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Back from the Dead

“L-Liam” That is what he heard before Adele fell over into his lap, confusing the fuck out of him. Luca swiftly looked up into the face of a fucking ghost. That is what he initially thought.


“Son, don’t have a panic attack...I can explain.”

Explain, explain what was to explain. Liam’s fucking ass was supposed to be dead burned three fucking years ago. They spread his ashes over the fucking river.

They mourn for him in the own way, they had to find ways to move the fuck on, and now he was here very much alive.

His wife and kids move on. What about Anne? Did he even think about Anne or their kids plus, she was happy with Jacob. At least, he thinks.

What the fuck did that mean for them?

If she was, they had a fucking son, a new damn family, and now he wants to come back.

Luca was so fucking confused he couldn’t think, so he did the next best thing picked up his wife walking away. He didn’t want to know what was going on right now.

His only worry was if his grandmother would be okay. The rest could kiss his ass that this moment.

Making it to his room, he laid Adele on their bed, kissing her cheek, watching Zeus as he jumped upon the bed, sniffing her, then laying in his favorite spot.

Smiling, Luca collapse on the couch at the end of the bed, turning the TV, Netflix watching the first thing that popped up, which was Anime.

That was nothing new Adele was always lying in bed looking at Anime, something she had gotten him into even know he hated it at first.

Now she had him looking at some crazy-ass Anime named Beaststars, something about some fucking animals with human bodies, but he couldn’t stop watching it.

What the fuck had she done to him? Something he should have asked two years ago now they were going into their fourth year of marriage, and he was just asking himself, or maybe she should be asking that about him.

That was the least of his worries because he was still confused as fuck not knowing whether to be mad at the fact Liam was still alive or mad at the situation of his uncle being dead and his father, who was still being a jackass about it.

He keeps saying it’s not their fight, so he was going to treat just as that, not his fucking fight, long as the rest of them were safe that all that matter to him.

To others, Luca may sound selfish, but that’s what his father was letting a fucking punk that moved in the shadows take his family away, not doing anything about it.

Just then, a loud knock came on their door. If it weren’t for him worrying about his grandmother, Luca would’ve ignored it.

So, he paused the TV looking back at Adele, who was still out breathing normally, then at Zeus still cuddle up to her now with Killer and Gunner, who magically snuck onto the bed.

The damn dogs were supposed to be outside, but they always found a way back into his house. He loved them, but they were just as spoil as the kids.

At least they didn’t let anyone in the house. They didn’t fucking know his grandmother boy toy found that out two weeks ago when Gunner bit the shit out of him.

Motherfucker shouldn’t have been in his house in the first place. Then she has a fucking heart attack because Otis got killed. What kind of shit is that?

The heart attack should have come from her fucking barely legal man, not Otis dying fuck. The woman saw her only daughter die, and it did shit.

Upon opening the door, Luca was ready to yell, that was until he saw Mary standing in the door with her hands behind her back.

“What, Mary?”

“I just came to check on Dele. Your father said she passed out.”

Luca steps out the way, holding out his hand telling her to come in. As she quickly walked over to the bed, checking Adele’s pulse and blood pressure, then the baby’s heartbeat.

“Everything seems to be alright with Dele. How about you? Are you doing okay, Luca? No signs of a panic attack?”

“I’m good, Mary, just fucking confused. I thought my cousin was fucking dead. Now I’m looking at him like, what the fuck? But really, I’m okay, just worried about Anneliese and Jacob’s relationship. They have been together for almost a year and a half now and with a newborn.”

Mary patted his back as she walked to the door, then let out a long but loud sigh.

“Talk to your father, Luca. He needs you. Axel lost his brother and almost lost his mother on the same day. If you two didn’t do CPR, she wouldn’t be here. By the way, Aunt Sibylla is fine cursing everyone out like usual but talk to my stubborn ass cousin, please.”

“I will.”

“Good because he’s outside your door sitting against the wall like one of your kids,” Mary said, laughing.

She couldn’t have been serious right now. Making Luca open the door wide, looking out, seeing his father sitting on the floor scrolling through his phone.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me. Father, what the fucking are doing out here?”

“Waiting to talk to you. If that’s okay?”

Luca shook his head in disbelief, then motion for his father to follow him into the room, point to the couch for him to sit, then him turning back on the TV.

“What the fuck are you watching? Is the wolf trying to fuck the rabbit or eat it?” Axel asked. They looked at Beaststars.

“Father, you said you wanted to talk, not talk about what I am looking at. Anime blame Adele.”

His father laughs as he sat back on the couch, reaching around pulling Zeus down in his lap. The dog was ready for his belly scratches.

“Don’t blame me. I didn’t put a gun to your fucking head and force you to watch it,” Adele said, sitting up on the bed, looking at the two.

Luca didn’t even know she awoke. She was so quiet and thought the only reason Zeus was whining was for his father was to pet.

“Liam, how?” She said

“We all thought he was dead, Kleine, but when we got him to the mortuary, Dave noticed he was still breathing, and his heart was still beating. It was Otis and Grata’s call not to tell anyone. I didn’t like it, but they got Dave to burn some dead animals for his ashes and gave that to Anne... He was in a coma for three months after then when he woke. He felt like he let you and Adele down and chose to stay dead all on his own. When Otis died, I knew it was time for him to come back home. I don’t know what this means for him and Anne. He does know about her and J, if you are wondering, Dele but don’t be mad at him. It took a lot for him to come home.” Axel said

“He wasn’t a failure. He saves me that night. I felt like I fail him,” Adele said, wiping her tears.

That was what Luca was pissed about. It took months to get over Liam dying.

They all mourn his death for nothing, but strangely he wasn’t mad, just happy to see his cousin again.

Before he could tell his father to text him, another knock came on their door again. Luca when to open the door to Liam towering over him as he looked down at him.

He pulled him into a tight hug holding his little cousin for a long minute, as he felt Adele pushing him out the way, taking over the hug.

“I...I...I w-was the one w-who fail y-you L-Liam I-I’m so.....so....so sorry” Adele cried

“Hey. . .hey you didn’t fail me, you tried. I wanted to die if that meant saving my little sister, but someone had other plans. I’m sorry about this. I just couldn’t face you after that, but my little cousins, you two, they’re beautiful, and I see y’all have a son too, some that you adopted and this,” Liam said, rubbing Adele’s belly.

“Blame uncle on that this. He and your grandmother decided it would be fun to switch out my birth control pills. Luca has a 14-year-old daughter he didn’t know about, too, and her mother wants us to adopt her three-year-old before Mary helps her kill herself fun life, huh?” Adele said

Liam looked that him to a smiling Axel, then to Adele to study her face to see if she was lying or not finding the answer in her stern face, as he quickly looked back at him.


“Anneliese, I can ex...”

Liam was cut off with her hand meeting his face hard the contact was so hard it scared the dogs in the room, making them start to bark, running over, thinking Anne was in danger.

Luca and Adele had to hurry and grab Killer and Gunner before they could attack Liam. Luckily, his father had a tight hold on Zeus.


Liam pulled her closed to him, letting her cry it out, kissing the of her head. It was clear that he still loved her, but did she still love him.

“This is going to be a problem, Luca. I know Anne still loves Liam. That is why she can’t open up to J fully, and I can’t be mad because I would run back to you in a heartbeat if it were me. What can we do?” Adele whisper, holding on to him

“Make them tell the truth. I don’t want J to be hurt the best way is to make her end it now, and if what Vic is true about your brother still being a hoe because he swears J ass been eating Hanna’s cake, so I think he knows Anne’s heart wasn’t in it,” Luca said smirking.

Adele looked at him like, are you serious with a smile spread across her face.

She knew from the beginning, and she called it, saying as soon as another pretty girl walk by him that Jacob thought he could fuck he was going to try.

“Anne, what about J? What does this mean?” Adele asked

“What do you mean? I mean, I’m still married to Liam technically, so...”

“You want to stay married to him, just say that shit and leave we have business to talk,” Axel said, annoyed.

Anneliese turns to Axel, looking at the TV with Zeus lying in his lap with Killer and Gunner, who were now at his feet.

She huffed, then turns to leave the room, slamming the door behind her Luca swear the girl had anger issues.

“What the fuck? The rabbit just tried to fuck the wolf Luca turn this shit off,” Axel said

“Father, you’re the one looking at it,” Luca said, stopping the show and turning off the TV.

Sometimes his father was like a child acting like he could turn off the TV himself or like something was on that he couldn’t look at. He watched more porn than all of them.

Luca took a seat in the chair by the balcony while Liam sat on the couch next to Axel receive a low growl from one of the dogs until his father told them to stop and Adele sat on the bed none of them knew what to say until Liam broke silent.

“Are you going to tell me what happened to my father?” Liam asked

“No more than how he was killed, no,” Axel said, getting up walking away.

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