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Slap in the Face (Pt.2)

Hanna and Victor stared at him stupidly, just to be clear add they had the same stupid look on their faces it was no doubt that they were sister and brother.

Sibylla laughed at how messed up their faces were, causing Adele to laugh and Axel, who was still rubbing his face where Sibylla slapped him.

One thing Luca had learned about his grandmother, the woman, had a strong hand for a woman that didn’t stand up to half of them.

“Well, father, are you going to tell them, or do I need to?” Luca asked

“I’m fucking thinking Luca,” Axel said

What was there to think about just fucking tell them that their fucking father was alive, and he lied?

That was the best way. It wasn’t going to make it any better. No matter how he tried to spin it, either they would be mad or take it well. It was just one way or the fucking other.

“And tell the whole story Axel not parts, Victor, and Hanna you don’t need to leave till the end,” Luca said

“Luca, you have one more time to call me Axel, and I swear to the fucking devil that I will teach this in boy Dele stomach to call you Luca beside daddy or father,” Axel said

“And I will do the same with Raine. She’s only three months, you know, but I will teach her to call you Opa,” Luca said, laughing.

“And I will telling Adele your little secret,” Axel said, looking at him smartly.

He wouldn’t dare tell her about the strip club. If he did, he would out his ass to Bridget about where he been going all the times he end up missing. He was no better than his grandmother fucking a 25-year-old woman when he had one here that was very much in love with him the fucker was stupid.

“If you’re talking about what happened at the strip club. I already know, thanks to Victor and Erik, I walked in on them talking about it. I hid behind the door listening, so no, they didn’t tell me, but they do have big mouths,” Adele said, laughing.

Luca gave Victor the death stare as his face when red, obviously. Adele told his grandmother and Hanna cause they were both laughing.

“Okay...you didn’t try to kill me?” was all Luca said

“Luca, J a grown-ass man if he wanted to go to the strip club that was his business, but you didn’t have to kill the girl push her on the floor curse her out not kill the stupid bitch because she touched your dick,” Adele said laughing

It had to be the baby calming her ass because Adele wasn’t that calm with neither of her pregnancies.

It was something different about this one. Maybe this baby would be the level headed one.

“Well, I guess it’s my turn, and as Luca said, don’t leave until I’m finished...There is no good way to put this,” Axel said, pausing for a second

“Your father...”

“Don’t want to hear it,” Victor said, cutting him off.

He was about to walk away until their grandmother grabbed his arm, giving him a stern look that said, sit your ass down, and you better do it now, so he did

“Thank you, mother, as I was saying, your father is still alive,” Axel said, looking at the two seriously.

“You fucking kidding, right?” Victor asked

Hanna just looked confused, Luca guessed because she never really knew him and all her memories from him were when she was about Sophia’s age or younger.

“I’m not...Conard found me, your uncle, and your aunt around the time I started up my mafia. He did think he should own it and wanted to fight me for it, but that was only part of the truth. The real story was I made him a part of it as my spy, and a damn good I was the one who made up the story about him trying to take us down to protect him, and I stuck with making myself believe it, I guess. His ass got caught up in some shit still this day. I don’t know what it was didn’t care to ask because he took care of the problem, but he came to me asking me to help fake his death. That was the week before my business trip before Luca was taken. He was the one who helped me find him only because your mother had him and her with her big ass mouth bragging to my brother like the stupid bitch she was. After that, he found the location from her, helping me get there, and you two know the rest. Just know we use the opportunity to help fake his death by telling people I killed him but know he had nothing to do with taking Luca or his torture...”

“Hold the fuck up and back up a minute. I understand what you are saying about my father, but you said my mother took Luca. I was told that my mother died in childbirth with me. What the fuck are you talking about, uncle?” Victor said, cutting him off

“Oh, this is going to be good,” Luca said, laughing looking at Adele, who had the same look.

Axel let out a loud sigh, then looked over to Adele and Luca with the shut the fuck up look on his face. He believes his grandmother caught on from her “God please no” comment.

“Karla. . .Karla was your mother. Conard didn’t want you to remember, so we implant it in your brain by telling you repeatedly that she died in childbirth. You were messed up so fucking bad, Vic. It took six different psychiatrists to get your ass right that why he left you with me, and yes, Mila was your half-sister, not cousin, sorry,” Axel said.

Now Victor looked as if he was about to have a panic attack breathing all heavy, and he was turning red.

The man was mad, no, he was pissed and ready to kill someone, but long as he and his father didn’t start fighting in his room, Luca was fine.

“I’m not pissed at you, But why now? Why tell us this now? I was good with you being my father. I don’t need him to come here trying to be my dad, father, or whatever to me. Why leave me with you? Why fucking leave Hanna? She was innocent in all this. What the fuck does he want now redemption?” Victor asked

“I told him all this, brother. He agrees and understands that he just wants to see his children. You two have another sister and brothers one I saw a picture of that reminds me of you, Vic. The others are mixed, which is a pattern in this family, not that I’m complaining, but it’s six of you in all he only resurface because Ghost is after him too, although he won’t admit it.” Luca said

Victor nodded, but Hanna was still looking confused, and the look of wanting to kill something, it was best to say she wasn’t taking it well, and Luca was right because she jumped up running from the room.

“So, that’s what gave you your panic attack yesterday him?” Victor asked

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that that shit made me feel weak,” Luca said. Luca never felt so weak and helpless since that day. What makes him feel even worse was if they wanted to kill them, we couldn’t protect the woman he loved because his ass couldn’t breathe, causing him to pass out like a bitch.

“It happens to the best of us, Luca, but you are taking the pills, so don’t worry about relapsing because I wouldn’t let it happen,” Adele said

Luca smiled at his wife because no matter what she said, he wasn’t taking the pill willingly, which he knows was a fact.

“I know that look, Luca, your kids have it too when they don’t want to do shit...but anyways, Axel, why you didn’t tell us that Kane was your uncle’s child?” Adele said

His father arched an eyebrow up at Adele then looked at him, and his grandmother like this was news to him.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, far as I know. Friedrich didn’t have children, did he mother?” Axel said

“So I guess this getting turned back on me. . .Yes, Kane and Mary are Friedrich children. That’s why they were always around when you were growing up. No, you wouldn’t have known because he treated them like shit the motherfucker killed their mother because he thought she was cheating on him,” Sibylla asked

“Wait for the, but the motherfucker was racist, and Mary and Kane are mixed,” Axel said

“Yeah, I know a hypocrite that what he was; He fell in love with a black woman, but he said he hated black people. Anyone who wasn’t the same color as us having all my friends thinking I was the same way made me lose many friends because of him. After he killed his wife, his hate grew more towards his children and others. Just to let you know, there was more, but Mary and Kane were the only two that survive because I save them.” Sibylla said, looking iffy

That was a lot to take in. How could someone be so racist but love someone from the race that he hated?

He wasn’t racist. He was stupid that what that was and to kill his children because he thought his wife cheat that was psycho and stupid.

“So, did you know Mary?” Victor asked

“That the asshole was my father, yes, I thought you all knew since I always called her auntie,” Mary said

Mary didn’t want to know the truth of what Victor thought he wanted to kill her because he thought she was a traitor a year ago and would have if it wasn’t for Adele.

“Yeah, I never caught that fuck. I thought you were a traitor at one point because your address didn’t add up plus, you’re not as old as Kane and Axel. They are in their early to late ’50s, and your like in your late 30 to mid-40’s around our age,” Victor said

“Actually, I’m 43. I’m the baby, and Kane is 54, Axel just old, and like Luca, he stated have babies late then got you two thinking you’re older than what you are,” Mary said, smiling at his father

Axel lifted his head, and his grandmother started to laugh. At the same time, he, Victor, and Adele looked at each other, trying to figure out what the hell was going on now.

Too many fucking lies and too much drama in this fucking family fucking. He was ready to change his last name to something else.

“Mary,” Axel warned her.

“No, they need to know Axel...you’re not 39. Luca, think back to the day you were actually taken. It was after your 10th birthday, not 15th, and Victor, you are also the same age as Luca. To Axel, it was easier that way to keep you from the truth, but it’s time to air out everything, and no, I can tell you who Ghost is because I don’t know. That was before my time in the mafia with your father. They are the only ones that can you that I’m sorry, and like your wife said, Luca, you are taking the pills. I’ve been watching you for the past hour sitting here, and you have had two more panic attacks, and you think me and Adele didn’t notice until you get them back uncontrol, you will take that damn medicine, and if that means Adele and me forcing it down your throat that what it will be” Mary said

Who the fuck did this woman think she was? Yeah, she may be his fucking cousin, but she nor Adele wasn’t fucking forcing him to take shit.

Luca was pissed, making himself upset once again, letting him see the wrong move as he started to panic.

Victor’s stupid ass wanted to laugh, making him want to kill his ass, especially when the crazy fool bent down in his face talking about breathe.

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