Disorganized Minds

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Conard...Conard? As is his father’s fucking brother Conard; Victor’s motherfucking father that suppose to have died twenty-four fucking years ago.

The man that kidnapped him, how was this a sick joke? Where were the cameras? Somebody needed to tell him what the fuck was going on.

Luca’s head started spinning. He could hear as Adele and Isa talked to him, telling him to breathe.

He didn’t understand. He felt like he was dying, but he wasn’t shot or anything, but his heart was racing, and his chest was tight.

For some reason, he kept reaching for his throat like something was caught in it.

Luca could see Adele bending down in front of him, holding his face in her hands, but she was beginning to be blurry. But the touch of her rubbing his face seems to calm him down, but he still couldn’t breathe.

“Luca...Luca, Baby, listen to me. You’re having a panic attack. Breathe okay. You need to calm down and breathe slowly, okay,” Adele said calmly.

“I didn’t mean to give the boy a damn panic attack. I didn’t think he would react this way, Donna. Fuck, I’m sorry,” He heard Conard say

“Sure you are, but you need to stand back,” Adele said

Just the sound of his voice made him panic again. This time Luca couldn’t control it.

Everything around him started to go black, and the voices started to fade until he saw nothing but darkness.





Great, just fucking great Luca had to go and pass the fuck out on them. She was surprised when he said the name, Conard.

Adele didn’t think that Luca would have a damn panic attack, either maybe start cursing or trying to kill the man, yeah, but a full-blown panic attack, no.

Adele had to get Jake and Ben to come in the house to get his heavy ass up out the fucking floor.

The fool tried to get out of the fucking chair, and luckily Conard was fast enough to catch his ass his hit the fucking ground or falling on her.

Now Adele was sitting in the living room with Isa, Conard, and their grandson Connor playing his Nintendo Switch.

Luca was in one of the guest rooms, still knockout. Adele felt bad for him because she had to call Mary.

The only of the doctors that she could trust not to go running back to Axel before they could tell him that his brother was alive.

Now she just had to hope when Luca woke up. He wouldn’t try to kill the man before getting the answer they needed.

“Are you going just to sit there? I know you want to ask me something, Adele. Is it okay that I call you that?” Conard said

“Yes, it fine...but Why? Why did you try to kill your nephew? And how are you still alive?”

“I didn’t. That’s the problem.”

What the fuck he means? He didn’t. Axel was pretty sure that he was one of the men he killed the day he rescued Luca. Could he be wrong?

“Axel said...”

“My brother said that I was there. I know, and I wasn’t. He knows that I wasn’t. He also told that lie about Karla being my sister. I think you know that by now, but the truth is I was running from some demons of my own. Axel helped me fake my death, but I didn’t think he would tell Luca I was responsible for what happened to him, and yes, Victor is my son, and Karla was his mother...”


“And my brother and I were fucking the same woman. I know, but he didn’t know at first she played my little brother, and when he found out, he ended things. I think making the bitch go crazy. You see what she did...But Axel knew from the beginning that Victor was my son but his mother and uncle, the man killed with her that day, corrupted that boy’s mind. So bad that I can’t help him at the time, so I begged Axel to take him and get him help. I wasn’t expecting my brother to give him the fuck away and keep the bitch fucking daughter instead, which turn out to be a bad idea seeing she turn out just like her mother I see and dead... After that happened to Luca, I ran to the states and came back two years later. That’s when I met Isa and married. I’ve been hiding ever since then,” Conard said

Adele was truly confused. This was too much even for her if this was true what he was saying.

But why did he have to lie? Conard could have easily killed her and Luca on the way there or as soon as they pulled up in the yard, but he didn’t

“Sibylla, does she know?” Adele asked

“GOD NO! Is that witch still alive?”

“Very much alive and living with us,” Adele said, laughing.

“And Kane’s father? Is that bastard still alive?” Conard asked with his eyebrow arched

She did the same Adele had no clue what the man was talking about. She knew Kane, but not his father or who he really was. All she knew that he was a close friend of Axel’s and that it.

“Kane’s father?” She asked

“Friedrich, my mother’s brother is Kane, and the girl’s father, didn’t you know?” Conard said

“No, but what girl?” Adele replied

She had no idea that Friedrich was Kane’s father. Luca only said that he was a close friend of his fathers and that he was gay, at least he thought anyway, so it was a possibility he didn’t know/

“Umm...Luca only said that Kane was a friend of Axel.”

Conard opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Luca yelling, coming down the stairs with Mary right on his heels.


“I’m sorry,” Adele said

She got up quickly, running to Luca so she could calm him down before he burns these people’s house down.

From the sounds of it, he was about to blow the whole thing up with all of them in it.

“Luca, calm down, please...”

“Let’s go now,” He said, cutting her off.

She had to get him to stop and calm him down. He needed to listen to what his uncle had to say, and maybe he could help shine a light on who was Ghost as well.


Luca stop yelling. Let’s go now. Looking at her all crazy, she know he thought that she had lost her mind.

He was out for two hours while she talked to his uncle. Now he needed to talk to him.


“Luca... Luca, no, he didn’t. Please talk to him. You had a panic attack and was out for two hours. If he wanted you or me dead, he could have done it then, but I’m still alive, and so are you. Your father lied, Luca, and he’s been lying a lot lately,” She said

“What you mean, my father lie? And if I do say okay, I will talk to him for you who says I won’t have another fucking panic attack or whatever that shit was, and if I do, we’re leaving. I felt like I was fucking dying, and I didn’t like that shit,” Luca said

Adele nodded as she walked them back in the living room to sit. With his big ass, Luca was sitting under her like a little child that needed his mother.

She could feel the tension in his body and think that the baby could, too, because he was all over the fucking place.

Conard begins talking, telling him the same story he told her. Luca sat there listening to him.

At one point, he teased up, and Adele was sure he was about to call bullshit until he straightening up, telling him that he believed him.

Conard relaxed then and took a long but deep breath, one that she could tell he was holding since he started talking.

“Now, uncle, I need you to tell me something and be honest about it. Who the fuck is Ghost?” Luca said

“Ghost sounds like a fictional character to me. Why? Is he someone I should know?” Conard said

“Really, you too? Unbelievable. Just tell me this. Why the fuck you send your fucking wife to the damn mall to get me here, and how you knew we were there? On top of that shit, your wife knew my son with half black and Chinese how? All of you have a fucking death wish. By the way, your son and daughter are at the house if you want to meet them before you, your brothers, and the other two get yourselves killed like aunt Heidi. You are welcome to come, and I think your mother would be happy to see her dead son. Let’s go, Adele.”

“I knew you were at the mall because I was there too. I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I got Isa to come to you and Tyler. Well, he and Josephine are her grandchild,” Conard said

“WHAT?!“They both yelled

Adele looked at Luca, then back to Isa, not knowing what to think, the only thing she was hoping she wasn’t about to fight for them.

“There is nothing to worry about. My son made bad decisions, and it got him killed. I wouldn’t dream of taking them from you two. I saw today they are both happy and well taken care of they make not be your by blood, but you treat them no different you both love them something they need” Isa said

Adele opened her mouth, but Isa pulled her into a hug, whispering, “I am only their aunt now love them that is all I ask,” then kissing her cheek doing the same to Luca. After that, they left.

The whole way home, Luca was quiet. He was somewhat pissed Adele could feel the heat coming from his body.

On top of that, he was mad because she wouldn’t let him drive, talking about he felt just fine when he knew he didn’t.

Luca went straight to his father’s office back home, beating down the door, talking to himself about at least he had the respect to knock before walking in.

When Axel opened the door, he was looked at the two of them as if they were crazy.

The man looked as if he had been sleeping but why in the office when he had a whole room.

“You have some fucking explaining to do.”

“Luca, I don’t have time for your fucking temper tantrums. You’re 30 something years old fucking act like it, not like your damn little sisters and brother,” Axel said, about to close the door

“Conard’s alive, and well, you fucking knew it you and lied about him kidnapping me father. I had a motherfucking panic attack when that man told me his name. I almost fucking died, and you know why he resurfaced because of fucking Ghost, and just like you and others, he’s a fucking dumbass. I hope you all like it when all of you are burning hell while Ghost is dancing on your graves,” Luca said, walking away.

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