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What Know?

After everything was done, Adele made her way upstairs to the playroom with her kids. For some reason, she wanted to be with her babies, not around the ones downstairs.

She couldn’t stand it any longer staring at that girl or her mother. She knew she was the one that told her that she could stay until the DNA test came back, now seeing that was wrong in her judgment.

So, she decided to leave them all down there to argue with her. She was done with the shit only thing she wanted to know was the truth and be done with it.

Adele was so wrapped up with her thoughts she didn’t even feel Lucas climb into her lap until his little hand touched her face.

“Mama wove you,” He said

“Mama loves her little munchkin too,” She said, pinching his chubby cheeks.

Ever since Adele found she was pregnant again, Lucas has been stuck under her Sibylla claims because he can feel someone coming to try to take his place, so he’s trying to make good with his mama before he gets here.

A few moments later, the twins walked over, sitting on the couch next to her with their dolls talking to one another in their own little language, well in Italian.

She found out that Luca had been teaching the girls to talk in Italian as a third language, and they caught on quickly, and now they think they are the only ones that can understand it, she believes.

Like now, Nevaeh was telling Heaven that mama was sad for two years old they understood a lot, and it creeps her out that much she did know.

Adele sat back on the couch with Lucas and his blanket, watching Tyler sit on the floor with his tablet playing a learning game, something that he loved to do.

Far as Josie, she off as always doing something with Sophia or teaching each other how to badder.

And Vince was hanging on her leg crying because she was holding Lucas. The little boy thought she was his mama. Victor and Luca were both his daddy. He was going to be hella confused when he got older.

Besides picking up the crying baby, Adele let him realize that he could get on the couch on his own, but the twins just had to help him, talking about “come, om brother.”

Sibylla had his little ass spoil as shit, she did the same shit to Aria, Emma, and Erik’s daughter, and she was doing it to Raine to but Axel isn’t trying to see it.

Adele couldn’t talk because she did the same with their four, especially with Tyler, but Josie was always up Sibylla’s ass.

Her thinking was interrupted when the door open to the playroom. Without looking up, she knew it was Nova. She could smell her perfume a mile away.

Adele looked up, and instead of seeing just Nova, she saw all the girls and their kids standing in the playroom with her now.

Being around them show her what true friends were like Nova, Emma and Hanna were like sisters to her, and Bridget, for some odd reason, was her best friend along with Rylee, and Anne but she was changing, and she didn’t know Zhara or Kelly that good yet but what she was learning was all good.

She smiled as all of them came and sat around her, hugging her and rubbing her belly, then kissing Lucas and Vince on the forehead while the twins and Tyler yelled, don’t kiss me. They hated it.

“Why you all acting like I lost someone?” Adele asked

“You been missing for too long, and we felt our girl needed us,” Zhara said

They all agree with her thing was about Zhara. She and Victor were so much alike. They talked the same way with the same knowledge, attitude and had the same interest in hacking to her. They were truly brother and sister.

Once more, Adele smile, not saying anything, just listening to their conversation about vacations, something they all wanted to do

Luca had promised them all they could before the end of the month if it was nothing but a quick trip to Sylt and back.

Nova hat had other plans. She wanted to go home to Trinidad to visit her mother and father so they could see her baby.

Adele knew that would take a lot more convincing, but then again, Luca was over trying to find out who Ghost was.

He said he was tired of his father’s lies, and they needed to live their own lives.

“Dele, Liebe, I need to ta...Well, damn, that is where all you went, Liebe. I need to talk to you please... alone,” Luca said

She nodded, trying to hand Lucas and Vince to Hanna and Zhara. Neither one wanted to go, so Luca grabbed Lucas as she kept Vince in her arms, leaving out following Luca to his office.

Soon as she walked through the door, Vince wanted down, running over to the couch where Luca place Lucas just because he had his father’s phone looking at an episode of PJ Mask. At least the two of them were happy now and not hanging on them.

“fuck, they are like the twins, but months apart hell Vince is no even ours how just fucking how?” Luca said

“You spoil him. I told you it was going to happen now the boy is confused thinking he got two daddies people going to start thinking you and Victor are fucking” Adele said, smiling.

Luca shook his head, smiling at her stupid joke, then sitting in the chair in front of the desk before turning it to face the boys and patting his leg for her to sit.

Instead, Adele sat in the other chair places her feet in Luca’s lap, making him look at her with a raised eyebrow.

Yeah, she wanted her feet rubbed. His son was making her feet and ankles sore.

He smiled, lifting her leg, kissing her ankle before he started to rub her foot and his hairs from his face tickled Adele’s ankle, making her giggle a bit.

“You know this change nothing right I Love You Schatz no one but you...Octavia happened a long time ago. Hell, I had forgotten about her truly. She was someone I fucked one night when I was high and fucking drunk and never seen again. It was amazing. I remember her name...”

“So, how many more did you fuck unprotected, Luca? I can’t have fucking women finding me from your past places children in my fucking face. Is she the only one, or should I worry about more?” Adele said, cutting him off.

His mouth when into a thin line as he bit his lip, never taking his eyes from hers, so he knew what he was about to say was true, something he did when he told her the truth.

“After her months later, I was in rehab for about a year. A year later, I started fucking with Tilly, then Scarlett. No one else but them two. You can ask either one of my cousins or Erik, and they will tell you the same thing. You know Erik lies for no one in this family, not even himself. I never fuck either one of them unprotected. Octavia was a mistake, and if Talia is mine, you see, she thought I was a mistake too. As I said, I don’t remember that much from that night and don’t care to the only woman I see is you. Now it doesn’t change anything because, in my heart, you give me my first two children. I watch your stomach grow. I watch as Irene and Mary cut them from your fucking stomach the same with Lucas. I watch as he came out of your fucking vagina and nearly passed out, seeing his big ass head coming out. I experience that shit with you but don’t get me wrong if she is mine. I will love her like she is mine, but it’s up to you to want to bring them both into our home. Mary and Kane both when over her medical records. You can too since you specialize in that to see that she is telling the truth about her condition.” Luca said

He reached over on the desk, getting paper off of it handing it to her Adele read over them, slowly seeing the words Stage IV and progressing aggressively, something she always hated seeing on her patient lab work.

“I don’t want them separate, Luca now. The question is, if Talia is yours and we take them both in, do you still want two to three more babies” Adele said, smiling.

“Liebe, we’re fucking rich. I would have a house fucking full of kids if you let me, and the ones we adopt may be ours on paper and will get loved the same, but they are not our blood, so yes, I still want my fucking babies,” He said

Luca grabbed the chair, pulled her over to him just to kiss her, then pulled over into his lap, kissing again. He had many different modes.

The Don one he made sure he showed everyone, the manic that came out when he was pissed like yesterday when he beat Chris ass, his caring side that showed to only a to few, the romantic for her, and the family man he had many more but them was just a few.

A knock came to the door, cutting him off from pampering her with kissing, but after either of them had time to speak, their son did it for them.

“Come in,” He said through his pacifier.

“Where the fuck did that come from?” Luca asked

“His pocket,” Adele said, laughing.

Luca hated the fact Lucas still had a pacifier, hell the fact he and Vince still sucked one, he and Victor would throw them away.

Only for Sibylla to give them another. The ones they have now were $50,000, each cover in diamonds and white gold. If Luca and Victor knew, they would be shit bricks.

Axel walked in, looking over at the two boys smiling as they looked at him smiling through their pacifiers as him he handed her an envelope knowing she wanted to see the results first. At least she thought she did.

With a shaky hand, Adele opens it, slowly pulling out the paper then reading over it. She looked at Luca, then back to the paper let out a small sigh.

“She yours,” She said

He nodded, pulling her back to him, kissing her neck as Axel let a loud sigh turning his head away from the two of them, chuckling.

“Are you mad...at me have to ask?” Luca asked

“What, no, I can’t be mad, Luca, you didn’t cheat or anything of that nature. It just that we are about to have a 14-year-old, 10-year-old, three, three years old’s, the twins, and Lucas and Vince, who isn’t even ours. It like we have fucking twins everywhere. It’s hard to think about...but their mother is dying. How do you explain that to a three-year-old? Talia will understand, but Madison won’t. That is my concern now,” Adele said

Axel turns to face them again with the same look Luca was giving her. It was confusing as hell. They both looked like someone killed their dog.

“What?” She said

“She wants Mary to kill her and us to tell them she just left,” Axel said

“WHAT fuck NO THAT SUICIDE!” Adele yelled

“That the point Adele she wants to die,” Axel said

That was just crazy. She still had three months to live three months to be with her babies, and she wants to give it all up for what? And why?

“fuck, it’s her decision if she wants to kill her, that’s her I don’t know the bitch to care,” Adele said

Axel and Luca both shook their heads in agreement. Then Axel looked over to the boys smiling again as they laughed at something on the phone.

“You know your grandmother paid 50,000 dollars for them fucking pacifiers, right,” Axel said, laughing.

“Together?” Luca asked

“No,” he said

Luca patted her leg for her to get up. Soon as she did, he walked out of the room yelled for his grandmother. Axel knew he was wrong.

“That was cold and petty, Axel,” Adele said

Axel opened his mouth to speak, but his phone going off to stop him. He removes the phone from his phone, then answers, only gives the person the other end one-word answers, then hanging up, looking back her upset.

“Is everything okay?” Adele asked

“NO, fuck NO...OTIS...OTIS IS fucking DEAD!” He screamed.

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