Disorganized Minds

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Luca was still reeling off yesterday’s event, thinking how many more things his father was hiding from them.

He thought he knew him, but it turned out Luca knew shit of his father, only the story that he placed in front of him, which was all lies.

No matter what, he still loved and trusted him and understood his reasons, although they did piss him the fuck off.

Telling him that his uncle kidnapped and torture him took the cake. He could have killed the man over an unnecessary lie, and he knew it. Luca guessed they didn’t think this Ghost wasn’t going to come after them.

Luca could tell from the look on his father’s face last night he wasn’t planning on Conard to resurface or contract him.

Either way, the cat was out of the bag. Now he had to face the music because there were going to three angry people in that house coming after him, one that was just warming up to them, and that was Hanna.

What pissed Luca off the most about his uncle was the man had a whole new life with his wife, and from the looks of it, he had more children beside Victor and Hanna that he raised.

On top of that, Victor was going to freak the fuck out when he finds out that Karla was his mother and not his aunt.

How the hell did he not know that? Did they fuck him up that bad that he block all that shit out?

To think about it, it was possible he did it for a long fucking time, blocked out what happen to him until he told Adele.

Still to this day, he couldn’t tell someone what Karla or the man only names, and he was still missing five years of his life.

It was one of the reasons Luca believed he couldn’t remember Victor or what he looked like.

Then again, his father had some damn good ass doctors that helped him and Victor, so that may have been one of the reasons neither of them remembers shit.

Now he needed to think of a way to tell his cousins that their father is still alive and his grandmother, the son that she gave away and thought was dead, is alive and wants to see her.

Luca wanted to give his father and uncle time so they could be the ones that told them.

Knowing the two of them, they would have a reason behind why they couldn’t be the one’s telling just to protect their fucking ass.

Luca shifted in the bed a little his breathing was still a little off from yesterday, and his head was still spinning, but he wasn’t going to tell his wife that.

Then Mary tried to put him on some damn medicine to help with the fucking panic attacks fuck.

It was only fucking one, and he had a damn good reason for it, but he didn’t need any fucking pills to help him.

One of the twins must have sensed his discomfort because they put their small hand on the side of his face.

No, they didn’t sleep with him and Adele but woke up early that morning crying for their daddy, so the nannies didn’t have a choice but to bring them to him.

Luca was pissed off at first hearing someone at their room door at 3:30 in the morning.

First, he thought his father may be going through a midlife crisis or, better yet, finally coming off his high horse asking for help.

He was relieved to see Piper and Kylie standing at the door with the twins in their arms.

They both looked scared as fuck, maybe because they thought he would curse them out, but it was too fucking early in the morning for that shit.

Finally, he looked over to a set of big grey eyes staring at him, smiling. Heaven was awoken surprising to him her twin was still sleep snuggled up against Adele along with Zeus.

Luca smiles back at her sweet little face as she places her other hand on the other side of his face, then kissing his forehead.

“Daddy scared?” She asked.

“Daddy’s not scared, Baby,” He said back, kissing her little hands.

He didn’t know what made her asked him that question, but he gave her another smile, but she placed her hand on his chest over his heart that was racing a bit.

“Papa hat Angst” (Daddy is scared) Heaven said again.

This girl was so much like her mother. How the fuck can a two-year-old can tell him he was fucking scared.

Luca wasn’t scared, just shaken from yesterday, but he was just fine, although his daughter didn’t think so.

Heaven rubbed his face kissing his forehead, as she kept telling him, “es ist kay, wove dich” (it be kay, wove (love) you), which did steady his heart rate.

“Kay now, daddy?” She asked

It was amazing how she knew what to tell him and to switch from English to German. His babies were truly smart as they were.

“Yes, daddy’s okay now,” He tells her.

“I hungry,” She said

Yeah, she wanted to butter him up just to ask for food that was his babies for him. For him to be okay so he could feed her, but he knew she was worried too.

Soon as Luca sat up, the room whole room began to spin. Making him fall back as quickly as he sat up for some reason, his body wanted to start panicking again.

He tried to control it to keep Heaven from seeing it, but his mind and body had a different opinion.

Luca could hear his daughter called out to Adele. The weird thing was she was calm while he was freaking out inside because she saw the shit, making him asked what kind of fucking kids did he have.

“Luca, I need you to calm down, close your eyes and count from 20. I will count with you. Make sure you take deep breaths in and out between each number, okay” Adele said as she started to count.


Luca took a deep breath in


He let it out


Again in


Out again

It continued until he heard Adele say, one at this time, Mary was in the room but he was too focus on Adele’s voice.

Luca didn’t notice she had walked over to the door letting Mary, his grandmother, and father fucking in the room with them.

Luca sat up slowly, this time now looking over to a set of four no six sets of grey eyes staring at him like they all were amused that daddy was panicking.

“I guess you three think this shit is funny that Daddy couldn’t breath judging them big smiles on your faces,” Luca said to the twins and Lucas, who started to laugh.

Yep crazy, too, just like him and their mother, Luca was hoping that his children did get the crazy gene, but it was too late for that.

“Luca, you need to take the fucking pills I gave you,” Mary said

“I’m not taking them fucking pills so you can take them back up shove them up your ass,” Luca said

Luca thought he made it clear that he wasn’t taking them fucking pills. He would get back right just needed time. There was no way he was going to let the pills take over his life again.

“Son, I know you don’t want to seem dependent on the anxiety pills again, but right now, Luca, you need them. You always had anxiety problem, but you never had panic attacks, so take the damn medicine Luca,” Axel said

“I’m not taking the fucking medicine. You weren’t the one addicted to them, so I’m not fucking taking them.”

Luca didn’t care what the fuck neither of them said he wasn’t taking the pills, and there was no ifs, ands, or buts. It was his body, and he controlled what went in it.

Adele had to know this because she wasn’t doing anything but sitting there silently unless she was plotting.

Luca knew Adele, and she was always putting shit in the kid’s food to make them take their vitamins, cold medicine, and other shit. She wasn’t going to fool him.

“Luca, you have help now, and you have Adele and the babies to think about, sweetie. A panic attack isn’t something you can play with; that shit can kill you. What brought it on anyway? I thought you and Dele were just going out to spend some time alone? What the fuck was you doing to make you have a panic attack? Adele seems to okay,” Sibylla said.

“Ask you fucking son he knows better yet, asks both of your fucking sons with their lying asses,” Luca said

“Opa (grandpa) lied?” Nevaeh asked

Sibylla laugh. It was one of the things they understood because Sibylla was always telling them that lying was bad.

It didn’t matter because Josie, Sophia, and Ansel had a bad habit of lying, and the twins and Tyler were picking it up, not even know it.

“Yes, Opa lied,” Luca said

“Boy, don’t be telling my grandchildren I lied. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Axel said

It was nothing wrong with him. He was just telling his children the truth their fucking grandfather lied to them. What was wrong with that?

“What do I need to know?” Sibylla asked

“Luca,” Axel said sternly.

Luca rolled his eyes. Why should he keep his secret if he could trust him to tell the truth about Ghost or any of this shit? So no, plus he was the fucking Boss, not him anymore.

“Talk or I will,” Luca said

“Fine, boy, I swear you’re just a stubborn as your fucking grandmother sometimes. What he wants me to tell you, mother, is I lied about killing Conard. He is very much alive, living an hour away, and he wants to talk to you, Victor, and Hanna,” Axel said

A loud smack full the room the shit made Luca jump with the kids and Adele and shit like that don’t usually faze him, but that did.

Maybe it was just the fact he was still going off of the panic attack that made him jumpy.

“Nana pop-pop Opa,” Lucas laughed out.

Lucas never really talked unless he wanted something, and it was always one-word comments like hold, eat, or stop. At first, Luca thought something was wrong with him until Adele and Mary told him that it was normal for a one-year-old to do so.

Hearing his son talk like that made his day and made him laugh at the fact of him thinking his father getting slap was funny.

“Yes, nana pop-pop Opa because you Opa needed it, nana should have beat him with Daddy’s bat over there,” Sibylla said to Lucas.

“Grammy, don’t tell him that he already be trying to beat the other kids with his belt after you brought him to the training room that day,” Adele said

“Baby, that was your fault. You were the one beating Victor with the belt, not her,” Luca said, laughing.

It was true his grandmother thought it was wise to bring Lucas down in the training room the day when Adele was getting her payback.

After Lucas saw his mother beating the shit out of Victor with the belt, Luca guessed he wanted to try it and tried to beat Vince, Tyler, and Nevaeh with his.

Heaven showed him differently, taking it from him hitting him with it. Her ass was just as bad as his.

Since his grandmother wanted to get violent and Heaven would stop talking about she was hungry.

Luca thought it is time for the nannies to get them, so Luca texted Piper for her and Kylie to get the kids then Victor, and Hanna to come to his and Adele’s room.

About 5 minutes later, Victor and Hanna came rushing in then Piper, and Kylie to get the babies.

They didn’t have to tell the twins twice because they were getting off the bed, making their way to the door talking about “om go eat,” grabbing their hands once they saw them.

“Damn, cousin, I heard you had a fucking panic attack last night. Did Adele fuck you too hard?” Hanna said laughing

She was just like Victor. They both had smartass mouths like their grandmother, and it didn’t take her that long to warm up to them once she moved into the house.

Hanna was sweet, but not to be fuck with she could hold her own that was proven in the ring when she beat the shit out of Johan in the ring

Then she and Adele were buddy, buddy right with Emma, Nova, and Bridget, Anne who, been a loner lately, the same was with Rylee and Kelly.

“No, asshole, but when you find out why I had one, the two of you may have one too,” Luca said

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