Disorganized Minds

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The only thing Adele could say about Luca was hard-headed as fuck. The man refused to take his medicine.

Don’t get her wrong, she understood why, but why would one want to continue to have panic attacks if they could be helped.

She didn’t know what it was that make him have the panic attack. He heard the name millions of times. It had to be him seeing his face.

What scares her the most is what Axel told her about how hard of a time he had getting Luca back to normal

A lot of therapy, different psychiatrist, and so on, now she see why he was still just a child. The man was only ten at the time. It took five years to get him and Victor back.

From what she read from Luca’s medical record, he shut out the world and was in his own little bubble,

That is why he didn’t remember anything and how Axel could make him think he was taken at fifteen. It was when his memory started to come back.

Maybe two to three years later, his addiction to his medicine, which Luca was highly dependent on, and drinking on top of it didn’t make it better, Axel said.

Apparently, one night he got high off his pills, drunk on top of it somewhere in the mix of it. He ended up at the club with Kellan, Liam, Erik, and Johan.

None of them knew what happened, only that one-minute Luca was fine they left they came back five minutes later Luca was covered in blood.

He had killed every fucking one in the room with him rambling about one of them touched him funny, so he killed’em all of them.

From the way Erik described it. You could tell it was the scariest shit he has ever seen, and it the time all of them were still in college.

Luckily for them, Liam was going to med school and was working in the clinic with Otis which she didn’t know was a doctor.

However, he had taught Liam to always keep a needle on him because he knew when he needed to sedate someone.

Erik also took up three years of medical school so that he could sedate people as she loved to do, but it took both to sedate Luca.

Which didn’t work in the end it took all of them and six guards to take him down.

Adele laughed to herself, thinking it had to Axel’s craziness coming out of him. The part of that everyone was scared of, and Luca had it too.

Now Adele saw why he didn’t want to tell her why Luca didn’t drank or take any medication unless it was cold or allergy meds, and he had to be real fucking sick to do so.

She also learned that he was in rehab for six months after, and when he came out, he swore off his anxiety meds and started smoking weed to calm his nerves, which worked up until now.

It’s been four days since Luca’s first panic attack, and every day the littlest shit set them off.

Whether it was a loud noise, someone coming up behind him, or Milo meowing, the weed wasn’t working.

So, Adele and Mary came up with the solution of crushing his pills and mixing them in his food and drinks.

Fuck she felt bad, and when he found out he was definitely going to be pissed, Sibylla and Mary vow to take the fall.

There was a bright side as of today. He hadn’t had one panic attack, and let him tell it. He got the shit under control.

“No bitch that medicine got it under control,” Adele thought to herself.

Making her smile about that was until she saw Luca looked up in her direction, causing her smile to drop fast.

He was sitting on the floor playing with the kids while waiting for his uncle and aunt to get there.

It was the night Conard and Isa were coming to have dinner with them, and Axel and Sibylla volunteer to cook, which made Katy mad again for getting a kick out of her kitchen for the 20th time this week.

Adele just hoped seeing Conard again didn’t offset anything making Luca had another panic attack or something worse.

“I know what you and Mary been doing, Dele. I’m not crazy. That’s why I don’t eat or drink shit, you give me,” Luca said with a smirk on his face.

“What are you talking about, Luca?” She asked

There was no way he knew shit, plus she saw him eat the food she gave him.

Luca was trying to play her to get her to slip up telling on herself, and that wasn’t happening.

“Josie and Sophia told me that they saw you were putting something white in my drink and not to drink it as Josie put it.

“Mama versucht, Sie zu töten Papa sie weiße Sachen in Ihrem Getränk setzen” (Mama is trying to kill you, daddy, she put white stuff in your drink) and Sophia backed the claim then this morning.

I saw Mary. I told you to give me time. I would be fine, and if not, I promise you I will take the fucking pills, okay” Luca said

“Okay, but you lying because I watch you eat your lunch, punk, and it was no way you switch it,” Adele said, laughing.

Luca looked funny at her. He knew she was right because she was sitting there as he ate, but he didn’t drink the water, telling her now he thought the medicine was in the water.

Fucking snitching ass kids, Adele was going to fix them. It didn’t matter because the meds were in his sandwich, and he swallowed down with no regrets.

“You’re dirty. You know that?” Luca said

“I learned from the best, Baby,” She said

Luca laughed. He was almost, just almost back to his normal self, which made Adele happy just to see his sexy smile and for him laugh beside jumping and breathing heavy.

In the middle of Luca’s laughing fit, the doorbell rang, letting them know Conrad and Isa were there.

They both got up, walking to the foyer to meet them once James opens the door, and she took Luca’s hand in hers just in case he begins to get upset, but to her surprise, he was fine.

“Uncle, Auntie, well... Ah...I see you brought others,” Luca said, confused.

“Yes...yes, we did. These are your cousin, their wives, husband, and kids,” Isa said smiling.

There were four of them, three boys, one girl, and three children, including Connor, the child they saw at their house.

“Okay, we’re going to need names, I guess,” Luca said with his eyebrow arched.

Adele could tell he wasn’t expecting this, and she knew Victor and Hanna wasn’t either hell. Neither one of them wanted to meet the man in the first place.

“Okay, this is Brennan. As you can tell, he isn’t mine, but I love him like he is. It is Cade, and Emanuel, and our daughter Zahara. Brennan isn’t married, but Connor is his son, Brandi is Cade’s wife, Farrah is Emanuel’s, and this handsome man here is Dalton, Zhara’s husband, and their two kids Damian and Dahlia. No, they’re not twins,” Isa said

“Well, I’m going to going ahead and let you know I’m not going to remember none of your fucking names, but I’m Luca, which you probably know, and this is my beautiful wife Adele and some of our kids that decide to follow us, our twins Heaven and Nevaeh, and our sons Tyler and Lucas just to let you know before you asked Tyler and our daughter Josie was adopt they ours either way but you probably already know that giving the fact their father was your brother,” Luca says

After the introductions, they led them to the dining area to sit and settle in while Luca texted everyone else, telling them that they were here.

The first person to show up was Sibylla. As expected, she walked in with a neutral face. It was hard to tell was she happy or about to knock the shit out of Conard.

His back was turned but must of sense as he turn around he went stiff as a board, Adele thought about it this was his first time seeing his mother since he was a teenager the man was damn near 65 or 66 now.

“Mother?” Conard said

“Yes, Conard, you can curse me out if you want but know that I’m sorry...”

Sibylla didn’t finish the sentence. Conard wrapped his arms around his mother, hugging her tight the only thing he needed to hear was that she was sorry.

It was that simple maybe if Adele’s parents would have just given her a simple I sorry at the age of seventeen, she would have to forgive them too.

Hell, she tried to, but they wanted her dead, but instead, they got their death wish now while she is living. Happily, they’re lost, not hers.

Conard let Sibylla know that he forgave her a long time ago, and he understood her reasons, but the hell if she would have, but that was their problem, not Adele’s.

He also introduced her to his family, which Sibylla wasn’t interested in no one but the kids just as she was with them.

A few moments later, Victor came in with his normal I don’t give a fuck face, or it could have been, do I have to be here face Adele didn’t know and didn’t care.

“Your oldest son Conard” Sibylla said

“My father is Axel. I don’t know this man,” Victor said, taking the seat next to Luca on the right side at the head of the table.

Brennan laughed. Adele thinks his name was anyhow she tried to hide hers.

Which was useless when Luca laughed which made, Zhara and Sibylla laughed too. Adele could already see they all were clowns.

“I’m not here to change that I just want to get to know you,” Conard said

“I don’t; I’m fine where I’m at, thank you very much,” Victor said

“I can see he’s you in him inside and out, Conard,” Isa said, now laughing.

Telling Adele that he was an asshole like his brothers and mother, it had to run in the family. Making her wondering if their father was one too.

“Don’t tell me he’s a jackass too,” Grata said sarcastically, laughing as she was sitting.

“Brother,” Otis said

A large smile spread around Conard’s face, the first real smile Adele has seen since he walked through the door.

Then Axel walked in, making the smiling even bigger. If that was possible, it was safe to say he was happy to see his brothers.

“Well, I’ll be fucking damn look at my two little brothers fuck I miss you two,” Conard said

He said, jumping up from his set, walking more, like running over to Axel and Otis, wrapping them both up in a hug. Both men looked like they were ready to beat his ass if he didn’t let them go.

“Conard, I love you, but I’m not with that gay shit,” Otis said

“Glad to see you were happy to see your fucking brothers more than your kids bitch” Hanna said, walking pass

“That is your oldest daughter. Yes, I said the same thing about the tattoos and pierces, but she is still beautiful and a Kohler for sure,” Sibylla said

Hanna smiled at her grandmother as she sat beside her and spoke to Isa and the rest but make it a point not to speak to her father.

About 15 minutes later, everyone was in the dining area, kids and all. Adele thinks all the noise was driving Axel up the wall more than Luca because when the nannies were finished eating, he made sure they took the kids to the playroom away from them.

“Okay, now that it’s quiet, let’s talk,” Luca said

“First, I want to say sorry to my two oldest kids. I know I made the wrong decision with you, but Victor, I didn’t know that Karla had you that far gone. I was running, and I couldn’t take up with me like that, so I did the next best thing for you, leaving you with your uncle just in case I was caught and killed. I didn’t want them wouldn’t kill you and the same for you Hanna,” Conard said

He talked about how he met Brennan’s mother in the states and how she was killed by the very same people who were after him.

He killed the man, but Victor was with a family that loved him when he came back home.

Hanna’s mother had moved them back to Italy, where her mother was from, so he started a new family. After he met Isa, the woman became the love of his life.

Conard also made it a point to pick at Axel about having a six, five, and three-month-old baby asking him what the fuck was he thinking Luca was grown. Why the hell did he want to start over for?

When Luca and Victor told him the story behind Sophia and Ansel, the man nearly had a heart attack telling Axel he told him to put that damn girl up for adoption. She looked crazy like her mother.

“Axel, all jokes aside, I didn’t know you and Luzia had s- another son though I thought it was only Penelope and Luca,” He said, having Axel eye him.

“It was Penelope is dead been for seven years now, and Jaxon isn’t mine yes he’s Luzia child, but he’s Otis’s son,” Axel said

Conard whipped around in his chair to face Otis, then back at Jaxon and Axel. He was surprised as hell the same way all of them were after finding out.


“Axel just found out a year ago, and yes, he beat my ass,” Otis said

He nodded in understanding, but Adele thinks he was pissed a little about the situation by the way he was looking at Otis.

“Luca, I see you have another one on the way. I didn’t notice that the other day Dele. Can I call her that or...”

“Dele is the fine uncle you family. Yes, we do another boy,” Luca said

Isa smiles as she came over to her so did Zhara. They both were rubbing her belly, talking about how cute her stomach was. They were saying that now wait until she got big, then it would be a different story.

Another hour when by, and Victor and Hanna started to warm up to Conard and their sibling, seeing that they had many things alike.

Especially tattoos them, and Brennan was covered in fucking tattoos, and from what Adele could see, the other two men had them as well, including their father.

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