Disorganized Minds

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Back to Normal

A month pass and everything seemed to be going well. Victor and Hanna were getting to know their father, although Victor refused to call him father.

To him, Axel was his father now, and Conard died 24 years ago, leaving him without anyone, but like he forgave Axel, he would forgive him.

Telling him that he may have helped create him but calling someone other than Axel’s father wasn’t happening, so it was either him calling him Conard or uncle, Conard picked uncle.

Adele knows it hurt him, but he had to think about where Victor was coming from. He had a long time to heal really just had found his place in life.

He told Adele that his adoptive parents loved him as he loved them, but it was always knew something missing. He just didn’t know what it was until he was welcomed into his real family.

From the beginning, Victor and Luca were fought like brothers. Then it was Axel that treated him like a son, not a nephew.

So, in his heart, that is who he saw as his father even after seeing his real one standing in front of him that night.

Victor said he felt the connection of father and son, but for some odd reason, he couldn’t accept it the way Conard wanted him to, nor did he wanted to.

He didn’t hate the man, but he didn’t love him like a father-son relationship either hell he didn’t love or know him at all, she tried to reassure him that would come as he got to know him.

But Victor told her the only ones he needed to know was his siblings, so she left it like that, not wanting to argue.

Now to Luca, she gave him his chance like he asked for him to get better on his own without the medication.

At first, he was iffy at first waking up in the middle of the night have panic attacks or fighting in his sleep.

Axel and Otis told her he did that for the longest after rescuing, but they told her he never had panic attacks.

What the fuck did they think those were fucking panic attacks? They had to be idiots.

He had her scared to sleep in the fucking bed with him, and he was scared for her to sleep in him.

After the first night, he jumped up, screaming clearly not awoke, so she knew not to touch him.

Adele just had to move on accident. Luca tried to choke her to death, but Adele believed it was her voice that woke him.

Once he snapped out of it, he jumped up, leaving the room. Not saying a word.

Making Adele run after finding him at the kitchen island crying in the dark about hurting her and how sorry he was.

Truly it wasn’t his fault, so he didn’t have anything to be sorry for. Even with the medication, he could have done that.

Meeting his uncle did more than triggering his panic attacks. It unlocked memories that Axel fought so hard to lock away now, Luca had to fight the demons all over again.

After a week of nightmares, Luca was ready to give in. He had stopped sleeping in the same bed as her, afraid he would hurt her again.

Although the nightmares stop not long after the panic attacks did be over two weeks ago, Luca was still scared, so he broke down, gave in, and started taking his medicine.

Still, it took him almost two weeks before coming back to their room, making last night the first night they slept in the same room or bed for almost a month.




(Long sex scene ahead and dirty talk)

Adele was happy just to have her husband next to her, plus she was horny, pissing her off because Luca called himself falling asleep on her.

She went to the bathroom for not even three minutes. She came back; his ass was on his stomach fucking sleep and wouldn’t move. It pissed her the fuck off.

Sad to say, she had to go the bed sexually frustrated again as it has been for the past month now, it was ending today.

Luca maybe still sleep, but she had her ways around that. Adele rolled over in the bed where she was at Luca’s side.

She started to rub down his chest with one hand and playing with his nipple ring with the other. Luca shifted a little in the bed, nothing too alarming but letting her know he knew she was there.

Adele wasn’t sure if he was naked under the covers because of past events, but she knew he like sleeping that way better than anything, so she took a peep.

Adele got warm, all over, seeing Luca’s big dick staring her in the face, rubbing it as she lowers her face down to it as she climbed over between his legs, running her tongue up the length of his shaft before taking as much as she could her mouth.

As she began to suck, as much as she could, using hands to rub the parts that didn’t fit at the time, Luca was kind of still dead to the world due to the medicine had him out on his ass.

He didn’t move for a good five minutes, then suddenly, his hand went to her head, gripping her hair pushing her head down more.

“FUCK DELE!” Luca yelled

Making Adele suck harder as he continues helping her by bobbing her head up and down as she sucked and choked on his dick, massaging his balls and everything else she could think of.

“You like that don’t you being my little slut” Luca said

Making her look up at him, smiling before taking it back in her mouth, watching him as his eye rollback.

Adele loved Luca talking dirty to her during sex, and he knew it she was always his little slut or whore, letting him fuck her like one too.

She started to suck faster and hard as she moved her hand at the speed jerking his dick and massaging his ball, trying to make him cum.

All while looking up into his eyes, until Luca’s ball tighten, telling her he was ready to cum, making Adele go faster if that was possible at this moment.

Luca’s fingers tangled themselves in the side of her head his he held her head in place, thrusting in and out her mouth fucking her face hard.

“Shit baby sie saugen PAPAS Schwanz gut” (Shit baby you suck DADDY’S dick good). Luca said.

She moaned in response, sending Luca in overdrive from the vibration with him picking up his speed.

“Fuck Ich bin im Begriff, cum!” (Fuck I’m about to cum). Luca yell.

With two more good sloppy thrusts, he finally gave her his load making sure she swallowed it all before pulling her up to him giving her a heated kiss.

He sat up, flipping her over onto her back, breaking the kiss traveling down to her neck, chest, stopping to suck on both of her breasts.

Then kissing gently down her round belly, stopping again right at her pussy, blowing his hot breath, making her swarm a little

She reached down, trying to grab ahold of his head to push his face down. Chuckling, he moved back, looking up at her was a smirk.

“Luca, stop fucking play...Mmmm”

He knew what he was doing, wanting her to beg before pleasing her, but he always knew what she wanted, and that was his face between her legs.

Adele gripped on his hair, pushing his head down, trying to match the movement of his tongue, but it was a lost cause because he switched his tongue for his fingers while he sucked on her clit.


Making him go faster, and she could feel herself about to cum. Her body began the shake, and her grip on his hair loosening some.

“Cum for me, Schatz,” He said.

His voice alone made her come undone. She was feeling like she was having a seizure as her body jerked and shook as she came.

Luca didn’t give her time to relax before he plunged into her his paste was slow at first while he took the time sucking and nipping at her breasts.

Moving up to her neck, ear, and nose, then down her jawline to her lips, letting her taste herself, as he began to speed up his paste.

Her moans fill the room, along with the sound of him thrusting in and out of her. Luca would pull out plunge back into her with a circular motion, each time hitting her spot making her scream.

“You like that?... The way I’m fucking you?” Luca whisper in her ear

“FUCK YES!” She screamed

“Good,” He said, pulling out.

“Hand and knees,” He demanded

“Yes, Daddy,” Adele said

She flipped over on her hands and knees, arching her back placing her face down in the bed. As Luca came up behind her sticking his face into her pussy, licking upward, stopping at her ass, then back down.

The first time Luca did he did this, she was unsure about him eating her ass, but the shit felt so good she didn’t want him to stop just like now, and after doing one more lick before biting her ass cheek, he kissed up her spine slowly until he got to her neck thrusting into her hard and fast.

“Shit baby, I miss my fucking pussy” Luca growled

Pulling her up to his chest running his hand down her front, playing with her nipples then down to her clit.

“Fucking shit Luca about to cum.”

“Cum if you dare. I swear to you I will fucking you harder.”

She could help or control it before Adele knew it. She was squirting and screaming, making Luca workout his promise because it wasn’t a threat.

The harder he fucked, the louder she screamed with each new thrust. Then all of a sudden, he stopped, maybe because she cum again

“Ride me,” He said, smacking her ass.

As she fell into the bed trying to catch her breath think this man was trying to kill her, but she was the one who initiated it, and now she couldn’t take it anymore.

Before she could protest, he pulled her over on top of him, wrapping his arms around her and holding her behind her back, pushing himself into fast and rough luckily, her belly wasn’t that big yet.

“SHIT, SHIT, SHIT FUCK LUCA!” She screamed

“SHUT THE FUCK UP CRYING AND FUCKING RIDE ME!” Luca yelled, smacking her on the ass again.

She tried to do what she was told hell she could barely twerk on it like she usually did, making her believe he was getting frustrated because he began to help her.

Finally, she got up to the squatting position and started to twerk as Luca matched her movement as he pounded into her.

“Fuck baby, I’m about to cum” Adele said

He said nothing but pulled her back to him, thrusting into hard once again and pinning her arms behind her back, holding her close, kissing up and down her neck.

Adele could tell he was about to cum by his movements. They got sloppy, but he continued to pound in her as he gave her ten good hard thrusts before coming himself, letting her collapse on the side of him.

“SHIT!” He yelled.

“You broke me,” She said

“Why you fucking crying, Dele? You wanted it, and I gave it to you. Don’t fucking cry now,” He said, kissing her

That was true. Adele did want it, and she got what she asked for, plus more fuck it was worth waiting for.

Luca sat up in the bed, looking down at her smiling softly rubbing her belly. Something was on his mind, although he tried to hide it.

“What’s wrong?”

“I still hate myself for that. I know it wasn’t me, but I could have killed you that night, Liebe if... if you didn’t call me or whatever you did...I don’t want to think about it, but my nightmare went away two days later. I stay away because I was scared of hurting you again, seeing that fucking bruise around your neck kill me inside. I know I made mistakes in the fucking past, but that was me conscious and aware of being dumb as fuck. That was a monster that you should have never seen... What if I’ve done that shit the day when Heaven and Nevaeh were in here in our bed? W-what i-if it w-was one of...of them? Then you just pull that shit there, Adele, without waking me not knowing what you would get, Baby I’m scared of myself, and I know y...”

“Luca, I’m not scared of you. I feel that you are yourself again. Stop doubting yourself, and you’re not a monster Luca. You didn’t let it control you. That was Axel’s fault he should have never told you that your uncle did that shit to you. Shit, you were young ten for God Sake, then he lied about yours and Victor’s ages. Both of you are the same age thirty-three, then they took five away from you five years that the mind may not ever recover which it may be for the better.” Adele said

Luca looked at her weirdly. She knew about the five years that he nor Victor could remember.

The many times’ Victor tried to kill himself and Luca not being nothing but a shell of himself.

Axel said he wouldn’t eat, drink, or sleep, and when he did start, the nightmares came with him and Victor.

Victor was worse with trying to kill himself, but it took five years to get them. Right after that, the lies started rolling.

“You know, don’t you?” Luca asked

“No, I know nothing,” Adele said

Getting out of the bed running into the bathroom to shower, Luca followed, doing the same as he started to wash her.

Adele was waiting for him to start asking questions, but he never did tell her that he didn’t want to know or was scared to know, and she was happy he didn’t because that was just the basics.

After they were done, she left to go to her closet to get ready for the day while Luca was still in the bathroom.

When she came out of the closet, she noticed. Luca was still in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, shaving.

So, she sat on the bed watching him. He looks through the mirror at her and smiling shaking his head as he continued.


“You love watching me don’t you?”

“Yes, you’re sexy and all mine.”

Luca smile again, trimming his beard, then taking off his towel while walking out the bathroom and looking at her, smirking as he walked by.


“And you love it,” He yells back.

She did, but he was teasing her, walking around all naked and shit, knowing he had worn her ass out, and he thought it was funny.

Adele laid back on the bed until she heard a soft scratch at the door, Zeus, trying to get in, meaning he was tired of whoever he was with.

She went to open the door, and there stood Chris smiling big look straight into her face.

She says nothing as Zeus ran into the room as she went to close the door, he had the nerve to stopped it.

“What the fuck do you want, Chris?”

“Dele, that should be an easy plus. I see you and hubby having problems. I know you want someone to keep you warm at ni...”

He didn’t get to finish because Luca moved her out the way so fast, punching the shit out of his face. The shit was so fast and in slow motion at the same time, plus funny.

The man went flying into the wall on the other side of the hallway as Luca started to beat the fucking shit out of him.


Adele let him get in at least ten to fifteen punches before stopping him. Chris needed to know she didn’t want him and respect other wives or things that belong to others; clearly, his father didn’t teach him that.


Luca gave him one more punch, then a kick as he was getting up. By that time Victor and Jaxon were up there, they had to of heard Luca yelling as he was whooping Chris’s ass.


“Yep, Chris, you finally fucked up. Get your ass up. I told your ass to leave Dele alone that you were barking up the wrong fucking tree. My brother is overprotected of that woman there, so be luckily he didn’t kill you, but you have our father and uncle to thank for that they make him promise not to,” Victor said, laughing.

It was nice to say that Luca fucked his ass up, and he would think twice no once before looking at her again.

Adele smiled as he left, trying to stop herself from laughing, but Victor and Jaxon made that hard, and Axel and Sibylla, who walked around the corner, all red from laughing as well.

“Well, he finally got that ass beat, and I got it all on video. I told your father just to let them in the ring together, but that there was gold, he got the slop beat out of his ass. I told his stupid ass that my grandson was a fucking beast. I guess skinny ass just found out,” Sibylla said, laughing.

The thing Luca could do was shake his head at his grandmother, then turn to walk back into the room, pulling her alone just to get them both away from the fools in front of their bedroom door.

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