Disorganized Minds

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Finally, they were home to a house Adele hasn’t seen her house in over a year, and it felt different she had gotten used to the house back in Cologne.

It was so lonely it was just her, Luca, Sibylla, and the kids now since Emma and Erik were now married living together, and Jacob moved in with Anne with whatever they had going on.

Since they came back to Berlin, everyone when back to their own houses. They were all trying to get back in routine back to their old lives before this shit happen.

It still didn’t feel right with Axel not being there; Adele was so used to waking up in the mornings to see him cooking breakfast.

It was a morning routine they had gotten into before, and after going to Cologne, cooking was just his thing.

Another month, another fucking month marking six months and he was still gone, the Lord was punishing them.

For all the killing they had done over the past two years, she knew it. Why else take the heart of their family if it wasn’t to punish them.

Adele sighed, getting up from her bed and did her morning routine, checking on the kids, and when downstairs.

Upon walking in the kitchen, she saw her sexy husband standing over the stove cooking breakfast shirtless.

Something she could sit there all day watching sadly she could because she had a bastard downstairs to torture some more today.

“Sit Schatz; the food will be done in a second unless you want me to eat you?” Luca said turning to her with a smirk

“Luca you just got some I swear you are like a horny teenage boy sometimes” she said

Luca let out a deep chuckle turning back the stove finishing cooking. Adele sit at the island watching as his muscles flex in his back as he moved something, she never would use to how built he was, and he never missed a day at the gym.

“It’s been six months now, Luca. What is it that she wants? I don’t understand he’s missing so much like A-Lucas he was three months the last time he saw him. Now he’s nine and the twins are twenty-one months. He missed Josie eleventh birthday, and Tyler will be three in another month, not the mention Sophia who is now six and Ansel five. I can do this anymore. We need to find what the fuck do Bridget wants him, why and what is the bitch plan are afterward” She said breaking down crying

“Liebe, wasn’t it you who told me not to give up last month? When I was ready to say goodbye, you told me not to give up hope. I’m telling you the same we will find my father alive believe that and if he doesn’t kill the bitch I will and her whole bloodline as that” he said

Luca turned off the stove walked over to her, and held her in his arms, waiting until she stopped crying.

Axel was more to her than a father-in-law hell. He was her father, Adele, more than his lately, and she didn’t know what it meant to have a father until him.

“Is she alright?” Sibylla asked

“Like you fucking care, but yes, grandmother, she’s fine just a little breakdown from missing my father. Adele has just been carrying both our pain trying to be strong for me it just finally getting to her” Luca said kissing her forehead

Ignoring his response, Sibylla walked closer to them. Although Adele couldn’t see her, she felt her hand rub her back and kiss the back of her head.

She could feel Luca lean over letting know she was kissing him too, Sibylla whispered something to him, but Adele didn’t understand what she was saying it was English but to quiet for her to hear.

“No, grandma she is not pregnant you can breathe it’s too much going on to be trying to have babies plus Dele is on birth control we wanted to wait until Lucas was at least one in half or two” Luca said

“Oh good, I was about to say, the only times I have seen her emotional was when she was pregnant ” she said laughing

She laughed to herself. Sibylla always made it a point to say something crazy to brighten up the day, especially lately devils know they needed it. Adele pulled away for Luca wiping her tears, looking at a smiling Sibylla.

“I love seeing you two together it shows me love still exist, just remember that Luca before losing your temper” Sibylla said

“Grandma, I know the hell you didn’t bring up my past with Adele. That happened over two years ago at a weak point in my life. Yeah, I was wrong. I will amend that, and I apologize to her every day, but I learned from my mistakes me and Dele fight all the time, but I know better now I know how to walk away. To put my hands back on her will be the day I would kill myself, but any other person male or female won’t get the same courtesy. Please don’t do that grandmother I know you want the best for us, but the past isn’t it” Luca said

Sibylla nodded sitting beside Adele at the island a few moments later Kylie and Piper came in with the kids.

Alicia magically disappeared, the day Adele had Lucas telling them what they needed to know.

She was the trader who they suspected bugged their house, letting them know where they were in Cologne.

It didn’t matter because Victor and Jaxon tracked her down, killing the little bitch.

“Donna, do you want them here or in the dining area?” Piper asked

“Dining area Piper we will be in there momentarily” Luca told her

Piper stared at Luca for a moment before nodding her head, Adele swears that girl either hate him or have a slight crush on him, but it was hard to tell because neither of the nannies rarely showed their feelings.

“I went to the basement this morning” Sibylla said

“Yeah, what did you get out of the bastard?” Luca asked

Sibylla sat there for a moment, not saying a word as she played with her nails. She took in a deep breath as she glanced up at Luca and Adele before speaking.

“Have your father ever did any business in Ukraine?” She asked

Luca scratched his beard, thinking. Adele knew he said that Axel did a lot of shit as his time as Don some of the things he didn’t approve of.

He was ruthless, and the only people that were safe from him were children.

It was hard to believe because Axel seems so gentle-hearted until the day she saw him torture that was the first time she saw how ruthless he could be, not to mention how calm and collected he was.

“I-I think one time maybe 15, 20 years ago. Why?” He asked

“Because Bridget isn’t Russian like you thought the sweet man downstairs is, she took his last name and not in the marriage type. The only reason she took his last name was to throw you off well Axel off although Ukrainians and Russians are quite similar often their last name is different...”

“Grandmother out with it shit I know all about Ukrainians and Russian I don’t need for you to explain” Luca said

Sibylla glared at Luca, boy. If looks could kill, she would have killed him over a thousand times.

Adele laughed; the two of them were like children, and they fought more than the kids, but she missed the way she and Axel fought over the babies. It was quiet now too quiet, and it didn’t feel the same.

“As I was fucking saying the last names are different sometimes Bridget name is Bryar but her middle, Bridget Bryar Popov do at ring a bell to you? She asked

Luca shook his head, not saying a word. Maybe it was because Kylie came in or because he was confused and trying to place the name his grandmother gave him.

“Kylie, hurry, fix that food fucking for them babies and quit staring at Dele’s damn titties. I’m sure my granddaughter only like dick you and Piper can continue rubbing pussies if you want, but I think Dele good where she is at” Sibylla said

"SIBYLLA!" Adele yelled

Adele covered her face; she could hear Luca laughing beside her. Sibylla didn’t have to embarrass the girl, not like that anyway.

It did explain a lot the weird looks they both gave Luca. She just thought they liked him, but it was the other way around.

“Grandmother, you didn’t have to embarrass the girl. Kylie, please continue fixing the kid’s plates, and I knew about you and Piper, my father- Axel caught the two of you one night, he told my big mouth grandmother and me. I have no problem with it; just be discreet about it. We don’t need to see it. Understand?” Luca said

“Yes, Don, I’m sorry Donna” Kylie said

Luca and Adele cocked their heads to the side, wondering what she was apologizing for.

She wasn’t the first person to stared at her titties sure hell wasn’t going to be the last. Hell, she wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t for Sibylla outburst.

“Theirs is nothing to apologizing finish doing that, and continue grandmother” Luca said

“Well, your father killed the poor girl’s mother because he thought she worked for the enemy. He cut off her limbs while she was alive in front of the girl. The woman and daughter were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, Bridget couldn’t been older than six if that old at the time” Sibylla said

Adele covered her mouth in shock. It was hard to believe that the Axel she knew would do something like that in front of a six-year-old and an innocent woman.

“He told you this?” Luca asked

“No, he just told me about who she was, I know the story because your mother was with him in when it happens she was pregnant with you, and it scared the shit out of her she wanted to leave him I think that was the first I saw her scared of your father.” She said

“So, why asked me did he do business in Ukraine?” he asked

“Because I was hoping it wasn’t that girl, your grandfather thought he hid her good and paid the right people to brainwash her, so she didn’t do this by herself Luca, your great uncle, helped her that what his fucking ass was doing before you killed him. Apparently, he was hoping she would finish the job of killing Axel let’s pray that she don’t” Sibylla said walking away

Luca looked at her then back at his grandmother leaving the kitchen; Adele remembered him telling her that great uncle didn’t put up a fight about dying; maybe this was the reason.

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