Disorganized Minds

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Girl's Day

Adele knew one thing now if Chris didn’t understand that she didn’t want him before, he definitely understood now. When she says, Luca did a number on his ass, that is what she meant.

He broke the man’s jaw, three of his ribs, and fractured his eye socket. That’s what he got for coming to their room door trying to fuck. Out of all the women in the house, he wanted to chase after The Don’s wife. How stupid could one be?

But that was water under the bridge. Now he knew his place and how to act, but what he better be grateful for that Luca was good on his promise to his father and uncle and not killing him although he wanted to.

Axel was the one that told Luca to wait and catch him in the act, so he had a damn good reason to beat the shit out of him. Otis told him to leave it alone in time he would understand that Adele didn’t want him.

The motherfucker had been there for almost three months or four months and haven’t got the understanding yet.

Like he didn’t see she was pregnant, and just because she and Luca were sleeping in different rooms didn’t mean shit at the time because he didn’t know shit that was going on.

It was sad, really, and now he’s walking around looking ashamed and fucked up, plus Nova didn’t make shit any better.

By laughing at the man every time he walked into a room with them, and after she told Jacob and Bridget crazy-ass, the shit got worse.

Just to stop the craziness, Adele decided to have a girls’ day out with her, Emma, Nova, Bridget, Rylee, Kelly, Hanna, and Zhara.

Since the other women wanted to be stuck up and stupid just because Kelly was coming, they knew they were too old to be acting like children.

Nova saw it as the perfect opportunity to question Kelly because she was still curious about if she actually slept with Jaxon or not. Neither of them believes they were telling the truth, but they both swore they didn’t.

Right now, they were sitting at one of Axel restaurant that her co-own with his brother until today she didn’t know that Otis loves to cook too something they all of them inherited from their mother.

Nova and Kelly were arguing about the fact of her sleeping with Jaxon and Isaiah being his and not Saxon.

Rylee, who was looking uncomfortable with the conversation, and Bridget, Emma, Hanna, and Zhara thought the whole thing was funny as shit.

Adele tried to keep her opinions to herself well they were facts because of Luca and Victor, who were curious as well.

They did a fucking DNA test on Isaiah to make sure he wasn’t Jaxon and Saxon like she claimed turns out she told the truth.

But it still didn’t mean she didn’t sleep with Jaxon unknowingly. They all knew Jaxon would never tell that.

She smiled at the two women as Nova asked her to voice her opinion about their argument and bonding time.

That was well overdue because the girl was scared to death of Nova until three weeks ago when Nova finally sat down and talked to her beside glaring.

That made Kelly’s day just to know Nova was just fucking with her and actually did like her. The woman was weird that way.

Nova was little but a big bully, maybe because she was only 5′2 and everyone else in the house was taller than her but kids.

Nova looked up at her smiling, but that dropped, looking at something past her making Adele turned to look in the direction she was staring in.

There stood a dark skin woman sharing the same look as Nova, so she knew it was someone that Nova knew.

“Who is she?” Adele asked

“No one...Finish eating so we can go. I want to go shopping,” Nova said

Adele knew it was more to the story but didn’t want to push. Maybe she was someone that Kellan use to mess with or an old friend of Nova. Either way, it was clear she didn’t like the girl.

It was until the waitress walked up to them. Telling her that the women requested to speak to her caught her off guard.

And Nova yelling, hell no, tell that bitch to walk out the same way she walked in and don’t let the fucking door hit her on the way out.

“Did she say what she wanted?” Adele said

“No, Mrs. Kohler, only to speak to you alone,” The waitress said

Well, that wasn’t fucking happening. Adele didn’t know that woman, and the way Nova was acting, she didn’t want to fucking know her as that. So, if she wanted to tell her something, she could say it in front of all of them.

Adele looked at Nova, who had an annoyed look on her face gripping her clutch, knowing her crazy ass she was about to start fucking shooting.

“Nova,” Adele said in a warning voice.

“Adele, there are some things that are meant to stay in the fucking past, and she is one of them,” Nova said

She was right, but it still didn’t give her the answer that she was looking for.

She nodded at that waitress, giving her the okay to let the women over to their private area, but she had two children along with her when she moved.

“Adele, I’m warning you this isn’t a good idea,” Nova warned

“Then tell me why?” Adele said

Nova said nothing but shook her head. There was clearly something that she knew that she was trying to stop her from finding out, but now she wanted to know.

“Stop right there and tell me your name,” Adele said to the woman.

“Octavia and these are my kids Talia and Madison,” She said

Adele looked back at Nova again, waiting to see if she would shine some light on the situation or was she just going to sit back tight-lipped, looking evil.

“Talk now, and I don’t want no fucking bullshit,” Adele said

“Adele, right...”

“It’s fucking Donna to you bitch” Nova hiss out.

Octavia rolled her eyes, and Nova opened her clutch, making Adele grab her hand, stopping her before she removed her gun.

Until she noticed that Emma, Bridget, Zhara, and Hanna all had their guns sitting in their laps, they all were crazy bitches, and her friends no sisters.

“As she said, it’s Donna to you. I don’t know you, and I think it’s best if you let kids sit over here, and if you try some bullshit, my girls won’t hesitate to end your motherfucking life understand.”

She shook her head, directing her girls to sit on the bench on the other side of them, then she took the seat in front of them.

“Donna, you don’t know me, but I know you well...”

“Get to the fucking point we don’t have all motherfucking day,” Adele said

“Ich sehe dich und Luca haben etwas gemeinsam” (I see you and Luca have something in common) She whispered

Adele cocked her head to the side, not saying a word waiting for her to start talking again this bitch was trying to test her patience.

“Okay, then they’re Luca’s kids,” She said


Adele whipped her head back to the kids, then to Octavia. There was a possibility for the oldest one to be Luca.

She was about 13 or 14, but the youngest one was no older than four, and she was fulling black.

That was a lie, but Luca never mentioned anything about having a child with someone and that the twins were his first.

What was this bitch trying to pull? Did she want money or to start some shit?

“Nova, sit down, please... Octavia, you think I will take your fucking word about them babies being my fucking husband’s children? You have another fucking that coming, and if you thought I would jump up running away crying because of it, you still had another thing coming. Look, I understand you may want something, but it won’t be Luca or money, and I know for a fact that little Madison isn’t his, so whoever the fuck she belongs to find him and Talia will be getting a blood test, and IF she is Luca you will be signing over your motherfucking right now let me call my fucking husband fill him in on trifling ass shit I know my husband got some good D, but this shit here is fucking crazy” Adele said

She couldn’t believe the shit Adele thought after Scarlett that was it who waits that fucking long to tell someone they have a fucking child and what made her do it now.

Adele pulls out her phone, texting Luca, Mary, Kane, Axel, and Sibylla. Kane and Mary so they could do a rush DNA test. Axel and Sibylla well Sibylla so she wouldn’t kill the women and Luca to let him know what was going on.

Adele: Baby, I have this bitch name Octavia claiming to her kids are yours

My Hubby (My Life)❤❤❤: Kids as in more that one that’s some bullshit yeah I fuck her some years ago and it was once as that Liebe but kids no my first child well children were with you, and if this shit true I’m putting a bullet in her head how old are they?

“Ages,” Adele said

“Talia is fourteen about to fifteen in six months, and Madison is three,” She said

“I can tell you now bitch, that one isn’t his,” Adele said

Now, this bitch had Adele ready to kill her ass talking that shit what the fuck she took her for how the fuck her child is going to be a year older than their twins when Luca told her that he was celibate for a whole year before her.

Adele: The bitch said 14 and 3

My Hubby (My Life)❤❤❤: That’s a fucking lie. I want to know fucking how the oldest could be, but the three-year-old fuck no Liebe you do not believe that shit are you?

Adele: Luca, I know better than that, and if the oldest one is yours, that happen in the past, but I want nothing. I mean nothing to do with that bitch, so that means she is going to sign her over to us to raise. I don’t trust her, Luca, and just how she is trying to throw off that baby on you, she trying to start some shit.

My Hubby (My Life)❤❤❤: Right, I hate to mess up your day but come home. Mary and Kane said they can have the results within three hours if we do it now.

Adele: Okay, OMW, Love You.

My Hubby (My Life)❤❤❤: Love You Schatz

Adele pushes her phone back in her clutch, allowing Octavia to see her gun, then smoothing down her dress, revealing her small baby bump smiling, looking up at her. Yeah, she was being petty and didn’t give no fucks.

“Let’s go, but before we do, how did you know to find us in Cologne and here?” Adele said

“I been living here in Cologne for some years now, and I was working here as well. I told one of my co-workers to call me if that seen you or Luca here...”

“See, that don’t fucking add up. Let me find out you were lying,” Adele said

“Donna, yeah, I’m lying about Madison. You can see that, but not about Talia... I-I’m dying okay, and I’m trying my best to hide it from my babies. The doctors only gave me three more months, and I don’t want them to be separated. I thought if I could put them both off on Luca, they would be well cared for. I had it all plan out...”

“What the fuck you think? We are a fucking orphanage bitch?” Nova said

Talking the words straight from Adele’s mouth, damn, there were enough kids in the house as it was all of them trying to live together.

Adele was so happy when she found out that Luca was getting the other houses built on the land.

So the only ones that would be living with them were Bridget, Luca’s little sisters, and brother Hanna, Victor, Vince, Jaxon, Rylee, Axel, and Sibylla with their crazy ass.

It seems like a lot of them, but the house was so damn big it would be like now all had their own parts but no sharing like now.

Unlike their room, Axel’s, and Sibylla’s, the rest didn’t have soundproof, so someone was always complaining.

“What are you dying from?” Adele asked

“Breast Cancer,” She said

Adele nodded, a term she hasn’t heard in a while, making her think back on her life in South Carolina helping children with cancer now just to see two children lose their mother from it, but she was going sure she was telling the truth.

“So, you don’t mind if we test you for it,” Adele said

“No, but I promise you, Talia, it is Luca’s. I just thought his lifestyle wasn’t the best for her, so I ran here. Not the best decision I know,” She said

Once again, Adele nodded, knowing she wasn’t just going to take her word for it.

She walked off out the restaurant to the limo, waiting for them getting in, looking at Talia as she sat beside her mother.

Adele could see the similarities to Luca in her, and she knew that she happened before them, but she felt a pain in her heart now, knowing she didn’t give him his first child, feeling like this could change things between them.

She tried swallowing those feelings tell herself that Luca loved her no matter what but looking at that girl made her feel different.

Nova and Bridget must have felt her discomfort because they both grabbed her hand at the same time, smiling at her.

“He loves you no matter what, and to him, Heaven and Nevaeh are his first babies, the first ones that he ever loved. He knew nothing of her if she is his,” Nova said, pulling her over to her.

“She’s right. I just met Luca seven months ago. That man loves you and your kids. I can tell you if this is true, it won’t change anything. He just has to adjust to love another child two more if you take in the three-year-old because he already loves the one in there,” Bridget said to her rubbing her belly.

Adele smiled softly at the two women watching as the trees and building passed until she saw nothing but trees telling her they were home.

She didn’t even know the car had stopped at the gate as the driver waited until the gates. It was only when the car stopped she notice she was at home so she could get the fuck up out of the car.

Not giving anyone time to open the door before getting out being met by Sibylla and Axel on the doorsteps.

In her mind, it was fuck stopping to speak to them. The only thing she was thinking about was getting to her husband before the others came in and seeing Mary and Kane.

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