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Slap in the Face (Pt.1)

A few days later, Luca decided to take Adele and the kids out for a bit just to get them away from the house.

It was just too much tension in the house for him, especially with his father.

Who was still being a jackass talking shit bout he will consider their help if someone else dies.

Then he distanced himself again from Bridget, and their daughter, the man, was too frustrating to be around.

Although Luca hated the mall, it was the only place that he, Adele, and the kids could go with a group of guards, and people wouldn’t look at them funny.

They still had a few people, mostly teenagers, and young adults, coming up to them asking for autographs and pictures, mostly from Adele, which satisfied Luca.

Now he was getting tortured. Adele had him in a store trying to get him to find clothes.

Clothes that he didn’t need the agreement was that he would let her go to the mall with the kids and shop, not him, but that was the price he had to pay coming to the mall with his wife.

Luca had to give it to her though she knew his style. He still didn’t want to shop, not today, tomorrow, or ever, but to stay on Adele’s good side when with it.

So he sat there holding Lucas in his arms with the twins in the stroller beside him as he watched her with Josie and Ty run around the store picking out his clothes then coming over to him laying them beside him.

Luca could tell he was frustrating her by not even looking at the clothes. The only thing he needed to see was the color and the style.

If he liked it, he didn’t say a word. If he didn’t, he would throw it on the rack beside him.

Luckily the twins nor Lucas didn’t talk that much and love him enough to tell, but they would laugh each time.

Luca also did the same when she picked out clothes for Tyler and Lucas. She wasn’t about to have his sons all colorful and shit. Luca wanted the same for them as him to be in dark colors.

Adele had disappeared on the other side of the store to find more clothes. A woman decided to sit in the chair next to him.

She looked over to him and gave a small smile something but didn’t feel right with Luca.

No one was that brave to sat anywhere close to him without permission unless they didn’t know him, and everyone in Germany knew him.

He nicely moved his babies on the other side of his chair and sitting Lucas down in his lap.

Looking over to Jake and Ben, he signals them while he placed his hand on a gun to be on the safe side but stop when the woman began to speak.

“Es ist auf Angst zu sein Don Kohler Ich bin nicht hier, um Sie zu verletzen, Frau, oder Ihre Kinder Ich bin nur ein Bote” (There is no need to fear me Don Kohler I’m not here to hurt you, wife, or your children I’m just a messenger) The lady said.

“Da du nur der Bote bist, der der Absender ist und was für ein Fick wollen sie, der sie dazu bringen würde, mich und die Familie hier draußen zu suchen?” (Since you’re just the messenger who is the sender and what the fuck do they want that would make them seek me and family out here?) Luca asked

The lady sat there for a moment, looking at her phone then back to him. Luca couldn’t tell if she is reading something from the phone or just checking the time.

“Jemand braucht Ihre Anwesenheit gut Ihre und Ihre Königin niemand sonst sie erlauben, Ihre zwei Schoß Hunde mit Ihnen zu bringen, aber nicht Ihre Cousins, Bruder-n-Gesetze, bestfriend, und definitiv nicht Ihr Vater” (Someone is in need of your presence well yours and your Queen no one else you are allow to bring your two lap dogs with you but not your cousins, brother-n-law, bestfriend, and definitely not your father) She said

“Who?” Luca asked

“Du hast so schöne Kinder Don und dein Sohn sieht aus wie du” (You have such beautiful children Don and your son looks just like you) She said getting up handing him a piece of paper

Luca held on to Lucas with one hand taking the paper with the other eyeing the woman as she stood there.

It had an address on there with instruction of what the person wanted them to do, whoever it was ordering him to do shit as if he was his soldier or some shit.

He looked at the woman oddly, then back to the paper in his hand. She smiles again, reaching over as if she was about to touch his son, but he intercepted, stopping her.

“Ich weiß nicht, dass du nicht weiter als ich dich werfen kann, also berühre meinen Sohn nicht besser, aber keines meiner Kinder” (I don’t know you no farther than I can throw you so don’t fucking touch my son better yet none of my children) Luca said.

“Very well, Don, just make sure you and your wife be there on time. He doesn’t like to wait. You see, he has a temper something like yours. By the way, my name is Isa.”

“If you could speak English, why not do it in the first fucking place? I give no fucks about what your boss doesn’t like. He has no ownership over me or my wife, and I can care less about your fucking name as well. Your boss name is what I want.”

Isa smiles widely at his comment as she had lost it, but he soon realizes that she wasn’t smiling at him but at Adele, Josie, and Ty as they walked up.

“Baby, you making new friends without me?” Adele asked

“No, Isa here is just a messenger apparently, we’ve been submitted.”

Adele eyed the woman then him. He could see she thought the same thing he was. Could it be Ghost that wanted to see them? If so, why?

“Ghost?” Adele said

“Donna, I don’t know a Ghost, but I’m sure you both would want to meet my husband. He can be a great help to you, but like I told your husband, he only wants you and him. You’re allowed to have your weapons and your two lapdogs there to make you feel safe but no one else. Your Don has the address and time. It gives you an ample amount of time to take your beautiful children home, oh did you know little Tyler there is mixed with Black and Chinese, not German? He beautiful either way, but anyways the time is six don’t be late,” Isa said

Luca looked at Tyler, then at Adele, but by the time he opened his mouth to asked Isa how she knew she was gone.

The only ones who knew that were Adele, Irene, Axel, and him, so how the fuck did she know now, really leaving the question of who was she.

“How...how did she know that Luca?” Adele asked

“Don’t know, but we are going to find out. Let’s paid for this shit and get our babies home.”

She nodded and waved over one of the sale reps to help them collects the clothes that were the rack. The woman looked weird and surprise at Adele, then turning her nose up in the air.

Yes, she was buying him a whole new closet, something she didn’t need. What was special about that? It wasn’t until the woman opened her mouth, which pissed Luca off.

“All that? Are you able to afford all that?” She asked

“What the fuck do you mean? I’m here, right, aren’t I? What you think just because I’m not his skin color, I can’t have fucking money?” Adele asked

“I...I’m not saying that it...it’s just a lot o...of stuff,” She said

“Yeah, and you just don’t know who the fuck we are then...bitch just ring up our shit so we can leave trust me, we have the fucking money plenty of it,” Luca said

Adele went to pull out her card, but he stopped her, giving the girl his card.

She looked down, reading the name and her eyes went big then staring back at him and Adele.

“I...I’m so sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Kohler, I didn’t know...”

“We don’t need you fucking sorry, just ring the shit up so we can go like. Just be lucky. My wife is settled today. Usual when she is pregnant people get there ass beat or killed” Luca said, smirking at the lady

It was true, but with this pregnancy, Adele was way more settled than the last two.

Maybe this baby had more of her genes because he knew for a fact that the twins and Lucas were just like him. Maybe that is why they were so attached to him.

The girl nodded and hurried to scan the clothes, making the arrangements of getting them delivered to their house, then used the card to pay. She came running back, handing him his card, trying to smile at Adele.

“I talked to my manager about my behavior, and he gave you a discount again. I’m truly sorry if I knew... No, I shouldn’t have ever assumed,” She said

“Right, you shouldn’t, but you did apologize. Some can’t admit their wrongs. I’m proud of you, so what’s your name? Your tag is missing.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice, but it’s Makayla, ma’am.”

Luca stared at Adele as he tried to keep Lucas’s hands out of his head. Sometimes he believed Lucas did the shit only because he knew he didn’t like it.

The boy was smiling as he fought him like the shit was funny, so did his sisters, who were probably waiting for their turn.

“Daddy hungry,” Nevaeh said

“Little girl, you always hungry...but always Makayla, why don’t you go by Kohler Fashion fill out an application tell them that Adele or Luca sent you? I know that is what my wife was going to tell you. It seems you are capable of more.”

“Yes, sir, thank you...thank you so much.”

After that, they make their way home, just was the first time in a long time that Luca had spent out with his family.

They were out for four hours. He made sure they went out to eat first at another one of Axel’s restaurants.

Nevaeh and Heaven made sure to eat as much as they could. Luca never saw two year old’s eat as much as they do.

Then he made sure they got a snack in the mall that was an hour ago, and now they were crying again about being hungry the whole ride home.

Luca had a headache once they pulled up in the yard from their crying. Sibylla didn’t make it any better, complaining about them not feeding her babies.

They ate too much as it was, then she and Katy just keep on feeding them. Lucky they had high metabolisms.

Not wanting to argue, Luca let his grandmother feed the twins while he told a lie just to get him and Adele out of the house to meet the mystery person that was an hour away.

“Luca, this could be a setup, and we are following this man’s instructions. We should have ay least brought Victor or Erik.”

“Liebe, I can hold my own, and so can you. If this person wanted us dead, he would have when though the trouble of sending his wife to us. Plus, this man knows too much, which means he probably has us followed to make sure we follow his instructions. We will be fine, believe that, and I will lay my life down before I let anyone take yours,” Luca said, bringing Adele’s hand up to his lips, kissing it.

Luca kept his eyes on the road, but he could feel Adele tense up as he held her hand after he mentioned dying before letting someone kill her. It was true though he rather dies a thousand deaths before letting her die.

“Don’t say that shit, Luca.”

“Yeah, we will be there in about 5 minutes. You ready?” He said, ignoring what she said.

At this point, he could feel her eyes burning holes in the side of his head, but he said nothing but reach over rubbing her belly receive a kick from their son bring a smile to his face.

Exactly five minutes later, they were pulling up at a nice size house. It wasn’t a mansion, but it was nice.

It kind of reminded him of Adele’s house, big but not too big and not gated and no guards, which put him at ease.

Getting out of the car, Isa met them. She stood there with a giant smile on her face making him wonder why she was so happy.

“Oh, my, I’m so happy you made it and a half an hour early that is so great come in...come in,” She said, all happy.

“Okay, now I’m scared for my life. Why the fuck is she so fucking happy?” Luca whisper to Adele

“Luca, you’re always scared when people are happy, and I thought you were ready to lay your life down for mine. What happened to that?” Adele whispers back, laughing.

Isa looked at the two of the weird Luca believe them whispering frighten her to, and the only happy person he was used to was his grandmother, but that was a different level of happiness.

In the house, two small Yorkies came running up to them, yapping and jumping all over Luca’s leg as if they didn’t just see Adele walk in with him.

“They don’t bite just some happy little fuckers that loves to rub and held,” Isa said

He nodded, bending down, picking one up as Isa did the other this one looked better than the one Erik brought Emma, and it could have just the fact he didn’t have bows on the top of his head.

“Don’t worry about Luca. He loves dogs. Trust me. We have too many of them in the house now. If you have a cat, that is an issue,” Adele said, laughing.

“TMI Dele, TMI,” Luca said as he glared at her.

Adele rolled her eyes, making him smack her on the ass, telling people that he was scared of cats. No one but the crazy-ass fools at the house was supposed to know that.

“Well, I don’t like cats either, and neither does my husband. He’s always talking some about his mother’s cat attacked him when he was younger/ Come he’s in the backyard.”

She opened the door to the backyard, and Luca saw an older man around the same age or older than his Uncle Otis sitting in a chair watching a child play in the pool.

He put him in the mind of someone, but he just couldn’t place who the person was at the moment, but Luca could feel that he knew this man from somewhere.

“Honig sie sind hier” (Honey they are here), She said

“Gut.. gut kommen sitzen mit mir bitte” (Good...good come sit with me please) He said

“English, please,” Luca said

“You don’t talk your native tongue?” He asked

“I do. We are just accustomed to speaking English. Is that a problem?” Luca asked

He looked over to Adele and smiled, shaking his no. He probably thought that she couldn’t understand the language, but he was wrong if he did.

“Beautiful wife you have. I see we share the same taste. It must run in the fam...but enough about that. Where is my manner? Let me introduce myself, and please don’t kill me once you hear my name, not in front of my grandson or wife. I know I will have a lot of explaining to do...”

“I get it fucking name, please,” Luca said

“Conard, but let me explain,” he said

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