Disorganized Minds

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Luca was still trying to understand his father’s actions of withholding information about Ghost from him.

The things he was doing to keep their mind away from the fact. Yeah, he wanted another child but on his and Adele’s terms, not his father’s and grandmother’s.

He also thought after Bridget had his little sister, something that surprised them all. There were two of them. Sadly, his baby brother didn’t make it. That alone would have had him asking for help, and he thought that his father would be more open to the fact of him helping.

That was two months ago, and now Raine (his little sister) was a month a half old, and his father acts as if he could care less about protecting her.

Like now, he’s been gone for three days, all of them been worried sick, and his Uncle Otis keeps telling them he’s fine just on a little mission of his own.

Fuck that his mission right now was the little girl Bridget was holding in her arms, not to mention Sophia and Ansel.

That was his fucking mission keeping them safe, not running around trying to get himself killed. Who does that? Oh yeah, Axel, his father, that’s who does.

So much had happened in the last few months, and one would think since everything has been quiet for the last two months.

It would give his father time to enjoy what he had not blown off his fucking family.

Adele was now four months pregnant; Kayden Jacob and Anne’s son was five months, but it was hard for Luca happy about anything at the moment.

Yeah, he should be jumping with joy that he was about to have another boy and had another sibling that he didn’t want.

Still, she made it into this fucked up world of theirs safe and didn’t meet the same faith as her twin, but he was too furious with his father to think of anything else.

Looking at the files got him nowhere. Everything was just a fucking dead end, and he was being to see that his father, Otis, and Kiefer made sure none of them knew shit about Ghost.

Luca let out a long but loud sigh running his hands through his hair, noticing that it needed a trim.

He had let the shit get way too long. He loved his hair but also liked it shoulder length. Right now, it was a little too long.

Victor laughing in the doorway stop him as he looked at the length of his hair.

He probably thought that he was thinking of cutting it as he told him before that it would be a cold day in hell before that shit happened.


“Looks like you need someone to talk to.”

That was an understatement. What he needed was Ghost head on a platter, but that was for another day.

Today he would settle just to talk to his brother, cousin, whatever they called each other at the moment.

“Yeah, let’s talk about you and Kenzie. You haven’t talked about that since the day you killed her. Why?”

“Well, that is because I don’t fucking want to and still fucking don’t so leave it be.”

Victor should know that wasn’t going to happen. Luca could tell he needed to talk about it.

It was eating him alive; he was in love with her although he didn’t want to say it out loud, and she broke his trust, which lead him to kill her.

Luca knew better than anyone once that trust was broken. Whatever love he had for her was broken, and the only way he would be able to love anyone again, Victor had to let go.

“You told her she lied about the baby. That wasn’t true, Vic. The girl was pregnant. You know that, right?”

“The keyword brother was, she lost the baby a week after she found out she was pregnant, she thought I didn’t know. Kenzie was trying to pregnant again; without me know she lost the baby, and trying to pregnant again wasn’t the issue. She was stealing my fucking money. I found out that money was going into her account from a different routing number...our father’s Axel was paying her. For what I don’t know, it pissed me off, and after I walked in your office just to heard her talk about how she likes another you out of all the people in this fucking house. It reminded me of Scarlett. Anyhow neither one of you seen me, so I waited. Listening waiting on her to come on to you made me even more pissed. She fucking up saying that shit about Dele. I was too mad to fucking think, so I killed her. Everything I felt for her when out the window that day, so when I say I’m fine, I’m fine, my son is enough for me right now.”

“I have a clue of why father was paying her.”


“To make sure she got pregnant, you know he’s the reason Dele’s pregnant now. He got our grandmother to switch out Dele’s birth control. He knew that we were on his ass, so he needed something to distract us. The whole time I thought Kenzie was up to something else, it was him pushing her to get pregnant by you, but the whole coming on to me that was all her. I think she wanted to start some shit with Dele because she was defending Bridget truly. I don’t think that bitch actually wanted me, but to tell you the truth, if she had touched me, I would have killed myself.”

Victor laughed at his statement because he knew it was the truth. He and Adele were always open to one another, but there were things that she didn’t know.

Like last weekend Jacob talked them into going to the strip club for his 21st birthday because he never been to one.

So, he, Victor, and Erik caved a long with Kellan, Johan, and Jaxon. To be safe, he took him to one of the clubs he owns and specifically told the girls not to come into the private booth. Well, not exactly he told them not to come near him.

One of the strippers got brave and decided that she wanted to give him a lap dance.

He was kind of open to it until the stupid bitch grabbed his dick, causing him to stab her in the fucking neck.

It was like they could understand English or German. He told her from the beginning not to touch anything that didn’t belong to her, and she crossed the fucking line grabbing him there, so she lost her life.

“That I do believe. Did you ever tell Dele about the stripper you killed?” Victor said

“AND LOSE MY LIFE? FUCK NO and never will unless one of you rat me out, unlike you, Johan, Jaxon, and Jacob. Well, J may as well be. I’m married and happen to love my wife that there shouldn’t have happened. Plus, if she found out, we took her little brother to the strip club. That alone would get all of us killed.”

Yeah, Jacob was 21, and Adele still treated the boy like a baby hell, he had a baby now, and she still couldn’t accept the fact.

Luca saw it know how she was going to treat their children once they were grown.

“Good point, don’t tell her...Have you heard from Axel yet? I asked Bridget, and she no, so I was hoping you had heard from him.”

“No, not since the day he disappeared on us. Still no word on his location?”

“He turned off his GPS...I hate to say it, Luca, but it like he wants to die walking into danger like that. On top of that, Uncle Otis and Kiefer know where he is at all this shit is fucked up. You’re Don, and he is acting as if he still is. I know that he wants to protect us and shit but isn’t it. It’s clear that we are our strongest as a family.”

That what one should think, but in his father’s mind, he, his brother, and Kiefer are stronger without them.

That is until another one of them dies if they couldn’t tell he killed Heidi to weaken him, and Otis by taking their little sister and Kiefer by taking his wife and daughter and they say there are the ones that need guidance.

This man knew what he was doing, and they all keep saying that it is them he is after, so why kill Nicole?

She didn’t have shit to do with this, but he still killed her, although his father says it wasn’t him that killed her that was bullshit.

“It’s not nice to talk about a person went they are not present. You do know that, right?”

“Oh, good, the bastard alive,” Luca sarcastically said

Axel said nothing but walked over to the chair in front of Luca’s desk sitting beside Victor.

Seconds later, he bends down, picking up Zeus, which he had forgotten was in the room with him. The damn dog followed him more than his dogs did.

“I’m not acting as Don; I’m acting as a father that wanted to keep his family safe just leave it alone, you two, and if we need your help, I will ask, but for right sons, let me and your uncles handle this please” Axel pleaded.

Luca and Victor stared at him. He wanted to said fuck it tell us now, but his father wanted to handle this on his own, and he truly believes if he needed their help, he would come to them.

“Alright, but I telling you now if anyone else in our family dies, father, you telling us everything I fucking mean it.”

“I consider it.”

“Fucking shit Axel this isn’t a fucking game. You know what go... go hold your baby girl. I’m tired of your bullshit, you always telling me not to do something stupid that will get myself killed, keeping me from seeing my babies grow or them not having a father. What the fuck are you doing, huh? I understand that you’re 62 years old, but still, you can have a full life ahead of you to see Sophia, Ansel, and Raine grow up. You saw me grow. Now it’s their turn. They need their father, not their big brothers THEIR FATHER, but at this fucking rate, they won’t have one. Hate to say this, but what about Bridget? I know you fucking love her as she loves you, but you want to be dumb, so fucking go, Axel I don’t have time for this shit do what you want and when you do realize you need us to, let’s hope it’s not too late” Luca said walking away.

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