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Tragedy and Surprises

Axel stood there running his hands through his hair, thinking how the fuck did just happen. He wasn’t supposed to be anywhere alone. He thought he made that fucking shit clear.

He was losing it, shaking, trying to get his thoughts together. He could hear Adele talking, but the shit was all muffled.

How was he going to tell his mother, fuck? How the fuck was he going to tell Grata she was going to freak the fuck out.

Then his son, Luca, wasn’t going to let this down right when he thought he got him off his ass.

Him telling Luca that his uncle was dead right after he just got his panic attacks under control wasn’t going to be pretty.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCKKKKK!” He yelled, punching the wall

“Okayyyy... I’m just going to go now,” Adele said

She got up walked over to the couch where the boys were grabbing their hands, leaving out the room quick as she could. The funny thing neither of the boys cried just stared at him with weird smiles on their faces. The kids were truly as crazy as their parents.

Axel tried again to put himself together. He knew Adele was going straight to Luca, and he couldn’t let him see him like this.

He knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t bring his sons into this mess Ghost was ruthless and right now not giving a fuck.

He cut Otis’s head straight off, not giving him time to defend himself. He just walked up to him in the middle of the day, cutting his fucking head off.

His guards were even scared. Hell, only one of them was able to run. When did he get this damn powerful, and where was he hiding all this fucking time.

His phone brought him from his thoughts. He quickly took it from his pocket, thinking something had phone Grata, but it was a text from an unknown number.

Unknown: Are you scared yet, Ax? You should be. I told you to kill me that day, and again the day your little niece thought she could take me out. Now, look at her. Did you see her face? I took joy in sticking that knife through her heart than taking her head, displaying for her father to see Kiefer didn’t take it well, did he. It was a pity and then poor little Heidi who thought she was about the fuck her disgusting husband. Did she know his secrets before she died? Of course not. She wouldn’t be still with him. She did do a number on my decoy but never saw me in the room. I enjoy shooting her in the back as she did me all of them years ago. Did she ever tell Kiefer that Kellan was mine? And Otis poor he didn’t stand a chance the only thing he felt was my blade going into his neck oh and forgot about Ezra the fucker beg for his life while on the phone with his fucking son. So, which one of you is next?

Axel: Leo, stop this shit now. I made a mistake. You know that, and you would have done the same thing in my shoes. You were too secretive, and I was mad someone killed my wife and had my son...my son look, I made the wrong call I admit that but killing us will not bring them back, and those kids weren’t yours your wife was a cheating whore couldn’t you see that the only child you have is Kellan.

Unknown: So was yours too, and you didn’t want fucking to see to after true about you brother, and she came out. Luca was the only one that came from that marriage. Or did he really? When are you going to tell your son about how his mother really is? And wrong, the only child I had was Kellan, and you took that him me letting another man calm him. I keep good on my promise Ax I will not harm your children, their children, your nieces, nor nephews that includes their wives and husbands. I heard you had a new play toy; Bridget is that her name pretty little thing didn’t know you were into mixed beauties, but I should have known. You and your son have the same taste after seeing your son with chocolate beautiful American girl he has.

Axel: Stay the fuck away from my kids, Leo come after me all you want but leave my kids, grandkids, my mother, and Bridget out of it. They did nothing to you.

Unknown: So, you are in love again with someone half your age. Ryder said she was a wild card fuck good.

Ryder fucking Ryder, Axel knew it was something fishy about him how the motherfucker claim not to know nothing each and every time he came back to them with fuck shit the bitch was dying today.

It was Adele who thought he was but a use, but it was them getting fucking used.

Axel: Now I know who to kill, leave her alone Ghost she didn’t do anything, and she is mine.

Unknown: Tell me, why is it fair for your family to continue to grow when your wife dies? You only had your so-called daughter Penelope and Luca. Now you have three more.

Axel: I didn’t ask for two of them, and when you have unprotected sex, you get what you ask for it. The thing is, Leo, I continued with my life, and I thought you did to what happened to your new wife?

Unknown: Killed the bitch like I’m going to do you, but it was nice chatting with you

Axel tried texting him again, but it wouldn’t go through. He knew what he was doing, and with Ryder fucking help.

He sighed as he quickly opened up a new text box sending another text to someone he thought they would never see again, and Axel knew Luca and Adele were going to kill him and Otis if they could again.

Axel: I need you to come to the house Cologne you know the one.

Unknown: I’ll be there in two hours.

With a shaky hand, Axel dialed Grata’s number. It was killing him slowly. He had to tell his sister-in-law the love of her life was dead.

“Axel, you better be called and telling why the fuck Otis is not answering his motherfucking phone. The motherfucker better be dead, or I’m fucking kill him my fucking self. I haven’t seen or talked to him in three fucking days. So where the fuck is he?”

Axel chuckled to himself. She has always done this, but how she would react knowing he was dead for real and three days he didn’t know he was gone for three fucking days.

“Grata...He’s dead.”


“No, Ghost got him. He’s dead. I’m sorry my-m-my brother is dead,” Axel said, trying to hold back his tears.

Grata’s end when dead but not before him hearing her scream on the other end that is what made him dropped to his knees crying himself.

He felt a hand on his back soft-touch told him it was a woman, that could only be his mother, Adele, or Bridget all he knew it made him cry harder.

Her small hand cupped his face, now staring into her blue eyes. Just seeing her face made make him break down. This was her child.

“Oh, my poor baby boy. What have you done for this person to come after you like this? Your brother, my son, is gone to whoever is. It’s okay to need help, Axel. Please ask for Luca’s help. I can lose you and Conard too when I just got him back,” Sibylla said, hugging him, crying too.

“Mama, I can’t bring Luca in this. Ghost is exactly what his name is. H-how do y-you think he g-got to Otis mother? There...there was no w-way” Axel cried.

Look at him crying in his mother’s arms like a child. This man was taking his family, the people he loved. There was no way he was going to take his children, none of them that includes his nieces and nephews, grandchildren and all.

“Where is my child’s body” Sibylla said

“Terry...Has-has, h-his h-head,” Axel said

“OH MY GOD! W-WHAT DO...DO YOU M-MEAN H-HIS H-HEAD A-AXEL” Sibylla stuttered out.

His mother fell back, holding her chest, struggling to breathe. He believed she was having a heart attack as he scrambled to her side, noticing she wasn’t breathing.

“Mama...Mother s-stay w-with m-me a-Adele...ADELE, MARY, KANE ONE OF YOU ALL OF YOU GET YOUR ASSES IN HERE NOW!” Axel screamed

“I...I can’t lose you too breathe damnit...breathe mother please,” Axel cried, doing CPR

Luca was the first person in the room running over to his side, looking confused, trying to help him by doing chest compressions.

“What the fuck happened? Why isn’t she breathing?” Luca asked

“Luca, not fucking now where the is Adele?”

“Come breathe for her,” Luca said

A few seconds later, Kane and Adele came running in, pushing the two of them out the way working on her as Mary ran in with her medical bag.

She gave her a shot of something, and a few seconds later, she was gasping again for air, trying to sit up.

“Grandmother lay back down. You just had a fucking heart attack. What did you do, father?”


“But told her Otis was dead,” Adele said

Luca’s head whipped around to her, telling him she hadn’t told him, yet she was waiting for him to tell him. How did his mother know? Grata had to call her.


“Otis...Otis is dead. Dele was in the room what I got the call. I’m sorry, and no, you still can’t help,” Axel said

Luca said nothing but walked over to his grandmother, picking her up from the floor walking out the door, not even sparing a look back.

Luca walked her to her room with him right behind them. He watched as he laid her on the bed as Mary, Irene, and Kane started to hook her up to machines and other shit.

“Mother, I’m sorry...”

“Axel, she needs rest right now, cousin,” Kane said

He nodded in understanding, leaving them to tend to his mother. Conard came running in the house past him. He knew exactly where he was going.

Axel, when and sat in the sunroom, noticing Octavia and her kids still there, so he quickly walking out to the living room where Luca and Adele were sitting.

Neither said anything to him, just sat there talking about vacations and something about Trinidad then to the Virgin Islands.

About an hour later, James came to him whispering that the person he was expecting was there.

He instructed him to send him to the living room, readying himself to feel a fist in this face.

“Uncle,” He said

“L-Liam,” Adele said before falling over.

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