game or something.

“Fath...” Axel stop him by holding up his hand

“Focus on your wife and the baby, not me, plus we have a bigger issue your uncle and brother found your cousin dead and her head displayed in the window of her house. Luca, this wasn’t Ghost. I know that for sure...”

“You don’t know that for sure, Father. This is the point you don’t fucking know all of you need to stop and smell the fucking roses. Whoever the fuck Ghost is a threat to all of us, not you. Who else got to fucking die for you and the others to realize it? Stop being fucking selfish for once and take my fucking help,” Luca said

“No, I don’t need you, Adele, or none of you dying. I rather cut my own fucking head off before I let that happen, so no, I won’t ask for shit,” Axel said

Why the fuck did he have to be so fucking stubborn? He understood that he wanted to protect him, his family, and the rest of them, but they also wanted to protect him. His uncles, aunt, and father needed to understand that.

For that moment, Luca left it alone. It was the best thing he could have done at the time.

After waited for Bridget and his father to finish, he and Adele meet with Kane because Irene, Mary, and some of the nurses were business with Anne.

Since Kayden wanted to be stubborn like his mother and aunt (Adele), she was already two weeks overdue, and then he didn’t want to come out to this fucked up world, but Luca couldn’t blame him though.

Kane did the necessary blood work and ultrasound with the thing Irene used Adele when she was pregnant with the twins.

Luca didn’t like it because Kane was doing it, but he relaxed because he remembered he didn’t like women. That is was he says anyway, but that a story for another day.

He told them that Adele was right at eight weeks pregnant, so she was two months, which was fucked up because she been the ring fighting with them.

Kane ensured them everything was good with the fetus. It had a strong heartbeat, and only one once again.

Although he was hoping for twins again, a boy and girl this time but he was grateful for just one for now. All they had to do now was pray for a safe pregnancy.

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