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Parts of the Past

Axel sat in his office, staring at the photo of him, his wife, brother, sister, and a man that he hasn’t seen in a long time.

He had hope that he would renege on his promise knowing that all of them were different people back then, but the truth of the matter was slapping him right in the face.

The sad thing was Axel remembered that day just like it was yesterday, the day his wife and Luca went missing.

He was mad at the world, thinking everyone was against him, so anybody who seemed off to him died friend or foe.

That week so many of his closest friends, alleys, and even his enemies died by his hand.

Only for him to find his wife’s body floating in the river and find his son, days later knocking on death’s door.

Lucky for him Luca survived but was terrified and damage from watching his mother die right in front of him. That was only the beginning for Luca.

One of the families he killed was a close friend, a man he considered one of his best friends at the time.

Axel was sure that the man was working against him. He had become distant, separating himself from them in their time of need.

It had gotten to a point they couldn’t find him for days during the first week that she and Luca went missing, then when she was found in the river magically, he popped up from his hiding spot.

Talking shit that he and his family took a well-needed vacation, Axel nor Otis didn’t buy it.

They were both convinced that he had helped the enemy, so he, Otis, and Kiefer killed his whole family while Ezra and Elias held him down to watch.

This was the first and last time Axel ever killed a child, but neither was Ghost children, and he didn’t know.

Ghost had to know that he meant business, and killing him at the time wasn’t good enough for him. Axel wanted him to suffer the way he did.

But once again, Axel was wrong.

He didn’t do anything wrong, the man did take his family on vacation to the Virgin Islands, and by the time Axel found out the truth, his family was already dead.

They called him Ghost for a reason because he was just like a ghost, almost like he had train Erik to be unseen. Luca was the same, but it was hard with Kellan and Johan.

Their asses were too fucking loud that’s why they became the torturers and are damn good at it, but Kellan is also their sniper, but none of them could top him.

Ghost was different no one saw him until it was too late. That is why Axel thinks Ghost killed his sister and not the man Adele and Luca killed at the gala, plus he didn’t even have a gun on him.

Back to the day, they killed the Ghost family. He made a promise to kill every last one of them.

Also, he promised that he wouldn’t do the same as they did to him harm their children no matter who old they were, but he wanted them to fear for their lives and that what he was going to make them.

He broke that promise by killing Nicole, but then again, Axel knew why Nicole was to one that messed up their plan to kill Ghost once before.

She had overheard their plans and gotten Luca, Erik, Kellan, Liam, Johan to follow her, nearly getting them all killed, but she did end up killing one of his step-children with his new wife, so Axel guessed he had it out for her too and killed her the way she killed him.

Now his word kept playing over in his mind like a broken record on repeat that couldn’t be stopped.

“I promise you, Axel when you and them assholes least expect it. I will come for you, and I’m killing all you motherfuckers all of you. Not your children like you did mine and not your grandchildren if you have any but you and them bastards. I’m called Ghost for a reason remember that cause that all you and your family will know until you are dead, Axel.”

Axel shook his head of the thought he wasn’t going to let Ghost end him the bitch had to catch him first, but he also had to make sure that his family was safe.

Luca and Victor thought that they were slick comb through old files from when he was Don.

To think they would find something about Ghost, he wasn’t that damn crazy. Them files were long gone just in case of this day ever came as it did.

He also had gotten his mother to help him switching out Adele’s birth control so she would get pregnant.

The only thing she knew he wanted Adele pregnant, nothing more. That was four months ago, and he didn’t think it would take that damn long the why Adele and Luca fucked.

Now he knew Adele being pregnant would make Luca more focus on her than him and this Ghost issue.

And Mackenzie’s dumb ass was apart of the plan, too. She was supposed to working on Victor.

They were paying her to get fucking pregnant too. She did but lost the damn thing.

After that, she had to get greedy want more stealing from Victor like an idiot coming on the Luca like Victor wasn’t enough.

Getting her stupid ass killed, having him and Otis working overtime to cover their fucking track before Victor discovers the truth.

Now they had to find a distraction for Victor; Vince wasn’t enough. All the rest had one but him, and Axel would be damn if he let one of them die because they were trying to protect him.

This is why he was keeping Bridget hid as well. Not wanting to be seen with her.

He couldn’t let Ghost know that he had someone in his life even know he didn’t love her the way she loves him.

After Karla, Axel wasn’t able to love again, but he did feel something for her, but it sure as that fuck wasn’t love, love for his child but not her.

A hard knock came on his office door and Axel hurry putting away the picture before telling the person on the other side to come in.

It was his brother Otis making his appearance, causing him to relax a little.

He was still tense. This shit just wasn’t letting up and would until Ghost was dead.

“Little brother, I think we just might need hel...”

“No, I made it perfectly clear that I would not bring my sons or our nephews into this. It is our mess, Otis. We will fix it or die trying.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It is.”

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